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Title: Multitasking
Posted: December 06, 2009 (02:44 AM)
It is not often that I simultaneously work on two FAQ projects. In fact, I cannot recall ever doing such a thing, but there is always a first time for everything. In this case, I am working on both the current project that I previously mentioned, which is Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (NDS), and Lock's Quest (NDS). The former game I finished the main walkthrough for about four days ago, while the latter I just started two days ago, and have so far gotten up to Day Forty-Three (the game is measured in 100 one-day scenarios, so I am approximately 43% done the walkthrough, though it is less than that since of course later scenarios are longer and more complicated).

The reason why I decided to do Lock's Quest while working on DBZ at the same time is twofold; I have been pounding away at my keyboard fairly quickly over the last couple of weeks, so I would like to move to a different game before I burn out too fast. Secondly is what I have to fill out in my DBZ guide; specifically, there are the 'how to play sections', a couple of side quests, a secret boss and a secret area, and the appendices minus 98% of the bestiary. The secret boss and secret area, however, require lots of grinding; the boss would require me to level up at least twenty levels for each of my characters to be able to do well against him. For the secret area, you first need to get a key to open it; to get this, you need to get 1000 item carrots, which is done by equipping an item that turns all foes you defeat into carrots. Since the maximum number of enemies you can have in a battle in this game is three, it would take me a minimum of 333 battles to get enough carrots.

Lastly, there are several items that happen to be rare drops by rare enemies, and I do not have enough patience to go and get at least one drop of each item just to transcribe it in an appendix. Therefore, I would like to take the time-effective route of merely waiting for some codes to come out that allow me to get enough of each item (and fortunately, the aforementioned carrots are common items, not key items, so a '99 items' cheat would work to my advantage), as opposed to grinding for five to six hours to a game that I am already exhausted over playing.

To that matter, I recently changed the text editors I used for FAQing, from Metapad to EditPad Lite. EditPad Lite has a few nifty features that may seem small but appeal to me; the row that the cursor is in is highlighted in grey; you can open multiple tabs in one EditPad application, and switch back and forth between them; when you minimize EditPad Lite, it disappears from your bar until you bring it up again from your task bar. Simple things, but very helpful, especially the multiple tabs section, which allows me to split up a guide into separate portions (for example, I could work on a game's walkthrough in one tab and occasionally jot down some notes on how to play it in a second tab) without having to scroll back and forth throughout the file. Unfortunately, EditPad Lite does not have the feature to commit word wrap like Metapad does, so I still keep the purple-colored text editor around for that. Truly a nifty tool, EditPad Lite is, and I highly recommend it to basically everyone.

Of course, that does not mean I am not still working on Attack of the Saiyans. I still am, but I am not doing the item/equipment list, 2% of the bestiary that is involved in the secret area, the secret area and secret boss. This still leaves me with the How-To-Play section and some other odds and ends.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: December 06, 2009 (03:26 PM)
Working on two FAQs at once would make me lose my mind, I think.

darkstarripclawUser: darkstarripclaw
Posted: December 06, 2009 (11:14 PM)
Well you can get ready because I am about to work on three guides at once.

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