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Ben Lee @Ben12:33 PM
LEVEL SEVEN on my 2,059th attempt.
Kyle Stepp @espiga05:55 PM
@Rasetsu I'd buy that. Picture the scene: a supermarket, filled with thousands of the same stocking boy, as you carve into them with a barrage of awkward sex jokes as Betty White.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer04:55 PM
Risen- Chapter 1 complete. I now have to acquire some special discs to advance further, and I think I've uncovered the location of one. After I wrap up some quests in Harbor Town, I plan to pay some thieving gnomes a visit...
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 21, 2014
So, Quake Live is on Steam now. I guess that's the last you'll be seeing of me in a fair while.
Ben Lee @BenSep 21, 2014
@Suskie Didn't like the investigation, though. One clue makes it blindingly obvious who did it almost from the beginning, yet everyone acts dumb. Then when it's time to present the clue, the game tells you how to solve the puzzle.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerSep 21, 2014
@Rasetsu Only if Bea Arthur is done up like Musashi. Otherwise it's a rental...
Jedward Randy @RasetsuSep 21, 2014
Samurai Warriors 4 is coming out soon foor PS4 but I'd like to see Koei target Western audience by releasing Golden Girls Warriors instead. Would you buy it?
Mike Suskie @SuskieSep 20, 2014
@Ben I know. That game hits fast and hard.
Wendell B @pickhutSep 20, 2014
Sports Jam: This is a ridiculously average game, maybe slightly below, but it has one of the goofiest characters I've seen in a video game. I'm tempted to review this instead of Virtua Tennis so I won't suffer through Doubles anymore.
Ben Lee @BenSep 20, 2014
Started Danganronpa. The first death... :/
Ben Lee @BenSep 20, 2014
@EmP I eventually found that the obstacles in three were surprisingly predictable in the way they moved (except for those damn sliding ones). After realising that, it was then a case of learning their exact patterns and how to tackle them one by one.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 20, 2014
@Ben I still can't get my head around 3. I can get past it, but it's rare and feels way more luck than judgment.
Ben Lee @BenSep 20, 2014
Velocibox update: I make level six every 40th attempt on average. A pain to reach, and still not much closer to mastering it and reaching seven.
Jason Venter @honestgamerSep 19, 2014
@Germ That's a great story. Thanks for sharing it! When I have kids, maybe they'll push around blocks like Link in The Legend of Zelda. Or draw fan art of the games all the time, like I did as a child. There are many ways to love games.
Jeremy Davis @GermSep 19, 2014
My 3 year old daughter watched me playing Tomb Raider III today and started pushing around furniture grunting in imitation of Lara moving blocks. My Dad plays TR as well. Three generations.
Ben Lee @BenSep 19, 2014
@EmP @JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie *signs*
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 19, 2014
@Ben @JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie I would like to create and sign a petition that legal binds Suskie into playing this game.
Ben Lee @BenSep 19, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie Velocibox. Nine levels in total, but you start from the beginning each time. I'm dying every 13 seconds on average - it's very twitch-heavy.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerSep 19, 2014
@Ben @Suskie What game? I'd probably love it.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerSep 19, 2014
Risen- I have officially joined Don Estaban. Currently I need to set up a meeting to negotiate with The Inquisitor, mainly for recon purposes.
Ben Lee @BenSep 19, 2014
@Suskie Aha, pretty much! You would hate it.
Wendell B @pickhutSep 19, 2014
Virtua Tennis: I was willing to give the last Doubles botched win the benefit of the doubt... but the same thing happened in another Doubles match. Game just handed the other team a victory during my mid swing animation. This game's programming is weird.
Mike Suskie @SuskieSep 18, 2014
@Ben This sounds like the most horrible game in the world.
Ben Lee @BenSep 18, 2014
LEVEL SIX on my 1,357th attempt.
Wendell B @pickhutSep 18, 2014
@pickhut Update: Just destroyed that same team a few minutes later. Wasn't having none of that.
Wendell B @pickhutSep 18, 2014
@pickhut It was down to the last point, and just as I was returning a very simple serve, in MID SWING the game suddenly ended and our side lost; I didn't miss the ball, the ball wasn't outside a line or whatever, the game just handed them a victory.
Wendell B @pickhutSep 18, 2014
Virtua Tennis: They're still annoying, but Doubles are getting a little better because I remembered you can position your CPU partner. Also, the game LITERALLY gave up on me on my last Doubles match. (cont.)
Rob Hamilton @overdriveSep 17, 2014
In recent days, I've played a lot of games for a little while. And finished Hana Taaka Daka?! That's been interesting to review. A good game with some neat shmup-y stuff not in most games of the sort. But also flawed in ways.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 17, 2014
The Steam port of FF4 seems to use the same, plain font as the mobile ports. It'd be nice if SE actually tried to put some effort into these projects. I mean, it's not that hard to up-res the stylish font from the DS version.
Ben Lee @BenSep 17, 2014
Velocibox level five (on my 1,103rd go).
Wendell B @pickhutSep 17, 2014
@pickhut just want to give up and play Virtua Tennis 3 on my 360 instead. 3 has minor tweaks to the mechanics, but they make a HUGE difference.
Wendell B @pickhutSep 17, 2014
Virtua Tennis: The Doubles matches are the bane of my existence in World Tour mode. My CPU partners are the most incompetent players I've had to deal with in this game. I mean, Virtua Tennis is an engaging game, but there are times where I (cont.)
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerSep 17, 2014
Risen- Completed a few quests before realizing that I'll need the sneak ability in order to do a certain one. Grr! At least I found a way into Harbour Town that doesn't require me to shell out 100 gold.
Ben Lee @BenSep 17, 2014
Still intending to go back to Divinity, but I think I need to start from scratch - which is putting me off slightly after I've spent a few hours on the game already.
Ben Lee @BenSep 16, 2014
@EmP @honestgamer I'm 101st now! I don't think I'll top my score any time soon. It would involve clearing four, and there's one stupid obstacle that gets me 100% of the time. I can't get the timing of the flip right.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 16, 2014
@Ben @honestgamer You've certainly eclipsed me -- congrats on making the top 100.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 15, 2014
On a positive note, New Super Luigi U is boss. I was worried that returning to NSMBU would be a let-down after playing 3D World, but the game's still got pleasures of its own.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 15, 2014
@honestgamer I just think it's a shame to see one of indie gaming's greatest success stories ending with a buyout by Microsoft.
Ben Lee @BenSep 15, 2014
@honestgamer You know, you're right but in a weird way I find these games sort of relaxing. Levels are really short, and restarting is instantaneous. Brutal, yes, but also easy to dip in and out if I have a spare ten minutes.
Jason Venter @honestgamerSep 15, 2014
@Ben This sounds like the sort of game I play (very rarely) where I don't realize how long it has been since I last blinked until I feel a tear rolling down my cheek. I like my gaming a bit more relaxing...
Ben Lee @BenSep 15, 2014
Reached level four for the first time in Velocibox. I lasted about two seconds.
Jason Venter @honestgamerSep 15, 2014
@joseph_valencia It's a difficult time to be the creator responsible for something too many people love. That can take on a life of its own. I can sympathize with Notch, though obviously I'm not likely to shed a tear on his behalf.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 15, 2014
Notch: a one-hit wonder and a sellout. I guess now he has more time to work on great games like "Scrolls".
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
I wasn't planning on picking up Smash Bros 3DS at launch, but this demo is making me reconsider. Only five characters and one stage, and yet I've been playing the heck out of this thing!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
@honestgamer Cool cool. One code left if anyone wants it! Mega Man's an awesome Smash character!
Jason Venter @honestgamerSep 14, 2014
@joseph_valencia @Suskie Yup, he got my last code. So if you also sent one to @TomatoMan, it looks like we're all sorted. Thanks!
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerSep 14, 2014
number of enemies, "lootable" items, and means of making money (short of pickpocketing or murdering NPC and swiping their pocket change). My inventory right now reminds me of the SNES-era Final Fantasys. I'm pretty much a hoarder.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerSep 14, 2014
There doesn't seem to be a carrying capacity in Risen. I'm kind of glad, because that's something I miss about older RPGs. It can be annoying trying to balance what to carry and what to leave behind, especially since this game technically has a limited...
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
@Suskie Suskie, did Venter send you a code? If not, I've still got one more.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
@TomatoMan I'll send it through HG Mail. Check your inbox.

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