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Title: Naruto: Path of the Ninja (DS)
Posted: December 14, 2007 (08:15 PM)
I guess I will let the cat out of the bag. Right now, I am writing a walkthrough up for Naruto: Path of the Ninja for the DS. I have not done much in a while, so I took a cue off the GameFAQs bounty list for inspiration (of course, I make the same amount of money in a few hours on the job, but still). Glad I could borrow this rather than buy. Probably done Sunday. A few thoughts;

Even taking into account FAQ time, the game time according to my save file is <14 hours, and I am already done around 70% of the game. Very little new content added into the context of the story (two half-hour original missions at the beginning of the game). Most of the script is basic word-for-word from the show, and a lot of it is cut out. For an RPG game, it is REALLY generic; you have your basic attack, defend, 'jutsu' (aka magic), items, etc. About the only thing it has that not every RPG on the face of the planet has is a system that allows you to change the formation of your characters (meaning it has a system that not every RPG made before the SNES era has). It is also a port of a GBA game with a few voiceovers and touch screen controls added.

And it only covers half of Part I. Skip it if you for whatever reason have Naruto-mania and even think about looking at this game.

Wish Upon A Darkstar
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Title: Opening Statement
Posted: December 11, 2007 (07:16 PM)
Hello. I am darkstarripclaw (better known as A Darkstar Ripclaw on sites that allow spaces and have a potential for 19 characters to be inputted). I joined this site about a year ago but have not really bothered using any of the features it offered, aside from posting my various FAQs (and lone review).

This is my first blog post, and ideally, it could be the first of many, or it could be the last. Things like these, you never know. Either way, I will try to answer any questions that somebody might wish to pose towards me.

That being said, you might find I do things very by the book, such as typing formal, almost droll, to a degree. I simply cannot help it. It is an inherent part of my personality to do such a thing.

Wish Upon A Darkstar
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