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Jonathan Stark @zippdementia10:13 PM
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP @Masters @Ben The two parts that stumped me were when you are trying to escape from the guards after falling into the jail cell and then there's one gun fight that's just incredibly tricky, after you leap from a chasm.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementia10:12 PM
@JoeTheDestroyer @EmP @Masters @Ben you know, I felt fortunate to have never played the original (though I'd always had an interest). I was able to view the new game without nostalgia and conclude that it is a really really good game.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 17, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie @overdrive Then, too, doing a little more reading on it, everyone is calling it the successor to Baldur's Gate, and the best RPG to come out in years.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 17, 2014
@Suskie @overdrive Looks pretty cool; part of the reason I love Baldur's Gate, though, is because I love Forgotten Realms. Then again, I was a fan of the original Fallout, and I'd love to check out Planetscape: Torment, so this could be a good one, too.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 14, 2014
@overdrive That's why I never beat it, either. I didn't have a PC good enough to play BG1 when it came out, and I THOUGHT I could squeeze through BG2 with my new PC at the time... but nope. Major crash. End of game. But I never forgot it!
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 14, 2014
@zippdementia Just reached chapter 4. I think I'm at level 5, throughout the party.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 14, 2014
@zippdementia ... I built Khalid into an archer instead of his basic fighter build, and made Jaheira a two weapon fighter focused on daggers (multiple attacks and poisoned daggers = awesome in BG1). Between her and my lay on hands, we have plenty of heal.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 14, 2014
@zippdementia I'm playing a fairly basic party. Myself as Paladin (Inquisitor kit); then Jaheira and Khalid, new character Rasad the monk, Neera (wild mage), and Imoen the thief (of course). Doing pretty well, especially since...
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 14, 2014
Baldur's Gate Enchanced Edition! Which I'll actually probably review when I'm done. THANK GOD I CAN FINALLY PLAY THIS GAME ON A MAC! This is my first time through, and it matches up to (and conquers) modern games in every way... except graphics.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJul 07, 2014
I'm almost exclusively playing Mario Kart 8 right now; a lot of online play with my roommate. She's almost at 3000 rank. I'm closer to 2100.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 27, 2014
@Germ @JoeTheDestroyer FTL is highly addictive and then, once you try normal difficulty, cock-blockingly intimidating.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 21, 2014
@Germ CC was a big disappointment for me. I've played it through twice and come to the conclusion that it would have been a far better game if not held up by its tenuous connection to Chrono Trigger. AS it stands, I offer it as a five.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@overdrive @Suskie There's a great Retronauts episode out on Quintet, Rob. Check it out, it's totally nostalgia-worthy, and quite interesting to get the history:
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie Also playing through Twilight Princess for the second time, at my favorite part (Snowpeak). Such a well designed game, and definitely the best of the "linear" Zeldas (IMO).
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie ... I have a long history with Quintet games and a fascination with the "World Birth" series, Terranigma being the only one I haven't played, so I could throw in a lot of history.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie Back to Retro... will finally start my Terranigma playthrough. Debating doing a let's play of it, if I can figure out a good way to record off my Mac. It would be my first Let's Play, which I think could be really fun.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie We did a playthrough of Last of Us on the same screen. Also awesome. Shocking how well the graphics hold up on theater size.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie Have been taking people through Journey on a fairly regular basis: we hook it up to a theater size screen with surround sound. It's pretty great.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie Just beat Earthbound for the seventh time in my life, still enjoy it, but that will probably be the last time.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 17, 2014
@Suskie yours is much more contemporary. My game status is retro, aside from Mario Kart 8, which I just reviewed but will be playing for a long long time.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 15, 2014
New review for first time in... wow. A long time.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 07, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I'm waiting to see how your dedication to just three games at once goes.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 05, 2014
I should pick up a copy of MArio Kart 8.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaJun 02, 2014
Magicent in Earthbound. Maybe this time, just maybe, I'll finally write a review for this game.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 27, 2014
@overdrive @overdrive I need to get back to that game! I wanted to play it for years, finally started an emulator, and barely played any! It is hard to go back to old games you never played...
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 26, 2014
@honestgamer @jerec I do like the chatter being visible from the front page. It lends a feeling of user activity to the site! I agree with Jerec about the front and center ad, though. My eye went right there.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 26, 2014
@honestgamer @JoeTheDestroyer Hm. Both my PS and GC versions of the Anniversary Collection for MM7 work great! Maybe an Xbox thing?
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 23, 2014
@overdrive @honestgamer The 3DS sounds like a great system! I opted for the Wii U, which has certainly paid for itself, but perhaps was not the right contender to put my money behind
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 16, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Half Minute Hero is excellent. I prefered it as a handheld game, though, because it's great for quick plays.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 16, 2014
@EmP I HAVE to play that. I played Episode 1 and loved it, but never continued due to lack of funds at the time and a broken PS3 now.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 16, 2014
@overdrive Yep. I remember it well. That was one of the best parts of that game. Things suddenly get REAL very quickly.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 13, 2014
@espiga I agree, Kyle! That was what made the old games fun. I would argue that Link's Awakening and Link to the Past, though more linear than the original, did maintain that same feel of discovery. And Majora brought it back heavily.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 13, 2014
@honestgamer @Suskie @overdrive On the opposite end of game design, I'm also one of the few Zelda fans who enjoys Link's Adventure. Adventure just has a feel of EPICNESS that I love. Love it about both of the NES games.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 13, 2014
@Suskie @overdrive The dungeons in Link's Awakening are maybe the best-designed in the series, in terms of puzzles. I also give a lot of credit to Ocarina, as it made great use of 3D puzzles right out of the gate.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 12, 2014
@zippdementia @overdrive @overdrive Speaking of which, I never did play Vagrant Story....
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 12, 2014
@overdrive @overdrive Where are you playing Tactics Ogre? Emulation? Or...? As a fan of FFTactics, I always wanted to play Ogre Tactics. Yasumi Matsuno is incredible.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 12, 2014
Played a little of the Stanley Parable. Intriguing idea, but frustratingly glitchy on my computer. It eventually crashed to the desktop halfway through the "confusion" story. Which... the cool thing is, I'm not sure if that was part of the story or not.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 12, 2014
Beat FTL a couple nights ago! And then picked up Galaxy Trucker (board game) which is like a comical version of that game. Life is good.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 11, 2014
Got a message about Akane Kunoichi... does anyone want a free review of the PC game via Steam?
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 09, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Bad voice acting can completely ruin a game for me, in fact almost always does unless the game is EXCEPTIONALLY good.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 08, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer How is Sang-Froid?
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 07, 2014
All I keep doing is playing FTL. Made it as far as I ever have tonight: Sector 7! Then died horribly.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 05, 2014
@pickhut Yeah, I can't stop playing. Or rather, I'll start it up intending to play for a couple sectors and instead end up playing for an hour.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 04, 2014
@pickhut Thanks for mentioning FTL, Pickhut! I downloaded it and absolutely love it.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 04, 2014
@Suskie Just a fan reference. Anyway, it's OBVIOUSLY not the real Majora's Mask, because the real Majora's mask can't be broken so easily. It's a replica. Jeesus, Suskie, get your lore right.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 03, 2014
Finally, after first hearing about it twenty years ago, I am playing Another World. It's really good.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 03, 2014
Wanted to share my hopes and dreams for the next Smash Brothers entry
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 02, 2014
@pickhut Sounds... pretty good actually!
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 02, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @Germ A succinct review from me: Beautiful presentation and intriguing puzzles, framed by the hints of something deeper that just isn't there.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaMay 02, 2014
@zippdementia @pickhut ... and the reason it drove me nuts was that starting over really just meant redoing all the same missions. But if this one's random, that's kind've awesome.

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