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Joseph Valencia
I'm not ready to tell you about myself yet, but please do check back soon because that could change anytime.

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Joseph Valencia @joseph_valencia12:14 PM
@overdrive Hm. Maybe I'll try that Xenoblade sequel when it hits Wii U. I really wish the Wii U would let players use the gamepad for Wii backwards compatibility. Having to stock batteries for Wii games is annoying.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valencia01:49 AM
@Suskie Is it action-oriented like RE4? The trailers gave me the impression of something Silent Hill-ish.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 20, 2014
@Ben You're right about these issues not being exclusive to game journalism, though. I hope many of the people carrying the GamerGate banner realize this & start to become more skeptical of sites like Gawker. "Alternative Gawker" shouldn't be the endgame.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 20, 2014
@Ben As far as abuse goes, it's happening on both sides. MRA idiots and misogynist trolls started it, but the other side is exacerbating things with their own incendiary responses.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 20, 2014
@Ben Game journalism is being singled out because a lot of current & former game journalists are using their status to insult and misrepresent gamers, to shut down any discussion about Zoe Quinn's abusive personality, blacklist potential journalists, etc.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 20, 2014
@Suskie Really? I want GamerGate to keep going. Cronyism and lack of integrity really is a problem in game journalism, and it's about time that people started fighting back against the likes of Gawker and Leigh Alexander.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 19, 2014
Tekken 2: A game where a kangaroo wearing boxing gloves can curb stomp The Devil.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 19, 2014
@honestgamer Yeah, I wonder why they haven't done that. An MMO for the Wii U would be novel. DQ7 for the 3DS would be nice too.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 18, 2014
Journalism is a hot topic these days. This is an interesting article on the subject from one year ago.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 18, 2014
@zippdementia You think that's mind blowing? How about this: the PSone is now older than the NES was in 1995. Yikes!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 18, 2014
So, it seems Westone recently went bankrupt. Here's to hoping that Ryuichi Nishizawa takes some sort of Monster World spiritual successor to Kickstarter.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 17, 2014
@joseph_valencia Oops. PSP was released in March '05. Point still stands, more or less...
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 17, 2014
Replaying Tekken 2. I suck at this game, but it brings back memories. The PSone is almost twenty years-old, and the PSP is turning ten next month. Time flies!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 07, 2014
I think Mr. Game & Watch is going to be my main in Smash 3DS, but I still haven't touched Duck Hunt or the Koopalings. I'm also interested in giving Pac-Man, Olimar and Villager a shot.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 04, 2014
@honestgamer @Ben Also, Mario no longer has a bottomless supply of Power Stars that he activates just as you're about to overtake him. :grumble grumble:
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 04, 2014
@honestgamer @Ben The A.I. in the old Mario Karts cheated way more than the ones in, say, Mario Kart 7. For example, the computer isn't allowed to drive through obstacles anymore, and they don't follow each other in a perfect caterpillar formation.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 04, 2014
Despite how frustrating Master Core and the high-level A.I. are, I'm enoying the new Smash a lot. Better than Melee? I think so!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 28, 2014
I just read a "professional" review that contains at least three errors in the first paragraph. These people get paid money, but they can't be bothered to do some quick fact-checking on Google. >_>
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 27, 2014
@Ben The Wii U's a good console, but I seem to give my 3DS more attention. That will probably change with Mario Kart 8, Smash and the new Yoshi game.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 27, 2014
@Ben If you haven't picked up the Wii U yet, it seems Walmart has a Mario Kart 8 bundle that's $300. As far as physical vs. digital goes, I'd say go with digital if it's a $60 purchase. More security and flexibility, I think.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 24, 2014
I hope someone localizes Legend of Legacy.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 17, 2014
The Steam port of FF4 seems to use the same, plain font as the mobile ports. It'd be nice if SE actually tried to put some effort into these projects. I mean, it's not that hard to up-res the stylish font from the DS version.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 15, 2014
On a positive note, New Super Luigi U is boss. I was worried that returning to NSMBU would be a let-down after playing 3D World, but the game's still got pleasures of its own.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 15, 2014
@honestgamer I just think it's a shame to see one of indie gaming's greatest success stories ending with a buyout by Microsoft.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 15, 2014
Notch: a one-hit wonder and a sellout. I guess now he has more time to work on great games like "Scrolls".
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
I wasn't planning on picking up Smash Bros 3DS at launch, but this demo is making me reconsider. Only five characters and one stage, and yet I've been playing the heck out of this thing!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
@honestgamer Cool cool. One code left if anyone wants it! Mega Man's an awesome Smash character!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
@Suskie Suskie, did Venter send you a code? If not, I've still got one more.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 14, 2014
@TomatoMan I'll send it through HG Mail. Check your inbox.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 12, 2014
If anyone's interested, I also have two codes for the early 3DS Smash demo.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 11, 2014
@Germ Classic Sinner. With some tweaks, this could double as a review of Depression Quest.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 06, 2014
Booyah! I finally got all five save file stars in "Super Mario 3D World". I think I could honestly play that game forever and never get bored of it, but on to "Super Luigi U"...
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 05, 2014
I thought I outgrew Pokemon, but Pokemon Y has pulled me back in. There's just something about catching Pokemon and slowly filling in that Pokedex, and Greninja is just so cool.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 05, 2014
@EmP I know I might regret asking this, but... what's #writeakotakuarticle?
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaSep 05, 2014
@pickhut Well, think of this way: whether it bombs or not, at least Bayonetta 2 got made.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 31, 2014
@EmP @overdrive My gut is telling me that this is game journalism's "jump the shark" moment. All we need is a press event where Bill Cosby introduces the new and improved moniker for "gamer".
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 31, 2014
During a week like this, I'm grateful that I no longer have a Twitter or a Facebook or a Tumblr, or that I don't read much game "journalism". Life's tough enough without a bunch of netizens bringing their shitstorm to your virtual doorstep.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 30, 2014
@pickhut @EmP Eh. I realized a while ago that Devin Faraci is an attention whore and a troll, so I just stay as far away from his corner of the web as possible.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 30, 2014
@pickhut I'm guessing the exclusives are going to be console ports and stuff that's considered niche in the portable market. (e.g. shooters) Doubt Nintendo would lock millions of people out of the next portable Zelda, Mario, etc.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 20, 2014
@honestgamer Video reviews are generally bad anyway. A lot of the time, it seems like they're more about putting on a show than offering thoughtful criticism. (e.g. Zero Punctuation)
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 20, 2014
@honestgamer I generally don't like Let's Plays. When I want to watch game footage online, it's to get a general sense of what the game's like, in terms of graphics and audio. Commentary detracts from that.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJul 20, 2014
@pickhut @True Hitler is the Omega Weapon of political assassination targets.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJul 03, 2014
@overdrive Do it! Avoiding vampire attacks is easy if you only travel during a certain time of day. (Between 9AM annd 9PM, I think?) Dragonborn is awesome.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJun 23, 2014
@espiga How much VR do you got? With MK7, online matches didn't start to become challenging until I had accumulated few thousand VR. At around 10000 VR, online players make the CPU on 150cc look like weenies.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMay 19, 2014
@Ben @Suskie I love Fusion and Zero Mission. The controls in those games were simply perfect, and ZM was speed runner heaven. Man, I want a new portable Metroid so badly...
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaApr 23, 2014
@Ben I'm thinking of writing a review, but probably not until the original Yoshi's Island hits the Wii U VC.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaApr 22, 2014
@Ben I don't get the negativity towards Yoshi's New Island. I think it's about as good as the original, though not as fresh.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMar 25, 2014
Yoshi's New Island is delightful.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMar 07, 2014
Hell yes.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMar 04, 2014
@honestgamer @JoeTheDestroyer Dracula biting a woman's neck is now considered "misogyny"? Jesus.

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