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Joseph Valencia
I'm not ready to tell you about myself yet, but please do check back soon because that could change anytime.

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Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 09, 2015
@honestgamer Just in time for the 10th anniversary of the blog feature! Funny how these things work.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 07, 2015
@JANUS2 What didn't you like about it since release? 2008 was pretty much the last time the comic movie genre was in top form. Iron Man, Hellboy II, The Dark Knight... I don't know if we'll ever get another slate as great as that.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 05, 2015
@JANUS2 Opposite reaction here. Hated "First Class", loved "Days of Future Past". I really like that they gave Charles the spotlight. They made him kind of a buffoon in "First Class", which didn't sit well with me.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 05, 2015
@zippdementia @EmP I'll probably catch "Birdman" on Demand. Looks like a love it or hate it kind of movie.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 05, 2015
@zippdementia @EmP The only movies I've seen this year that I've thought highly of were "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "Interstellar". I really want to see "Big Eyes" and the new Michael Mann flick that's coming out next week.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 02, 2015
Knuckles Chaotix: One of those games where I can't decide if I like it or hate it. Very weird vibe.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 02, 2015
I'm disappointed that Nintendogs on 3DS doesn't have Scotties.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 01, 2015
I was just reminded that today is the day we officially live in the future! Flying cars and hologram movies are imminent!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 31, 2014
@pickhut Was it one of those "Four Favorites" releases? Those are really cheap, but the packaging is really shitty. I think they just take a standard single-disc case and cram all the discs in.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 30, 2014
@pickhut I heard about that. It seems Marvel is handling their video game license stupidly. Meanwhile, DC Comics and Warner Brothers is kicking their ass with Arkham and Injustice. Ha ha!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 29, 2014
"Mario Kart 8" is a god damn masterpiece.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 21, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer It's an all right game. I'd say it's worth playing at least once, because there aren't many games like it. It simply doesn't live up the hype surrounding it.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 20, 2014
Finally crossed "Nights Into Dreams" off my bucket list. Kind of cool, but also kind of underwhelming.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 12, 2014
@overdrive Fester's Quest is one of those quintessential "I'm stuck playing it because my parents bought it for me" games.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 07, 2014
@overdrive Is there even a decent game in that series? I gave up on the second game when a random mountain goat broke a piece of equipment I spent a half hour grinding for. Not even the original Dragon Quest was that mean.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 03, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @espiga I thought it was Dairy Queen: Inquisition.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 30, 2014
@honestgamer @Suskie @espiga The rumor that Nintendo isn't going to manufacture any more Gamecube controller adapters is BS.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 27, 2014
@overdrive Interesting. Sounds kind of like Torneko 2.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 26, 2014
@overdrive Haven't played ToM, actually. How is it a hybrid?
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 26, 2014
Pixel Dungeon is the best indie "roguelike" out there. Interface is simple and intuitive and very touchscreen friendly. Try it out on Android and Windows.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 26, 2014
"Injustice" is for sale on the Xbox Marketplace for $5. Picked it up and it's awesome. Easily the best superhero fighting game I've played. Ed Boon's team are just killing it lately.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 25, 2014
@zippdementia I did it on the Gamecube version back in 2003, and now I'm doing it again on the 360 port. If it weren't for GHZ, I wouldn't bother, because A-Ranks are a pain in the ass. >_>
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 24, 2014
Collecting all 180 emblems in "Sonic Adventure 2" for the second time. I think bringing back Chao raising might be the only way to end the Sonic Cycle.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 24, 2014
That Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon game looks sweet.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 22, 2014
@Suskie @Genj My sister has been playing the PS3 version of "Inquisition" and it's hilariously glitchy. I guess BioWare doesn't care anymore.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 20, 2014
Decided to try the "Sonic Lost World" demo. (That was last year's Sonic game.) Maybe I'm going crazy, but it seems genuinely good. Colorful graphics, cool "tube world" gimmick, refreshingly cuts down on bottomless pits, and it has actual platforming.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 16, 2014
Finally earned all five stars in Super Luigi U. Great expansion to a great game.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 13, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Looked up Pontypool. Was disappointed that it's not about killer animatronics...
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 12, 2014
@overdrive I remembered thinking that I was getting closer and closer to winning whenever he lost a limb. Then he started GROWING limbs. And then he completed the transformation and that intense music started playing. Gave me chills!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 12, 2014
@pickhut What I find scary is the idea of being in the presence of something threatening without any means to defend myself. It kind of reminds me of Clock Tower, except you can't even run from your boogie man.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 12, 2014
@pickhut I'm too scared to play that game.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 05, 2014
@zippdementia Zelda games in general are largely dark and/or melancholic. The Oracle games are the only exception I can think of, although I'm not very knowledgeable about the two DS ones or Skyward Sword.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 05, 2014
@espiga Hm. I always go with Hero(ine), Ragnar, Kiryl and Borya. Oomph and Multiheal are handy. In the post-game, I always trade Ragnar for you-know-who.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 05, 2014
@honestgamer Eh. I'd rather have another original Zelda game made with the LBW engine. Hopefully, the development of this port isn't using up resources that could go toward developing that.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 03, 2014
@honestgamer I've been dying for Thunder Blade to get the 3D Classics treatment. Helicopters rule!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 03, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer It's a tough game, but stick with it. One of the more unique RPGs of its time.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 03, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I recommend Lunar II, Monster World III & IV, Live a Live, Popful Mail, Shinobi III, Lufia II, X-Men 2: Clone Wars, Flashback, Panic!, Silpheed, Phantasy Star IV, and Bare Knuckle III, to name a few.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 02, 2014
Japan has their own personal Batman. My favorite part is that he even talks in the Bat Voice, but in Japanese.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 02, 2014
After a year, finally doing Story Mode in MK9. Also playing through Arcade Ladder as each character. This game now seems tame compared to the footage glimpsed of MK10!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 01, 2014
@Suskie While we're at it, let's extend this to not talking shit behind people's backs on Twitter?
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 01, 2014
@Suskie Well, because you fired the first shot, same to you. Stick the hottest poker you can find up your ass.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 01, 2014
@Suskie I had nothing to do with the attempts to dox you and your colleagues, but you want me to stick a hot poker up my ass? Because trolls are trying to co-opt something I consider to be a big deal? As if trolls aren't a norm on the internet.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaNov 01, 2014
@Suskie I wasn't planning on saying anything else in this thread, but you just won't quit. You're the one who's calling us names and telling us to stick a hot poker up our ass. Why? Because we dare to criticize web sites like Gawker? God forbid.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 31, 2014
@espiga That's reasonable.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 31, 2014
@espiga But you never hear about the efforts by GG to report Twitter harrassment, even though Brianna Wu herself gave them props for it. And you also never see sites reporting the harassment campaign on the other side.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 31, 2014
@espiga I don't know how else we can make it clear that we don't condone these yahoos and they don't represent us. Many GG supporters are helping to report harrassment and doxing to the relevant social media admins.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 30, 2014
@Suskie The doxxing that's being widely reported is the work of a troll group that has no ties to GamerGate.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 29, 2014
@wolfqueen001 Based on what's been glimpsed through the in-game lore, Black Marsh would be utterly insane. I'm personally hoping for Akavir.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 27, 2014
@EmP @Suskie This is definitely a Zig kind of assignment.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaOct 27, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Also, that region is called Black Marsh, not Argonia. That's like calling Skyrim "Nordica" or something. Definitely a hoax, if you ask me.

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