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Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer04:28 AM
I am not even exaggerating when I say that this text is horrible. I've had a few occasions where I imagined Jason sending back a copyedit with a note saying something like, "This was a very, very rough read, and took many years to edit..."
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer04:26 AM
I am nearing the end of the dreadful text book, and I should soon have my exam scheduled and dealt with. Yes, this means you can expect reviews from me again soon. You've been warned.
Wendell B @pickhut01:36 AM
@pickhut Okay, replaying the SE3 Hitler DLC a third time just to see him get killed by a church bell was worth it. Kinda. Maybe. Not really. You're better off just watching a video of his deaths:
Leslie Paul @wolfqueen00108:14 PM
@Germ @EmP @honestgamer I don't use Twitter (which more or less explains my blunt ignorance earlier). Sometimes I think being oblivious is a blessing when it comes to BS like this.
Wendell B @pickhut07:21 PM
Replayed the SE3 Hitler DLC again, and after browsing the achieve list, I discovered there's 7 unique ways to kill him. Would've been nice for the game to give me more than a few seconds to realize this, or better yet, implied within the mission. >_>
Rob Hamilton @overdrive07:02 PM
@overdrive Also did a bit more with Burning Heroes' second character and started PC Engine shooter Hana Taaka Daka!. Which so far is decent, but undeserving of such excited punctuation.
Jason Venter @honestgamer06:11 PM
I am playing Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright on 3DS, and I hope that I will finish it and review it sometime soon. I only just started playing today, though.
Rob Hamilton @overdrive05:49 PM
@overdrive Trying to play Skyrim was ended by the game getting crash-happy, so I did Colossus, Idol Springs and Hurrica in Spyro 2. Good fun.
Jeremy Davis @Germ04:49 PM
@EmP @honestgamer My HG tab is my oasis. I relax here before switching back to Twitter.
Gary Hartley @EmP02:50 PM
@honestgamer I'll hold you to that should you ever try to change the site's name to You're right though; but the entire thing's a train-wreck, and I can't look away.
Jason Venter @honestgamer02:46 PM
@joseph_valencia @EmP @overdrive I'm perfectly happy ignoring as much of this kerfuffle as possible and focusing on games, and I expect most or all of the others in this community feel largely the same way. HonestGamers is about the games, not the drama!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valencia02:27 PM
@EmP @overdrive My gut is telling me that this is game journalism's "jump the shark" moment. All we need is a press event where Bill Cosby introduces the new and improved moniker for "gamer".
Rob Hamilton @overdrive02:08 PM
Finally finished the Dark Castle in Amazing Princess Sarah. Difficulty is really ramping up now and the beginning of Inferno Castle doesn't promise to be easier.
Gary Hartley @EmP12:28 PM
@overdrive ..and it would be genuinely terrifying if it wasn't being carried out so shoddily by what is clearly a laughable clique who'd rather watch their audience burn that accept the slightest shred of criticism.
Gary Hartley @EmP12:25 PM
@overdrive That's all any of us want to be, Rob -- but we're being actively re-branded by apologists and blame deflectors as misogynist rapists-in-training by an industry we've long been a (however small) part of.
Rob Hamilton @overdrive09:22 AM
@EmP I try to avoid going any further than the smokescreen on that shitshow. I'm just the dude in the corner playing games, writing about them from time to time and not giving any shits about whatever culture is attached to them.
Leslie Paul @wolfqueen001Aug 31, 2014
@pickhut @Germ Yeah. Jason made a browser type RPG similar to the popular FB one going around at the time (Might have been Mafia? I don't remember). It was pretty cool but ran out of steam a long time ago.
Wendell B @pickhutAug 31, 2014
Tried Sniper Elite III's Hitler DLC to see if Rebellion botched it like in V2. They pulled off the exact "blink and it's over" nonsense. Why can't I have a savory Hitler kill? Rebellion, have you never played NES Bionic Commando or Wolfenstein 3D??
Wendell B @pickhutAug 31, 2014
@Germ I thought someone else would've answered this by now, because... I have no clue. It was a browser game thingy that I never joined in on because I was too occupied at the time with other things.
Wendell B @pickhutAug 31, 2014
@joseph_valencia I envy you! I honestly don't know how I stumbled onto this mess in the first place... I was just browsing 'bout video games.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 31, 2014
During a week like this, I'm grateful that I no longer have a Twitter or a Facebook or a Tumblr, or that I don't read much game "journalism". Life's tough enough without a bunch of netizens bringing their shitstorm to your virtual doorstep.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 30, 2014
@pickhut @EmP Eh. I realized a while ago that Devin Faraci is an attention whore and a troll, so I just stay as far away from his corner of the web as possible.
Jeremy Davis @GermAug 30, 2014
Here's a dumb question: What exactly was HG Wars? It sounds pretty cool.
Wendell B @pickhutAug 30, 2014
@EmP I didn't think it was possible for someone to be as ridiculous as Phil Fish when it comes to absurd tweets, but these last two weeks have proven me wrong.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@pickhut Faraci's off again. This time, he's only comparing gamers to the KKK and Holocaust deniers. It's almost as if people know that if they lightly prod him, he'll bury himself in hilarious quotes about atrocities he clearly doesn't understand.
Jason Venter @honestgamerAug 30, 2014
@pickhut @joseph_valencia I figure we'll see maybe 10 or 20 "must have" titles, most of them from Nintendo and half of them ports, and then in 2 years or so Nintendo will reveal its new generation of hardware. It's a stopgap that I will still likely buy.
Wendell B @pickhutAug 30, 2014
@joseph_valencia Yeah, I'm guessing it's going to be very specific stuff that's mainly gonna be from Nintendo themselves. Likely most developers will stay away from making games just for the "improved" 3DS since they want to make a profit, not a gamble.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 30, 2014
@pickhut I'm guessing the exclusives are going to be console ports and stuff that's considered niche in the portable market. (e.g. shooters) Doubt Nintendo would lock millions of people out of the next portable Zelda, Mario, etc.
Wendell B @pickhutAug 30, 2014
@EmP What next??! Devin Faraci saying gamers are worse than terrorists? /v/ giving birth to a daughter? Sites writing articles trying to phase out the word "Gamer" by turning it into a negative term? None of this will ever happen...
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@overdrive And, directly because of that, I'LL NEVER FINSHING MAKING FEZ 2!
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@overdrive You've only really scratched the smokescreen thrown up to try and deter interest from the bigger story of nepotism and some major journalistic outlets complete misunderstanding of the phrase 'conflict of interest'.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 30, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @EmP @pickhut Leslie, if you just use what Emp said in the attempted html tags, it's basically been the monster that's taken over my twitter feed, with big wars over prejudice against women in the gaming industry going on nonstop.
Leslie Paul @wolfqueen001Aug 30, 2014
@EmP @pickhut Somehow I think there's a joke going around, but I don't pay enough attention to anything game-related outside of this site to know what it is.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@pickhut But the wider gaming audience will always rally against strong, confident <s>women</s> Englishmen because of the inherent <s>sexist</s> anti-Anglophile culture running rife through the community.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@pickhut Thatís absolutely unfounded, regardless of how much hard proof dictates otherwise!
Wendell B @pickhutAug 30, 2014
So I didn't think much of this New 3DS model at first, until I heard that certain upcoming games can ONLY be played on it because of its improved CPU. Erm... Nintendo, you seriously want me buy a second 3DS for a super exclusive library?
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 29, 2014
@zippdementia I agree, as you'll see in my review. There were some of the better-written and touching RPG moments in that game. That came sporadically in the midst of a whole heap of superfluous time-wasting meh-ness.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 29, 2014
@EmP X-Com is good stuff. A couple months ago, I played through a few months with a friend. Thing that sucked was it was time for me to leave by the time we really got out scheduling and scheming down to a science.
Wendell B @pickhutAug 29, 2014
@EmP Well, your ex-lover, Keiichiro Toyama, said quite the opposite in his blog!
Leslie Paul @wolfqueen001Aug 29, 2014
@EmP Haha. What brought this on?
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 29, 2014
For the record: I've never entered sexual relations with Julian Gollop in exchange for good reviews: I just really, really like X-Com.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 29, 2014
@overdrive I do love the concept of all of the Persona games, and I even love the insanity of taking a player literally through a year's worth of calendar days. But the high points of the story come too infrequently to keep me engaged.
Jonathan Stark @zippdementiaAug 29, 2014
@overdrive @wolfqueen001 I'll do a double admit: I bought the second game off of WQ's review (which was a joy to read). I also did not finish the game. I think the main thing was that I missed having a full party. I really enjoy the party interactions.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 28, 2014
But that's over with. Had its good to great moments, but just too tedious. To unwind, I put Spyro 2 in for about 15 minutes in the first world and had a good time. Owned it for probably 15+ years and never finished it; have to do something about that.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 28, 2014
I finally finished Persona 3 (except for The Answer, but I have to admit, it takes a certain amount of sadism to finish off a 34750347-part final boss fight with a marathon boss that's invulnerable for about 40% of the fight.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 28, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @zippdementia Heh, probably. I was looking through Steam for Mac RPGs and saw the name and thought someone here reviewed one of them, so I read the review and bought all three, so yeah, you get credit (or blame, depending on how things go).
Leslie Paul @wolfqueen001Aug 28, 2014
@zippdementia @overdrive Haha. You all wouldn't even know about Eschalon if it wasn't for my review of the second book. :P (Or maybe you would.) Such a great game. I need to try the first one to see how much the second one improved (assuming it did).
Wendell B @pickhutAug 27, 2014
@pickhut Just finished a go at SE3's "Horde" mode where you have to complete 15 waves to beat a map. I died in wave 14 in the most embarrassing way possible: fell through a hole in a bridge while searching for other snipers. >_<
Wendell B @pickhutAug 27, 2014
So a new patch has come out for Sniper Elite III that has supposedly fixed the loading issue. Supposedly. I got past the title screen and played the game for a little bit. I'm glad I didn't delete my save, because I missed this marvelously flawed game.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 27, 2014
@Suskie Not really. You'll miss out on the odd throwback line and in-references (Clem not finding any mirth in a joke about losing an arm if Lee loped his off; little comments about some of the stuff Lee taught you) but nothing big changes.

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