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Jonathan Stark
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Jonathan Stark @zippdementia06:27 PM
Played a non-iPad game for the first time in four months. The new Smash Brothers (which my DnD group purchased for me). Just like the latest Mario Kart: best entry in the series.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementia06:25 PM
@zippdementia @pickhut @joseph Ultimately, if someone wants to enjoy Nights, they can just pick up the Wii version. A nice little remake of the original, which showcases what was cool but is also, appropriately, underwhelming by today's standards.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementia06:25 PM
@pickhut @joseph_valencia Nights was so cool for the time it came out and didn't really recieve the attention it deserved. By now, it is sort've hoh-hum, but I can't help but wonder if its aesthetic, if given more attention, might have changed gaming.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaDec 13, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @joseph_valencia @overdrive *nods* yes, pretty dull. But oddly worked in some ideas, like static sprites that show damage, and action RPG puzzle solving, which were ahead of its time.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaDec 12, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @joseph_valencia @overdrive Fester's Quest. Now there is a name I have not heard since... On another note, am I the only person who is actually fond of Mystic Quest? It does suck, but it also haf some great music and some surprising idea
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaDec 10, 2014
@overdrive @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP @Suskie I suggest a shitty King's Quest game for K. Or you could go retro bad and play Krusty's Fun house.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaDec 09, 2014
@pickhut that still sounds awesome.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaDec 07, 2014
@pickhut @pickhut @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP *nods* thanks, I'll check on that. 2 gig should be fine, but I think I'll wait till I'm done with Walking Dead.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaDec 06, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @pickhut @EmP EU seems pretty fun. I've been debating picking it up for my iPad. How much space does it take up? I don't have a huge iPad, and I'm currently rockin' the TellTale Walking Dead series on it.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 24, 2014
@joseph_valencia 0_o you've actually gotten all the emblems before? I never unlocked Green Hill Zone...
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 16, 2014
@pickhut That game looks terrifying. I somehow missed the first one.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 16, 2014
It's official. DnD5 has ended my video game playing for a while. I'm too obsessed with being a good GM.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 11, 2014
@EmP Eh, there's a lot of frustrating platforming in that game, quite a few puzzle sections elongated by annoying "now you have to walk there to solve this," and just enough unnecessary backtracking to be annoying. I still really like th'game.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 08, 2014
@EmP *nods* I remember that. Yep I do. Psychonauts is my favorite not-very-good-in-practice game
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 06, 2014
@zippdementia @honestgamer @EmP OH MY GOD and RTS.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 06, 2014
@honestgamer @EmP .... except first person shooters.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 06, 2014
@joseph_valencia I agree that they mostly have some element of darkness to them, but Link's Awakening, Twilight Princess, and Majora's Mask are the only ones so far to maintain that darkness throughout.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 05, 2014
@overdrive @honestgamer I think Majora was pretty fantastic if only for its darker nature and less linear feel which called back to the old days of Zelda. My least favorite were the Oracle games. And actually I kind've hated Skyward Sword.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 05, 2014
Ten year long civilization game shows society devolving into a nightmare. And there's vikings.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 02, 2014
@EmP Ah psychonauts. That's a game that is definitely more than the sum of its parts. It's upsetting that Tim Schafer's games can't live up to his ultimate vision, but Psychonauts came the closest since the old days of Full Throttle.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaNov 01, 2014
@joseph_valencia @espiga Create a banner for others to stand under, and that banner will quickly lose its meaning. When thousands of hands wave a flag (or hashtag), the values of that flag become muddled in a thousand voices.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 23, 2014
@Suskie Pretty much my whole DnD5 group is playing it. I've banned it at the table.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 23, 2014
@Masters @overdrive @joseph_valencia "bellyaching." heh.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 22, 2014
@honestgamer @yamishuryou @espiga @overdrive It's the old argument that DQ fans stand by: they don't WANT the game system to change. And I respect that. But if you were never a fan of the system in the first place, it makes it hard to break into the games
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 22, 2014
@honestgamer @yamishuryou @espiga @overdrive It's the old argument that DQ fans stand by: they don't WANT the game system to change. And I respect that. But if you were never a fan of the system in the first place, it makes it hard to break into the games
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 22, 2014
@yamishuryou @joseph_valencia for me to do that, I'd have to go back to the Atari days. Which really does feel like it came from another universe.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 22, 2014
@EmP Oh is that out now? I remember giving some money to it last year. Damn, I've been too busy to check in with my kickstarters... I think Wasteland 2 is out now, as well.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 18, 2014
@joseph_valencia JEEEEEZ, twenty years ago for the PS1?? That blows my mind.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 18, 2014
@overdrive @espiga Dragon's Quest is a little too grindy for me. I never beat I, and I got decently far through VIII, but I just can't get around the bog standard battle system that you have to go through over and over and over.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 17, 2014
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie ... although I did buy Dead Diner last night based on the review here and am really enjoying it :) Doesn't really count, tho. Casual game.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 17, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie what's the latest misstep? I've been out of it for about a year now. The last new title I played was Last of Us.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 16, 2014
@True @JoeTheDestroyer I don't want to get invested in a story-spanning series where only half the games are good.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 15, 2014
@Genj @Suskie I recently read an interesting review of Alpha Protocol which exclaimed that the execution of the underlying idea of the game was more important than its lack of polish, that the demand for "polish" is something that's holding back games.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 15, 2014
@EmP @Suskie @honestgamer I've read this is quite the different experience from A:CM. It's got me interested in picking up a PS4. Well, and the fact my PS3 is broken and I never even got to play Dishonored.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 15, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie ... or controls? I supposed controls could be unpolished too. That's one of the worst.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 15, 2014
@Suskie Does the unpolish come in the form of graphics, AI, or bugs?
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 11, 2014
@EmP Okay okay! I'll think of something...
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 10, 2014
@pickhut I saw that, too! Letterman has always been shockingly on top of current trends. You know, for a man who is older than the hills.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 10, 2014
@zippdementia @EmP ... who lives an hour and a half away *facepalm* But she owns a bakery, so I always get cake when I show up :)
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 10, 2014
@EmP I would like to write a review again! Geeeez, though, I haven't played many games lately. I'm slowly working through Tex Murphy and Baldur's Gate, but fifth edition DnD has got me into GMing again. And now I have a serious girlfriend...
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaOct 09, 2014
Anyone planning on reviewing Alien: Isolation?
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaSep 27, 2014
@Ben I've really enjoyed my Wii U. My old roommates used it a lot just for Hulu and Amazon, but in terms of games I've played the heck out of just Mario Kart 8 and Nintendo Land, not to mention the Wii back catalog. I am going to pick up Hyrule Warriors.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 29, 2014
@overdrive I do love the concept of all of the Persona games, and I even love the insanity of taking a player literally through a year's worth of calendar days. But the high points of the story come too infrequently to keep me engaged.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 29, 2014
@overdrive @wolfqueen001 I'll do a double admit: I bought the second game off of WQ's review (which was a joy to read). I also did not finish the game. I think the main thing was that I missed having a full party. I really enjoy the party interactions.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 27, 2014
@overdrive **nods emphatically** I was playing a wizard character, and trying to figure out how to spend your spell points is frustrating, because you don't know how good something is until you try it. Also, there's limited exp, so every decision matters.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 26, 2014
@overdrive There's also a less forgiving leveling system. Baldur's Gate I may SEEM obtuse at first, but really you don't have too many options at level up. Eschalon makes you do your skill stats every level and you can easily work yourself into a corner.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 26, 2014
@overdrive @overdrive Eschalon book is a little bit like a less good Baldur's Gate. But it's interesting that it's a single person party.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 21, 2014
Anyone want to review Amazing Princess Sara on steam or Xbox 360? I've been offered a review code, but I don't have the time. If you want it, email me: thestarkeditor AT gmail DOTCOM
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 21, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @jerec @joseph_valencia @honestgamer I enjoy let's plays that are thoughtful and add little commentary about the design and history of a game/series. You know, like ACTUAL COMMENTARY. Very few of these around, unfortunately.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 16, 2014
Debating whether to get back into gaming with the PS4. In the meantime, enjoying retroing my way through Tex Murphy: under a killing moon. Fuck yes.

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