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January 24, 2010

Some general progress over the last week on guide writing:

Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (NDS)
This of course was the biggest game for me in the most recent while in terms of work. Before I stopped updating my writing for some time in mid to late December and early January, I had the entire main walkthrough, most of the side-adventuring, and 97% of the bestiary done along with the S-Combo list. I quickly punched out the rest of the bestiary, the few side-quests, the last remaining area (Martial Arts Temple Sewers), the secret boss, items/accessories/capsules list (those three being the most tedious), a shop list, and a profile on each of the main six characters. To compare in terms of KB, it increased from 302KB to 451KB. Right now I am merely finetuning it as I get more e-mails or posts in my topic on the GameFAQs AotS board.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (NDS)
I left a mostly-complete walkthrough in early December behind, but finally finished up the walkthrough a couple of days ago. However, going through the Tower of Spirits one last time was extremely tedious for me, so I will lay off the game for a couple more days before returning to it. The first thing I plan to do is to fill out the intermission sections (basically writing all the sidequests and extra stuff you can do in a walkthrough form) starting from the earliest sections going up to the latest, and fill out the mini-games, rabbits, heart containers, etc. sections at the same time. Once that is done, I will probably retreat away from it again, and then later on fill in the remaining miscellaneous sections, such as controls, and Battle Mode.

Lock's Quest (NDS)
Lock's Quest is a fairly easy game to write for: the game is divided up into one hundred 'days', each of which have their own tower defense scenario. Each of the days is usually only three or four minutes long, and I can save in between each day, so I can write in short bursts at various times of a day. Currently I am up to Day Fifty-Four. For the next week this will likely be the game I focus on most, to avoid burn-out from Zelda.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (NDS)
I wrote for this game nearly three years ago now, but I left it basically at just a plain beginning-to-end walkthrough, with basically no side-tracking from the main game, and no sections other than the walkthrough. Over the next little while, I plan to remedy that, and begin to flesh it out completely to be in-depth and comprehensive on every aspect of the game. It will take a while, but I can chip away at it slowly but surely.

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