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cheekylee Once again, Venter does something to the site and I get to play about a little. I love it, I really do. It makes me feel all squishy inside. Warm, and moist. And tight, like a tiger.

Um ... yeah. Words go here. Some will, soon.

Title: Unhappy with Nintendo.
Posted: November 02, 2006 (03:23 AM)
The Wii. I can't wait for it. Really, I honestly plan to buy one on launch day, which is something I have never done before. The reason for my excitement is, or rather WAS, the Virtual Console. (Which I am re-christening the WiiVC, in the hopes it catches on!)

Now, Nintendo released the launch titles for all 3 regions. Seems Japan get the most games, and US and Europe get slightly different packages. Donkey Kong Country for Europe and Victory Run for the US. (Table showing full lists here.

Notice the point costs? THAT is what is pissing me off. 500 Wii points for an NES game. In the US, that is $5, which converts to just over £3. SCORE! However, Nintendo is selling Wii points in local currencies. Which means that for me, 500 Wii points is £5. Or, to put it in US terms, $9. OUCH! When I should be able to get a game for £3, why the hell am I having to pay extra for it? MS points are also charged in sterling, but the rate is a lot closer to the actual conversion rate. (Incidentally, 500 Wii points cost 500 Yen, or £2.50!)

Out of the launch list, the biggie for me is Bomberman. However, unless I have missed it, nobody can cofirm wether or not we will be able to play WiiVC titles online. Which means that I may be paying £6 ($11) for local multiplayer only? Basically, that is not gonna happen. No online = No sale. I can play Bomberman multiplayer on at least 3 of my consoles already, whey the hell do I need another copy of it?

Nintendo annoyed me with this.

jiggsUser: jiggs
Posted: November 02, 2006 (10:49 AM)
hmm, i'm not sure about that. this sounds confusing. i would think you'll be paying the equivalent value of what us Americans are paying for which means it is probably gonna be £3 and not £5 for 500 Wii points. that would be wrong.

i doubt any of the virtual console games will have online play. Nintendo hasn't mentioned anything about this. it's no XBLA that's for sure. wouldn't it be nice to play Goldeneye online? i'm not too giddy about the Virtual Console like everyone else is. once in awhile i'll probably get those point cards to get some games.

silverishnessUser: silverishness
Posted: November 09, 2006 (07:32 AM)
The Wii point thing is just stupid. Just put a stable cost on the damn game and get it over with. >_<

The thing that annoys me the most is that there's no Super Smash Bros. Brawl ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND on the launch list. Why? Because they're sadists.

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