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Kyle Stepp @espiga04:35 AM
@espiga @Suskie Hypocrisy at its best: This whole thing seems to be about "journalistic accountability," then constant death threats and doxxing innocent sites that disclose everything happens... With zero accountability to the perp.
Kyle Stepp @espiga04:30 AM
@Suskie I'm sorry this happened to you, and to the people at your site. This is what happens when you put power in the hands of the mob with lanterns and pitchforks, regardless of what side of the issue's fence they sit.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer12:55 AM
@pickhut @Suskie @joseph that sets off the loud, violent ones. Then you have this incident, in which every aspect of it has gotten so out of control that people are now doxxing at random for no reason, then trying to justify it.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer12:53 AM
@pickhut @Suskie @joseph I just don't feel comfortable discussing things like movies and games with a bunch of people in a social network setting anymore. I know that not all nerds are this way, but you never know when you're going to say something...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer12:52 AM
@pickhut @Suskie @joseph mostly because I always see garbage like this. After the Tom Chick incident and the case of disgruntled fans sending death threats to a critic who slated The Dark Knight Rises, not to mention a whole slew of other examples...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer12:50 AM
@pickhut @Suskie @joseph_valencia I really wish the whole stupid thing would just blow the fuck over already. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I hardly post on Twitter anymore because I've gotten tired of internet "nerd" culture almost as a whole...
Wendell B @pickhut09:06 PM
@Suskie @joseph_valencia Look, I'm not going to say anything else, because you're rightfully upset at information being exposed. I'm just gonna let you cool down.
Mike Suskie @Suskie09:04 PM
@joseph_valencia @pickhut Yeah, keep telling yourselves that.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valencia08:59 PM
@Suskie The doxxing that's being widely reported is the work of a troll group that has no ties to GamerGate.
Wendell B @pickhut08:42 PM
@Suskie I'm sorry that happened to you, Suskie. However, the pro-gg side doesn't support doxxing, it must be people acting on their own.
Leslie Paul @wolfqueen00107:24 PM
@Suskie Whoa. What's going on with this? Also, stupid question, but if GameCritics is open about its relationships anyway, what's there to dox? Unless you got hacked or something. Whatever's going on there, though, sounds utterly ridiculous.
Mike Suskie @Suskie05:48 PM
The staff of GameCritics, myself included, just got doxxed. It's a volunteer-only site that explicitly discloses its relationships with publishers. I was quiet before, but officially, if you support GamerGate, go shove a hot poker up your ass.
Mike Suskie @Suskie03:41 PM
@EmP Heh, you didn't have to. Just felt the need to flex my KOTOR fandom muscles there. Took me 15 minutes, by the way.
Gary Hartley @EmP01:55 PM
@Suskie I know.... but I was hoping no one else would because, damn it, it fit the opening line! That it's been live less then an hour and it's been called out, I'm honour-bound to swap it out.
Kyle Stepp @espiga01:43 PM
Dragon Quest 3: Killed Orochi and saved Jipang. That town's story was always my favorite part of the game.
Mike Suskie @Suskie01:20 PM
@EmP Not that it hugely matters, but that header image is actually from KOTOR II :)
Gary Hartley @EmP01:05 PM
Thursday Night Rewrite: Knights of the Old Republic --
Gary Hartley @EmP01:04 PM
@Suskie Another one for the fold. It is quite surprisingly moreish, isn't it?
Mike Suskie @Suskie12:43 PM
Just in time for Ben's review, I've begun playing Velocibox. It will not surprise you to learn that I suck at it. It may surprise you to learn that I think it's a great game.
Ben Lee @Ben11:45 AM
@Suskie Not sure if it's just me, but seems lengthier than the first game as well. Finished chapter 2, and my current playtime is 11 hours.
Ben Lee @Ben11:39 AM
@JoeTheDestroyer I don't think that's ever happened to me. If I keep coming back to a flawed game, I usually conclude that even though it has problems, they are issues I can overlook easily enough to still enjoy the core experience.
Mike Suskie @Suskie11:36 AM
@Ben Just so you know, I only played up until the first murder is committed, so I won't be chiming in this time. Busy busy busy release schedule :|
Ben Lee @Ben11:34 AM
Danganronpa 2 update: My theory was spot-on. Figured everything out before the class trial, except for a few minor details and the actual motive. But was still enjoyable to play through.
Wendell B @pickhut10:47 AM
@JoeTheDestroyer There's a lot of games I really enjoy, but if I ever reviewed them, I know they'll get a 5 or 6. As for one I actually reviewed, Kane & Lynch 1 comes to mind. The campaign has issues and the multi is limited, but the latter was still fun!
Jason Venter @honestgamer10:02 AM
@JoeTheDestroyer Some of my greatest addictions in games have resulted from playing games that I know aren't all that great. I'm currently addicted to ClickerHeroes, a browser-based game that's really just about clicking. For a month now!
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerOct 30, 2014
Is it natural to enjoy or be addicted to a game that you still wouldn't score very highly? I don't think I'd give Gothic more than 6/10, but I keep coming back to it and I have a hard time quitting at the end of the night. Still, it's got some flaws...
Mike Suskie @SuskieOct 30, 2014
@zigfried @pickhut @JoeTheDestroyer @joseph_valencia @EmP I can wait.
Jason Venter @honestgamerOct 30, 2014
Have you heard of the new social media network, Tsu? It's a lot like Facebook, but revenue goes to people who post content. Here's a link to my profile that will also let you join: I plan to promote my reviews there. :-D
Zigfried @zigfriedOct 29, 2014
@pickhut @JoeTheDestroyer @joseph_valencia @EmP @Suskie I'm flattered! But I'll be away for several days and unable to play Bayo 2, so I can't do a (timely) review. I may write one when I return -- just don't delay your own review for me. Sorry.
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
@Suskie Shame. For some reason I get bored with character action games really easily. Happens every time. I really tried with the first Bayonetta but I guess the sub-genre's just not my thing.
Mike Suskie @SuskieOct 29, 2014
@Ben Nah.
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
As an aside, the fan service moments in the first two chapters made me feel really uncomfortable. Just unnecessary.
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
Danganronpa 2 update: Second victim is the person I've spent the most time bonding in Free Time. Gutted. I think I know who the killer is. It's quite a left-field theory, but the three things I noticed can't be coincidental... right?
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 29, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @joseph_valencia @JoeTheDestroyer A new, REAL Elder Scrolls game would be the sort of thing that would single-handedly inspire me to go current-gen.
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
@Suskie Is it worth playing if I didn't like the first Bayonetta?
Mike Suskie @SuskieOct 29, 2014
Bayonetta 2 is a perfect character action game.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerOct 29, 2014
Gothic- My current mission is to support the Mages of Water in the New Camp, though I'm not sure why. I also "maxed" out my strength (I can't raise it through training anymore, but I can still use permanent boosts via potion to increase it).
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerOct 29, 2014
@joseph_valencia @wolfqueen001 I don't care where they place it, as long as they do a proper sequel rather than ending the series with ESO.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerOct 29, 2014
@Suskie I was kind of waiting for it/expecting it. I wanted badly to accept my first review. It also helps that I constantly have my phone on me, with a bookmark on my screen to HG.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 29, 2014
@wolfqueen001 Based on what's been glimpsed through the in-game lore, Black Marsh would be utterly insane. I'm personally hoping for Akavir.
Mike Suskie @SuskieOct 28, 2014
I already love having Joe on staff. My Evil Within review was up in, like, three seconds.
Ben Lee @BenOct 28, 2014
Finished the first chapter of Danganronpa 2. Correctly called the red herring, but failed to figure out the real killer. On the whole, very conflicted about the game so far.
Leslie Paul @wolfqueen001Oct 28, 2014
@joseph_valencia @JoeTheDestroyer Tell you what, though. If Elder Scrolls did come out with a Black Marsh themed game, I'm buying a PS4 right now.
Ben Lee @BenOct 28, 2014
@EmP Action shot!
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 28, 2014
@Ben I managed just fine. Or are my assets just not good enough for you?!
Ben Lee @BenOct 28, 2014
Screengrabbing good Velocibox images for a review: not easy at all.
Kyle Stepp @espigaOct 28, 2014
Dragon Quest 3: Game froze in Portugos and I lost about 2 hours of progress. Talk about a momentum killer for the day =[
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerOct 28, 2014
Breath of Death VII: The Beginning- I picked the game back up at chapter 5 and defeated Usurper. Movin' on to a mountain or cave pass or something.
Wendell B @pickhutOct 27, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @joseph_valencia @EmP @Suskie If not for us, then do it for that Honest Envo guy, Zig.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerOct 27, 2014
@joseph_valencia @EmP @Suskie Let those who say aye, say aye. (In which case I say aye. Zig should review it.)

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