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Title: Blogspot Blog
Posted: December 09, 2009 (01:43 AM)
If anyone cares at all about what I write, then I should note that I have recently started a new blog at the following link;


For the most part, what I write here is a revised, stripped-down version of what I write there, for interested folks. Here, for the most part I merely cover status updates and give my personal thoughts on whatever I am playing at the moment. There, I go a lot more in-depth on the processes I go through for writing an FAQ, little novelties such as author logos, thoughtful stuff such as the proper usage of pronouns in regards to any sort of organic or mechanical being in video games, and even ethics to a degree. Plus I update a few days ahead of here on there with status updates.

That said, I am currently working on an FAQ for Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I recently finished the Snow Temple, but now I am working on adding in all the stuff you can do in between and during intermission into my FAQ before I continue along. For those who have read my works for Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, you may remember that I put in alerts in the walkthrough whenever a Heart Container and Poe/Gold Skulltula/etc. was around that one could find/capture, in the vein of a capitalized, intrusive '!!!HEART PIECE ALERT!!!' in its own separate line. Have no fears, for I am doing exactly that as well, along with the intermission, so if you are someone who likes to follow along with a walkthrough significantly, you will see a lot of action before you even head back to the Tower of Spirits after the Snow Temple wink .

At the same time, I am making minor updates to Lock's Quest and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans on the side, to keep from burning out by working too much on one project.

Also honestgamer, I have no idea whether direct link hits to FAQs affect your site rating at all, but you may see a couple thousand hits on my Spirit Tracks on this site this weekend since it is the only site I have bothered with getting an account at so far that I can update an FAQ instantly.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: December 09, 2009 (11:41 AM)
Heh, and that functionality is temporarily down here. I plan to have it working again in the next hour or two, so never fear!

Edit: Okay, it's fixed.

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