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My Games

This list, which displays the games I own as of June 30, 2016, also enables you to see what reviews I've contributed to the site for the games I currently own. If a title below interests you, click the link to open the site profile for that game in a new window.

3DS (162)

Dreamcast (69)

DS (197)

Game Boy (11)

Game Boy Advance (52)

Game Boy Color (24)

Game Gear (16)

GameCube (151)

Genesis (62)

N-Gage (3)

NeoGeo Pocket Color (1)

NES (28)

Nintendo 64 (32)

PC & Miscellaneous (6)

PlayStation (224)

PlayStation 2 (458)

PlayStation 3 (300)

PlayStation 4 (93)

PSP (165)

Saturn (39)

Sega 32X (6)

Sega CD (18)

Sega Master System (12)

SNES (73)

Vita (78)

Wii (183)

Wii U (87)

Xbox (96)

Xbox 360 (213)

Xbox One (55)

Thanks for checking out my game list. Would you like to hear my thoughts about a game on the list above that I haven't yet had a chance to review? If so, let me know. Maybe I'll do it. On the other hand, I may ignore you completely. Sometimes, I can be mean like that.

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