Crick Crak Crispy Crunch
December 02, 2009

A lot of people go into crunch time on their own personal hobbies to finish something up when they get near the end of it. I, admittedly have some times where I go into a crunch time working mode, when writing an FAQ for a video game. I usually tend to do this twice a guide; once, when I am nearing the walkthrough and want to wrap it all up, and then when I get to the everything else section, and again near the end. If the game has an extensive amount of sidequests, there is usually a third crunch mode for me in that. The latter two can usually last me about a half a day to a day each, while the former can take a day to three days depending on the game. For most of the rest of the time, I work at my own pace, not a care in the world (except for people who e-mail me about a portion of the game several hours ahead of where I am right now despite my explicit warnings not to do such a thing).

For example, in the game I am currently working on right now, Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (NDS), the game is around 25 to 30 hours long. I clocked in about 40 hours on my game clock all told for the first four/fifths of the game (add about another 20 hours for my writing up to that point, as I usually put my DS into Sleep Mode whenever I can), and then I blew through the last little bit in only six hours, frantically editing and adding information as it came in.

Certainly, the game has far more to add to a guide still than just the walkthrough, but at least that portion is done now as opposed to two days from now. Putting yourself into crunch time manually can be stressful, and if you go out of it too early it is very possible to burnout and not be able to finish for longer than it would have taken normally, but after a while, a multi-FAQ writer can get used to it. The best advice is to do it on the weekends, however, when you are not out partying; it can be very easy to finish working and look at your clock to see that it is 4am.

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