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Title: The real brain behind the Clash.
Posted: November 27, 2009 (07:25 AM)
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Title: Dissidia
Posted: November 17, 2009 (08:53 AM)
Just started to play this yesterday. After the introduction cinematic ended, I already knew had this game been released some ten years ago when I was into Final Fantasy, it would be nothing short of virtual crack to me.

Even now, I can feel many- MANY hours going down the drain over this one.
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Title: Whiteout
Posted: November 16, 2009 (10:04 AM)
So, yesterday, clearly bored out of my mind, I went to the movies to see a movie. Really, I was with the girl with no real plans on what movie I wanted to see so we went to see the first one that played, which was Whiteout.

I cried.

I wept.

Not even Kate Beckinsale's glorious naked form could save this move from being an utter disaster. Such awful dialogue, such catastrophic acting...disastrous, and not even in the hilarious sort of way.

I have no problems with "tough-as-nails" woman character going all "GIRL POWER RAAAAR" in a movie(even though in this one every moment when said power was tried, it was bullshit of the highest sort) if it's done right, but here it seems like all it did was piss the viewers with pure lack of charisma, intelligence, or even capability.

With such brilliant deductions that would make Sherlock Holmes seem like a retard, like when they see a plane under a mountain of fucking ice she says, inspired "This plane must have crashed!" in the best tradition of Resident Evil's Jill Valentine when in the first game she notices a dead body in a pool of crimson and asking if that's blood.

Only to, seconds afterwards she makes such an observation that would shame the entire cast of every CSI team put together when with a single look she manages to deduce EXACTLY what happened to the crew down to the last fucking detail.

I implore you reader. Never, ever go to the movies to see this, or even rent it out on the DVD. The worst part is, that I heard the graphic novel this was based on is sort of good.
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Title: Brutal Legends
Posted: October 09, 2009 (01:03 PM)
Just played the demo a few days ago at a friend's house, it looks pretty damn good, plus Tim Schaffer is a bloody genius that tries to battle those God damn windmills still with actually good games in the sea of Halo's/Gears of War style games with just a dash of Madden's. The premise looks good, I actually like Jack Black and find him amusing, and the music is for the most part, recognisable. The gameplay seems fluid and good from what I saw in the trailer and has that Schaffer magic to it.

Let's just hope this won't be another Psychonauts, yet another brilliant game that was drowned due to poor advertising and people being philistines.

Also, a video:

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Title: Tarantino
Posted: September 22, 2009 (12:36 PM)
So, a few days ago I went to the movies and saw Inglourious Basterds. The thing is, which on the internet, and basically among all connoisseurs of my age demographic a heresy, I don't particularly care for Tarantino or any of his movies, or at least those that I saw. I wouldn't go and see this one either if my significant pain in the arse other didn't talk me into it. So, let me speak of the movies that I saw from Tarantino so far.

From Dusk till dawn --- One of the worst movies I ever saw. Really, honestly, I can't tell you how much I hate this movie. All the likeable characters are there to suck Clooney's dick, the main female is an atrocious actress, and I just plain hated it. Sure, it's a matter of opinion, but I can't even begin to tell you how over rated this thing is to me.

Pulp Fiction --- This is like the Messiah of modern movies for some reason. For me, it was just a movie. Nothing special, and honestly, if I were to see it in the movies for the first time I would feel sort of disappointed. It's not bad, nothing with Samuel Jackson is, but it really wasn't in the least intriguing for me to call it a cult classic.

Jackie Brown --- Fell asleep some odd 15 minutes into it, never managed to watch it in one sitting. Not even said Jackson could save this movie.

Four Rooms --- alright, this wasn't as much of a bore fest, but it was again, just a movie, nothing special to it.

Kill Bill --- watched the first one, and for an action flick, similarly to Spider-Man 3, most of the times when I was supposed to be glued to the screen I spent writing sms messages on my cell phone. It was dull, it was boring and I didn't like it at all. Most famous masturbator in it or not, it's still awful. Never even saw the second part.

Reservoir dogs --- Now, from what I hear, this is usually the movie most people love from Tarantino. To be honest, I didn't watch this one except for bits and pieces, and thus I won't comment on it yet since I didn't get the full experience.

That's it more or less, I didn't watch gore fests such as Hostel or whatever other crap he directed/had his fingers in, but suffice to say, that most of his famous movies didn't sit well for me.

And then I watched the said Inglorious Basterds one. And to be frank, I really liked it. It reminded me of the game Godhand for a reason I can't really explain, except for maybe mixing a genre of western with something completely different. It was a bit on the gory side, which I am usually fine with, except the baseball bat scene, which I found disgusting, more then anything they put in horrors that I saw so far. I have an aversion of graphical appearance of people being bludgeoned to death ever since I watched Casino and the scene where Joe Pesci's brother gets every bit of his body well tenderized. I don't care about ripping one's nails-teeth or whatever Oldboy tried to disgust me with, but show me someone getting struck in the head with a bat, and that disgusting dull sound and that's all I need to feel repulsed.

However, that aside, I liked it. The acting of the main "villain" was one of the best performances I saw in a new movie, Brad Pitt was the weakest link really, the story had a mix of comedy and horror with it, showing the Nazi characters as almost sympathetic and the "heroes" as sadistic pigs, all in all, a pleasurable experience.

So who knows, maybe I'll give Tarantino a chance and watch the dogs and that reservoir they come from.
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Title: Discworld rocks
Posted: July 05, 2009 (03:08 PM)

British humour at it's best.
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Title: Amusing stuff
Posted: June 24, 2009 (07:26 AM)

This is pure Darwinism at work.
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Title: Who watches the Watchmen?
Posted: March 23, 2009 (02:14 PM)
So...The Watchmen. The movie just arrived a few days ago here, so I didn't have the chance until yesterday to go and see it. Here are a few of my thoughts(this will be filled with spoilers, so those not familiar with the novel or the movie, need not read further. Yes, I actually say when my blog will have spoilers in it, unlike some people).

I knew I wouldn't be utterly disappointed when I went to watch the movie. It was a bit action oriented, which is understandable I suppose, so that didn't irk me. All in all, I must say I enjoyed the movie. Was it perfect? Of course not, there were quite a few errors in it, but was it an enjoyable and pretty damn faithful cross to the silver screen? Yes. Yes it was.

I love the Watchmen. I read it a few years ago, and it was an awesome work that really gave you food for your thought and invited you to read it over and over again. Penned by Allan "Sir Douchebag" Moore, who is one of the best writers in the medium ever, it gave us an outlook on how things could have been in an alternative universe and gave a solid political commentary, especially to the people that were old enough to form coherent thoughts at the time.

All in all, my personal irks with this movie come more from the little things then from the things most people were pissed off with(that being the ending). Honestly, I can understand that they didn't want to go with the squid, I can understand that they wanted to make it more "feasible". I do not condone it, because one of the characters is a blue skinned god with an enormous, never hardened penis which gives me inferiority complexes the moment he walks on the screen, but I suppose I can understand it. However, what I can't understand is why they put in Bubastis if they didn't want to go down the route of genetic engineering. It was not necessary, except maybe to make Adrian seem more "emotional", which again could have been pulled off much better. Also, the entire point in the end when Manhattan has his final scene with Walter is that Dan is not there to see it. In the movie he is, which was poorly executed and needless.

And honestly, Adrian was probably my greatest gripe, or more to the point, the guy who played him. We are led to believe that Adrian is the closest thing to a perfect human, his body is the pinnacle of perfection which he keeps in shape through constant labour and excercise. I always thought of him physically as Arnold in his prime. Beautiful, to the point that people of both genders, no matter how certain they are in their own sexuality felt uncomfortable around him.The guy who acted him seemed....tiny, little in comparison as if he just got better after suffering through a very tough battle with a serious illness.

Still, I must say that the other actors were pretty damn good. Dan could have used a bit more flab, since he seems in too good of a shape in this movie, and Silk Spectre could have spent a few more days getting in the character, or just simply by taking acting lessons, but they were not bad to the point where they were unbelieavable.

Rorschach. Oh God, Rorschach. Let me get this straight. In the novel, he was not my favorite character like he seemed to be to every single other person in the world (Comedian was. That maybe makes me a sick and demented person, but Comedian rocks), but the actor and the way he pulled off the role were nothing short of magnificent. Holy crap did they get the right ugly bastard to play him. Everything he did, every single facial and verbal expression were spot on. Honestly, he's the Heath Ledger's Joker of this move. Except he's alive. And thus will never get an Oscar.

What really pleasantly surprised me, is that except for the ending, Snyder really directed the film well, to the point where he followed the comic panel-by-panel. Of course he couldn't fit everything in, which meant that most of the side characters that were fairly important in the novel were here just for an aesthetic purpose of being there, but that is understandable. If he placed everything everywhere, the movie could have lasted twice then it did and that can't happen in a theatrical release, but will be pretty expanded in the director's cut.

There were a few more irks that I had. Dr. Manhattan, the most powerful being in existence seems a bit too...emotional for an apathetic git that he was portrayed to be, and Veidt's famous "I did it 35 minutes ago" was altered into "I triggered it 35 minutes ago" which didn't leave as much of an impact.

So, the action scenes....Some loved them, thinking it really shows what happens when you piss off people, the violence was extremely graphic and I still chuckle when I read the news about parenty taking their children out of the cinema because they expected it to be a normal super-hero film.

Some hated them because it made the watchmen characters look super humanly strong. This I don't know how to feel about. I liked it. I liked watching Dan kick the shit out of people and snap their necks. I liked seeing the Comedian beat hippies to death with his bare hands and then shooting them for good measure. Was it over the top? Probably, but I could watch it and not whisper "Bullshit" while watching it, but rather get immersed in it.

The music was awesome, really fit the times, the characters and the entire prospect of the comic. Most of it was picked up straight from the novel after all.

Let's end with the spoilers here and end this up. This was not a review of the comic book, I didn't go in the psyches of the characters or why I liked certain ones or disliked the other ones. It was just a commentary on the film itself.

Warner Bros considers it money-not-so well spent since it cost 120 million to make and it "only" made 160 million in it's theatrical release. 40 million dollars profit seems pretty good to me. This has to do with Batman really, since they expected a repeat of that success. The problem with that logic is that everyone heard of Batman. Of Watchmen? Only the core audience and the fans of Moore's work. Hell, even on this site where I am pretty sure geekdom of the highest caliber resides, before the movie a fairly small percentage ever heard of the novel. And it will only make more money with the dvd's, not even to mention how many more copies of the graphic novel will be sold.

So, yes, I do recommend the movie. No, scratch that. Get the novel by any means necessary. Read it, ponder about it, then reread it. After that, watch the movie and leave comments. Me? In my opinion, I got my money's worth.
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Title: Another day, another post
Posted: June 13, 2008 (03:57 AM)
Those of you who know me, all two of you, know that I am incredibly lazy. I just am, and it probably genetic due to being one half from Dalmatia, people who are the laziest sort here in Croatia. But we are charming and good people so we are forgiven.

So basically, the university work is still where I left it off some odd five years ago. I am on my last year with exams still left from my first year which is a nice enough loophole I suppose, Emp still nags with making me do constant reviews even when I really don't have anything to contribute(The One Must fall review for instance since I really don't think a game, any game deserves a 10. On the other hand, many-MANY games deserve a 1).

I am now on my WoW fix again after five months of not playing. I try to get two hours tops of game in it and even that feels like a chore. See, that is when you know you have a problem. When you are not enjoying a game and yet you still play it mechanically. Oh, there are a few good things about it, but my life would be certainly complete if I never met the damn thing. Speaking of which, I heard good things about Age of Conan, though I also heard it required Xavier's Cerebro machine so that it can run properly.

Comic wise, I have currently read through the entirety of the F4 so far, Spider-man and Hulk. Naturally, also read the Civil War and WWH and am now taking a bit of a break from Marvel and trying to get into DC. That seems to be the problem since I am moving with a snail's pace, and my first hero of choice is Green Lantern. I got through the Alan Scott golden years, now stuck in the sixties with Hal Jordan. Should work on that I suppose.

And of course, last but certainly not least, we rock in the Euro so far. The Austria game was horrid, but we won and in the end that mattered, but we kicked Germany's arse and are now comofortably in the first place in our group. Next stop Poland with the second team and after that the Czechs.

Here is a bit of a video that makes us giggle daily on the national television these days.

To end it all, indecent joke of the day:

What's the difference between Croats and Austrians?

Croats keep wine barrels in their basement.

Thank you, you have been a wonderful audience.

Title: Another tourney done.
Posted: April 09, 2007 (02:46 PM)
Well, what can I say. I am pretty content with what is my highest ranking so far in a tourney. While I can't say I scored bad in the previous ones, where most of my reviews were in the top 12, this is the first time that I am in the top three.

And the strangest thing of them all is that, as I said to Emp before sending the finished piece to him for editing, I told him that this was probably the review I was least satisfied with in terms of quality.

So that leads me to question some things. Perhaps I should write reviews until I am not at all satisfied to them. Who knows, maybe I win a Pulitzer price that way one day.

In other news, I got rather drunk the other day to the point where I told a female creature which was interested in discussing the finer points of swedish documentaries in thorough detail something to this accord "Mrmmphgs.", which was the high peak of my verbal capabilities right there, moments before I lost myself in the sea of people.

Now, as one might know, people, and by people I mainly consider males, think some most fantastic things when under the influence. Some fancy themselves masters of some long forgotten martial art, some think that they dance like Fred Astaire while me? I considered about an long term anime where the premise would be people with some form of retardation that participated in martial arts. They would have special moves mimicking their "chosen" life style. It would be grand, but then when the alcoholic fumes left my mind and some sort of ratio once more returned to me, I found out that such an anime exists already.

It is called Naruto.

Truthfully if there was an anime that I love to hate and yet continue to watch that would be it. I can't fathom how there could be any form of entertainment of such sort where all of the main characters(with a notable exception here and there) manage to disgust me. From the main character that is a ninja dressed in orange, to his gender confused, angst filled rival that is the hearthrob of every female character in the show, to the fagtastic villains that plague it.

And yet, I will continue to watch it one day or the other even though my generic rage will continue to rise and rise.

And yet again, do not think that it is because it is an anime that spans so many episodes that had anything to do with my scorn of it. Nay, for you see, there is another which I can speak in nothing but superlatives. And that is One Piece. To put it in heathen terms, "it rox". It is the completely opposite when it comes to some sensations, for I do not remember a game or a movie, or even an anime where I could say that I liked every certain character that appeared on it, where the story kept me so involved and where sillyness could be mixed so well with drama. All in all, fantastic.

And one of the best things is that I think I got Emp infected with it as well. So, in the next tourney, if do participate just know that I have the power to affect Emp's judgement. That should serve as some incentive to vote in my favor all the time.
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Title: Not bad, not too good either.
Posted: January 25, 2007 (05:27 PM)
So, another tourney ended. Individually I must say I am quite pleased with how my entry scored, altough as a team we could have, should have and one day will score higher and usurp the throne of those capitalistic swines.

I could blame a lot of factors. Perhaps the judges which were most certainly bribed. Perhaps karma? I will not blame those that participated with me. At the very least not Wolf Queen or Turducken. Last Hero is a whole new story though. I blame him for everything. Of course, one of the reasons I single him out is he is probably one of those two people that actually visit this wonderful place.

Now, as for my new review I might stray, if but for a nuance away from my favored game type. It is still sort of an adventure game but with platformer's elements tied in it. The game is Psychonauts and I enjoyed it greatly.

Now, before I go I leave you with this picture of a certain event in the Marvel Universe.

Personally I don't even follow the Civil war storyline but I still find it kickarse. Now let's talk about the two people who are considered "leaders" of the opposing factions within the Civil War.

First is Captain America. Now, being from a country outside of America, it would be only logical for me to do the modern thing and dislike him, no? However, I always liked Steve. He is like the Batman of the Marvel Universe. Like Bats, he too is the supreme fighter, and like Batman he does not have any super powers except the ones he honed so that his body would be brought to the peak of human perfection. The differences are: Bats works alone, Capt. works in a large team. Bats is more cunning and investigates his enemies while Capt is more "straight to the face" sort of person. Bats is arguably more intelligent, but Capt. doesn't tire and doesn't age(or his age slows down, I forgot) which gives him an edge in combat since he could tire Bats out. However, like Superman in his own universe, Captain America is the true "hero" you could say. A role model for all the other heroes to play along with. Even though he sure had his own ups and dows, he is still one of the most recognisable and respected heroes in the universe.

The other character is Iron Man. Now him I always liked. What is there not to like? A multi billionaire playboy who does the following: Sleeps with beautiful women, gets incredibly drunk all the time, saves the world, helps babies seals. Power wise, Iron Man is one of the most inconsistent and potentially one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe for a simple reason.


Using technology he can make himself strong enough to knock out Hulk with a single punch, battle it out with Thor, and a plethora of other things. Though in the hands of writers they can also make him weak like a kittena nd losing to laughable opponents(I think he once got his arse handed to him by sodding Mole man).
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Title: A new review
Posted: January 12, 2007 (08:14 AM)
Ahhh well, it is time I suppose for a new entry after many months had passed by. What happened during this time, one might ask? Many things, but I sincerely doubt that anyone is even remotely interested. Probably the only thing that matters to the world itself is that in two days one of the most prominent figures in the world will be celebrating his twenty three winters in this world.


But that aside, let's post other things. Loom was a pretty fun project and was also one of the first games that I played of the said genre. I think the only adventure games I played before that was the original Maniac Mansion and the first Monkey Island so the game, much like most of the Lucas Arts fame has a special place for me. I am quite sure that those that grew up in such a time period have games that are dear to them in such a way. Indeed, when I remember the time and the effort to obtain half of those games(I still remember how happy I was when I got Sam&Max:Hit the road on seven disks in 1995, for there was no internet as we know it at that time), only to have some of my chums tell me how they "downloaded" the entire LucasArts collection in one click. Times do change.

Even more depressing is the use of faq's for a game today. I admit that I use them myself. Not for the story reasons, but since the majority of the games I play are rpgs I really do not have the time for multiple playthroughs of a game which would enable me to see it all...sof for that i do use the faq's to see and obtain the secret things.
I remember how much I played Discworld, one of the harder adventure games of the past two decades. I think I spent almost a year playing it before I managed to finish it completely, only to be called a few days ago by one of my chums who finished it in little over a week. How? Once again, walkthroughs. Ahhh well...

For my comic book dominion I am still going through the Spider-Man issues and am now up to the nineties and to the appearance of Carnage which as I am told is not really all that well received by the fans of the comic. Ahhh well, we shall see. The web slinger is pretty fun altough I dislike how sometimes the writers make him more powerful then he should be(in some issues he has problems of competing with Paste Pot Pete, and then in another he takes down a herald of the sodding Galactus with his bare fists.)

Well, until at the very least this weekend is through that is all from me.
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Title: Back....with a vengeance!
Posted: September 13, 2006 (03:50 PM)
Ahhh, the sun and the beach. My summer vacation was quite a long one, spanning well over a month of time, so it came to me as a surprise when I was given an opportunity for 10 more days to soak up the ray of suns, an opportunity I gladly took.

The thing was that I had to take care on my own of our apartment complex(a little money making project that the cosa nostra took up a few years ago and it turned into quite a pleasing financial experience for yours truly) since the parent units could not spare any more time to take care of it.

Naturally, I went there, enjoying what little sun September still has. However, I was not informed that one of the tourist families within the said apartment complex will be a pack of Polacks assembled from a male, a female(pregnant), older son and two impossibly annoying, pissing-in-my-garden while I water the flowers brats who know not a word of english, croatian or italian language but speak their gibberish just fine.

Using my incredible diplomatic skills I managed to endure and to delicately say to the father of the family that it is not "okay" when his son pisses in the roses that are already half dead.

But all in all, I endured and now I am back, only to find I scored quite well in the last tournament. Go team Croatia!

Adventure games of yore always intrigued me, and people can see that from the majority of my, granted small, library of reviews. Alas, the genre is all but dead in the today's world, but there is still hope that it will rise once again from the ashes like a phoenix! The best examples for the said ressurection to take place are games such as "The longest journey" which had a sequel printed out recently(which I really need to obtain), "Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy", a game that really fascinated me all the way to the last 20 or so percent of the game where it lost all sense and just seemed completely random(not to mention some characters completely lost any value in the story), and the Rule of rose game that is the latest edition in the adventure game. While the first review on this site for it was not too kind, I still hope it will fulfill my expectations.

Now that I am back, I can also get back on reading Spider-man comic(and perhaps start studying as well on a less important note). So far it is pretty good of a magazine(got to the middle of the seventies with it's issues so far), altough I can't say I like Spidey as much as I did the members of Fantastic Four(Ben Grimm forever!). However, if there is a character I can mention, then it is J.Jonah Jameson, so far my favorite supporting character of the Marvel Universe and perhaps the best Spidey char so far. I never read many Spidey comics in my youth but I do remember that JJJ is always the same, no matter what the age of the comics.

Always a cynical, web slinging hater. In the movie he was quite well portrayed by TK. Simmons, which is strange considering that the said actor is a very buff, and more importantly bald guy who I got used to screwing people in the arse(literally) and having a swastika tattooed on his entire body in a great series from HBO called Oz. Watch if you didn't.

Good stuff.

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Title: Review, finally a new one.
Posted: August 27, 2006 (05:44 PM)
I really don't know if I would ever write a review if there was no annoying british creatures that reminded me every now and then. Not that my reviews are a work of art, but it is better if a review exists then if it doesn't.

Plus, of all the "contests" this site had, this one with the randomly assigned letters is the best in my opinion.

Ahh well, enough of that and of whoring my own review(Quest for Glory I). After all, I do not want to be the sort that seeks attention(That's Quest for glory I, you can find it under adventure games. Made by Sierra) wherever he can(Made by me).

So, recently I discarded manga seeking. After the most fantastic "Jojo's bizzare adventure" series(read four volumes so far), I tried the ever popular Naruto manga at the request of a long term knowing friend(female naturally). After reading a 100 or so chapters of the said manga I pretty much discarded any interest I had in manga's for a long time since the inflow of crap was more then I could take.

So, I turned towards western comic industry. While Europe has it's share of great comics(in fact, if you want realistic/surreal ones, it is the best), but since most of the great comics here come from Italy, I chose to go towards America since I really...really dislike the said italians.

*Nerd mode activated even more!*

Anyway. The main two major companies in America being Marvel and DC comics, it was easy to choose something, so I went with Marvel's Fantastic Four since, being from Europe I never really known much about them. My Marvel knowledge was stretching itself to Spiderman, Hulk, Capt. America, Iron Man and Thor. Anyway, after reading from the early sixties all the way to the latest issues of the said comic was fantastic to say at the very least. It took me a few months to read it all, but I do not regret a single moment that I took reading it, and after all I have found my favorite hero character, which is Ben "The Thing" Grimm. I will spare you all the comments why, but let's just say he is as badarse as the best generic white haired swordsman in an anime/jap rpg and yet with all the complexity and character which they so sorely lack, no matter who writes him. From the days of Stan Lee to the modern "Ultimate" version where they are so sorely trying to turn him into an emo drama queen, he still is the same Ben Grimm, a wise cracking powerhouse who is probably more scarred as a character then most of the others.

After reading that I turned to an even more popular Spiderman which I am now reading. Not bad so far I suppose, just have to get more "into" it.

However, after I started to get "in the scene" of comic books, I found that most people strongly disfavor Superman for some reason or other(I blame Miller). Me? He will always remain that same childhood hero of mine, even though I never seriously read many of the titles. Yes, he is an overpowered little git, yes he has the thickest plot armor in history. And yet, he is sodding Superman! The ideal, someone that everybody likes. He is not the dark, gritty Batman. He is not the psychopath Punisher or the busty Wonder Woman.

No, he is Superman. One and only. The stereotype hero.

And you know what, I prefer and love him the most just like that. Untainted.
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Title: The start.
Posted: March 21, 2006 (10:16 AM)
Well, due to being particularly bored today, I decided to write a line or two in this strange phenomenon people call "blogs". Now, whether this will be filled with angst with which 90 percent of blogs are filled with, or with philosophical views that pseudo-intelectuals of the internet try to show to the heathen masses I do not know.

Perhaps it will be just a place where I can speak openly how much Emp sucks without being pelted with half bricks from deranged fan girls, since after all this little space will be mine. Completelly mine. Here, I am God, and all of you are my subjects. Read on with this knowledge or perish in ignorance. I will not be politically correct if such a mood strikes me, and will be downright offensive toward some groups of people when the mood strikes(usually the emo people. They are always a favorite of mine)

One thing that I can promise you, though is that this place will be filled with grammar errors. In fact, I am quite certain that the comma(if that is even the word for it, as I am lazy to check the dictionary) is not supposed to go after the "promise you" in the first sentence of this paragraph. Again, things like that concern me not. I am sure that those that even check this place(Yes, the whole two of you) know that I am not an english native speaker, so this is as good as it gets for now.

So, let us start off with games. Currently I am playing Wild Arms: Alter Code F. It got some good reviews on Honest Gamers, but even if it was said that it sucked worse then a Vietnam teen prostitute, I would not mind much since WA is a series I have followed religiously from it's budding. The game is a remake of what was my favorite WA, and I must say they did a pretty good job with it, and the memories that they invoked still remained untainted. Rudy is still silent, Hanpan is still a witty rat, and Zed is still silly.

The game follows the original pretty much to the letter, even though there are some things that I was not too fond of, such as the skill system, first introduced in WA3, as well as the lack of equipment.(Meaning, Jack has the same sword throughout the game and so forth...). The music is just as good, and the ambience of the original is present. I found a few translation errors, but that aside the game is quite good.

There, that should do for the first entry of this "blog" which will be updated every Lunar cycle or so.
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