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Zigfried @zigfriedApr 12, 2014
@Germ @honestgamer Go for the PS3 remake of the original Xbox NG. It's actually a decent port, unlike the screwed-up PS3 bastardization of episode 2. And it's better on bigscreen than on small (Vita portis actually good, though)
Zigfried @zigfriedMar 31, 2014
@Suskie I've made it to Drangleic Castle, which people tell me is near the end (surprising since I still have a TON of bosses left to fight).
Zigfried @zigfriedMar 30, 2014
Playing Dark Souls 2 - can't wait to finish so I can read @Suskie review. Pretty sure I'm also doing the game wrong, based on how friends react to my progress reports.
Zigfried @zigfriedMar 15, 2014
@pickhut Alas, the back of the disc is NOT black. The game also doesn't start with a YES/NO question asking you to sell your soul to Satan.
Zigfried @zigfriedMar 15, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Good plan - the new one isn't out for a couple more weeks though, so you won't be able to find it yet.
Zigfried @zigfriedMar 14, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Trapt is on PSN now! This is like a highly-refined version of that.
Zigfried @zigfriedMar 13, 2014
The new Deception game is really good, just in case you were wondering.
Zigfried @zigfriedFeb 22, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @Suskie @honestgamer Dark Souls is a completely different game.
Zigfried @zigfriedJan 28, 2014
@pickhut @honestgamer The DC Ecco is fantastic. I enjoyed the original, too, but have no desire to play it again. Even if it's in 3D (which I don't understand, since it was always light on parallax).
Zigfried @zigfriedJan 01, 2014
@honestgamer @zippdementia All this talk of theater-sized and 60" screens makes my 40" screen feel inadequate. Please think of my TV's feelings!
Zigfried @zigfriedJan 01, 2014
@espiga @EmP Espiga - although not as severe as Emp's spelling errors, I think you misspelled Hatsune Miku F.
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 29, 2013
@overdrive @espiga @Suskie I've never even made it to the first dungeon in Skyward Sword.
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 28, 2013
@Suskie Someday I will try Skyward Sword again. I hear that after the excruciating first few hours, it has some cool dungeons.
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 21, 2013
@pickhut The 3D in Galaxy Force II is the best 3D on the 3DS. Stupidly good, especially in the fire stage (those swirls!)
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 20, 2013
3D Streets of Rage has some pretty amazing 3D going on. Totally unexpected, considering the lack of parallax.
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 19, 2013
@zippdementia @honestgamer @joseph I beat the first quest on the original Zelda, but never finished the second quest.
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 18, 2013
@honestgamer @joseph_valencia This looks awesome to me. Already on track to be the first Zelda game that I completely finish!
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 06, 2013
@honestgamer @espiga Yeah, Sonic and All-Stars is pretty great. Get it on PS3 and we can race!
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 05, 2013
@honestgamer @Suskie @holdthephone That's what the people who think a score of 8 is terrible would have you believe ;) They are of course wrong.
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 05, 2013
@Suskie @holdthephone As for Golden Abyss, it starts like it will be cool, but ends up weakest in the series. Too much "follow the leader" gameplay.
Zigfried @zigfriedDec 05, 2013
@Suskie @holdthephone Uncharted 3 is like The Search for Spock: highly anticipated sequel to something great, and it's not just less - it's kinda bad.
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 29, 2013
@joseph_valencia @overdrive I forgot about that one. I should pick it up.
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 29, 2013
@espiga @Suskie @overdrive And also there's Shin Megami Tensei 4, and Soul Hackers, and Shinobi, and Crimson Shroud, and the eShop 3D Sega classics...
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 28, 2013
@joseph_valencia It's an awesome port, and the 3D effect rules. The upcoming Galaxy Force 2 is even more visually spectacular.
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 28, 2013
Two Sega 3D classics are hitting the eShop each week. This week, the one to buy is: SPACE HARRIER. Hells yeah!
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 28, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer Isn't Saccubus supposed to kill you though?
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 24, 2013
@zigfried Four new Persona games announced, and none of them are for mobile devices!
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 24, 2013
Today's a good day to remember that people predicted the end of Persona on consoles when Sega bought Atlus.
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 23, 2013
@Suskie That's a shame - Panzer Dragoon games were always the prettiest on their consoles.
Zigfried @zigfriedNov 16, 2013
PS4 consoles are dying en masse. This must be Sony's way of trolling ebay resellers.
Zigfried @zigfriedOct 20, 2013
@pickhut @espiga Well, that's one problem. Another is that the writing usually isn't very good.
Zigfried @zigfriedOct 20, 2013
@pickhut @espiga Even viewed as something other than "games", the problem with these movie-ish things is they have so much dead space.
Zigfried @zigfriedSep 30, 2013
@zippdementia Thankfully, the 3DS and Wii U don't change friend codes with every game, like the Wii did...
Zigfried @zigfriedSep 29, 2013
@zippdementia It's a shame Nintendoland isn't online. That would have made it a killer buy.
Zigfried @zigfriedSep 01, 2013
@zippdementia When you get a Wii U, aka best system of the new era, pick up Monster Hunter 3. (And let me know -- we can group up online)
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 25, 2013
EmP alert: I missed this before, but Atlus is localizing Aquapazza. It's a fighting game with characters from a lot of games, including Utawarerumono!
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 23, 2013
@zigfried @joseph_valencia Which actually is kind of interesting, but at the same time I'm left asking: "why?"
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 23, 2013
@joseph_valencia STEEL EMPIRE, man, STEEL EMPIRE! Coming to 3DS, courtesy of Starfish.
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 23, 2013
Just announced -- a beloved 16-bit classic is returning, this time in 3D! I'm pretty excited about this.
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 10, 2013
@EmP I'm shocked.
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 03, 2013
@EmP I'm both excited about and wary of Drakengard 3. The setup sounds amazing, but who knows...?
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 03, 2013
@EmP @holdthephone @zippdementia (Oh, how different my attitude would be if we had gotten FF Type-0 on consoles instead of FFXIII...)
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 03, 2013
@EmP @holdthephone @zippdementia Also, NIER is great and represents what Square-Enix should be making. Blockbuster RPGs are no longer their forte.
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 03, 2013
@zippdementia My thoughts: it's FFXIII, so I don't care about it anymore. That whole "one time, two times, three times" thing.
Zigfried @zigfriedAug 01, 2013
@honestgamer @joseph_valencia @overdrive Mobile phone games are for small-time companies or small-time products. Capcom has no faith in BOF.
Zigfried @zigfriedJul 29, 2013
Some of you might enjoy this Dr Wily theme rendition:
Zigfried @zigfriedJul 27, 2013
@pickhut Your dream makes me sad.
Zigfried @zigfriedJul 27, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer Ah, Homecoming. That's the one by Double Helix.
Zigfried @zigfriedJul 22, 2013
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP !!! I never knew about that secret ending. That's awesome! Now I'll have to replay and see what else I missed.
Zigfried @zigfriedJul 21, 2013
@zippdementia @zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP Illbleed is AWESOME. It doesn't belong on a "worst horror game" list; it's a kitsch classic!

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