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Joseph Valencia @joseph_valencia08:40 AM
@Ben I'm thinking of writing a review, but probably not until the original Yoshi's Island hits the Wii U VC.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer01:21 AM
FEAR: Perseus Mandate- Well into Interval 3. This one's been pretty wild, but light on the scares. I appreciate the mix of foes. Oh, and the crazy scene I'm currently one where you try to run away from a mech in a network of offices.
Ben Lee @Ben12:45 AM
@joseph_valencia Are you going to be reviewing it? I'd be interested to read your thoughts.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaApr 22, 2014
@Ben I don't get the negativity towards Yoshi's New Island. I think it's about as good as the original, though not as fresh.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 22, 2014
Anyone else notice that a ton of stuff that wasn't compatible with Vita before now is? Downloading Gran Turismo PSP right now. Some are saying it's every PSP/PS1 game now? Is that right? Can't find any official info
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 22, 2014
@Ben @Suskie This is truer than any truth our world possesses.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 21, 2014
FEAR: Perseus Mandate- On the second segment of Interval 2. So far, I'm digging this one as much as Extraction Point. I only hope this one utilizes the series' horror elements as well as the previous expansion did.
Brandon Thissell @TomatoManApr 21, 2014
Been doing a lot of game trading and hunting as of late, the collection grows ever larger, as does the game room, we'll break 700 before the end of the year. Retirement will NOT be borring! Haha!
Ben Lee @BenApr 21, 2014
@Suskie Yep! Can confirm that SNES Yoshi's Island remains superb.
Jason Venter @honestgamerApr 20, 2014
Sorry about the delay, people who have posted stuff to The Production Room and are awaiting a copyedit. I had stuff I had to do, but now that's done so I'll see if I can't get a couple looked over tonight. Thanks for your patience!
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 20, 2014
Persona 3: Got through another night of grinding (11/23) and gained two levels, up to 72. Enemies starting to run now, so should make it to the next boss in my next session (L202 or so, I think).
Mike Suskie @SuskieApr 20, 2014
@Ben The SNES one does indeed still stand strong, though. Not at all one of those games you only REMEMBER being good.
Ben Lee @BenApr 20, 2014
@honestgamer Yeah, I wasn't fond of the DS game as well. New Island is even more disappointing. I would absolutely love to see Nintendo have another crack at the series, but I guess Yoshi's Island isn't high up on their priority list.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 20, 2014
@honestgamer I don't mind recycling, assuming what they're recycling is quality and will allow other gamers to experience it (as is the case with Origins).
Jason Venter @honestgamerApr 20, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Looks like for now, Konami is content to recycle, though I'm not necessarily opposed to PSN releases of more of its old titles:
Jason Venter @honestgamerApr 20, 2014
@Ben Why does Nintendo keep having third parties develop its new Yoshi platformers? People apparently weren't fond of Yoshi's Island DS, either, which was developed by Artoon. Develop another one internally, Nintendo!
Ben Lee @BenApr 20, 2014
Really, really dislike Yoshi's New Island. Poor and incredibly lazy sequel. Had to boot up the SNES one to reassure myself that the original is still great.
Gary Hartley @EmPApr 20, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I picked that up a while ago, but sits unused on my harddrive. For now.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 20, 2014
Started Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves. Apart from the voice acting, it seems like it'll be a helluva game. I dig the combat system and atmosphere, and I'm actually quite fond of the strategy elements they've added to it. At least so far...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 20, 2014
Beat Silent Hill: Book of Memories. I wouldn't say that I'm opposed to the idea of a Silent Hill-inspired dungeon crawler, but at very least make it feel like something more than a standard DC with Silent Hill trappings.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 19, 2014
And also beat the first real story battle of SNES Tactics Ogre.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 19, 2014
After playing a lot of Trial Fusion, I picked up Dragon Quest IX and beat Garth Goyle in the rock town for another Fygg.
Ben Lee @BenApr 19, 2014
@honestgamer I suppose it is reassuring that I feel like my writing is improving rather than staying at the same level.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 19, 2014
Did anyone else take advantage of the PSN flash sale? I got the Crash Bandicoots, the Spyros, Red Faction 1&2, Braid, Everyday Shooter, Tokyo Jungle, and Super Stardust HD for $.99/each. That's crazy. Retro City Rampage is also $.99, I recommend it.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 19, 2014
I wanted to finish Book of Memories tonight, after writing a review, but I don't think I have it in me. Bedtime...
Mike Suskie @SuskieApr 19, 2014
Nothing could have prepared me for how short and insubstantial Ground Zeroes is. I'd been warned, but... wow.
Jason Venter @honestgamerApr 18, 2014
@Ben If they were truly terrible, they wouldn't be on the site, but I do understand the temptation to revise and improve them. At the same time, sometimes I like to maintain a record of sorts, showing how far I've come...
Mike Suskie @SuskieApr 18, 2014
@pickhut @JoeTheDestroyer I can already pretty confidently say that the PS4 version is the best-looking game I've ever laid eyes on.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 18, 2014
@Suskie Since nearly all my postings are either personal progress or comments on others' progress, I enjoy them. Getting to watch you move from hate to love/hate with Souls games has been entertaining.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 18, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie I do, too. Even though I rarely reply to others' progress posts (because I really have nothing to add), I still read them. I'm curious to see your views on Ground Zeroes.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 18, 2014
I've just been playing more Trials Fusion. Wondering if getting an advance copy means my leaderboard score is messed up, because I'm way too low for how I rank on the actual course and my medal ranking is far better than anyone near me.
Ben Lee @BenApr 18, 2014
Looking back at some of my older reviews from five years ago, and think many are terrible! Tempted to touch up some of them.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 18, 2014
Silent Hill: Book of Memories- I've begun the final dungeon theme (Zones 19-21). I should be hitting the final boss soon. Thankfully...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 18, 2014
@Suskie Eh, I like reading other people's progress. It's interesting to see what others are playing.
Mike Suskie @SuskieApr 18, 2014
New Game+ completed for Dark Souls II. Gonna hit up Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Demon Gaze now. I'm sure this is all very interesting to you.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
@honestgamer yeah, I meant it as an addendum to what I said before about me being bad at reviewing my favorite games
Jason Venter @honestgamerApr 17, 2014
@Germ It's important to recognize when you have an emotional attachment to a game (for good or perhaps even for bad) that will prevent you from covering it in a way that is likely to prove useful to anyone else, I think.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
with a few of those friends recently and we had a blast, just like we used to with MAT. It's just this little compilation disc for an outdated console, but that game has as much sentimental value to me as any other game I've ever played.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
Even @honestgamer 's reasonable 6/10 review that said little I would actually disagree with had me shaking my head. The whole package just really really clicked with me and my group of friends at the time. I went to an arcade and played Smash TV all night
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
Midway Arcade Treasures for PS2 is an example of a game I could never write a review for. Some of the most fun I've ever had was playing it with friends in High School, all the games, the in jokes we made about it, etc. 10/10, impossible to be objective
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 17, 2014
@overdrive @EmP @honestgamer I liked Ys III back in the day, even though some of the boss battles were annoying. I don't think I'd enjoy it much these days.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 17, 2014
Beat Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. Guh... 9 tedious, repetitive levels, one super challenging stage (mostly because your allies are dumb), a boss rush level, and a surprisingly easy final boss battle. After all that I feel empty inside.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 17, 2014
Game Progress - I'm slowly writing up my PowerSlave review for no good reason. Guess I just wanna take my time. I also purchased a cheap copy of GunGriffon II, which I wanted for awhile now. However, when it arrived, it was just the first GG game. D'oh...
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 16, 2014
@EmP @honestgamer I kind of liked Ys III when I was either in college or just out of it. Tried playing it again a few years back and it was a lot more mediocre than I recalled. Like a dramatically lesser version of Adventure of Link.
Kyle Stepp @espigaApr 15, 2014
So SEGA released a game for smartphones called Phantasy Star Online 2es. As a standalone game, it's pretty meh, but viewed as a companion to the "real" game on pc/vita, it's pretty cool.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerApr 15, 2014
I hope to submit my Alleyway review tomorrow night. I would do it tonight, except that I'm exhausted from work and all I want to do is watch some bad horror movies on Netflix.
Gary Hartley @EmPApr 14, 2014
@honestgamer Ys III was the worst of the Ys'. While I wrote this Ys III slam, Dogi relaxed at a local spa.
Jason Venter @honestgamerApr 14, 2014
Did you like Ys. III? I sort of did. Here's a writeup on Kotaku about an upcoming indie PC game that apparently "channels" that classic title:
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 14, 2014
Opened today with my reviewer-edition of Trials Fusion. Two hours later, I'd made it up to the hard course and figured that was a good stopping point to go to work. Damn job...I had another good hour or two before my thumb would have protested too loudly.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 14, 2014
@zigfried @honestgamer @pickhut I tend to prefer Vita versions if they exist so I can quickly stop and start up again rapidly. I have a two year old daughter running around that often needs immediate attention! I'll keep an eye out for either version. Thx

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