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Joseph Valencia
I'm not ready to tell you about myself yet, but please do check back soon because that could change anytime.

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Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 20, 2014
@honestgamer Video reviews are generally bad anyway. A lot of the time, it seems like they're more about putting on a show than offering thoughtful criticism. (e.g. Zero Punctuation)
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaAug 20, 2014
@honestgamer I generally don't like Let's Plays. When I want to watch game footage online, it's to get a general sense of what the game's like, in terms of graphics and audio. Commentary detracts from that.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJul 20, 2014
@pickhut @True Hitler is the Omega Weapon of political assassination targets.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJul 03, 2014
@overdrive Do it! Avoiding vampire attacks is easy if you only travel during a certain time of day. (Between 9AM annd 9PM, I think?) Dragonborn is awesome.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJun 23, 2014
@espiga How much VR do you got? With MK7, online matches didn't start to become challenging until I had accumulated few thousand VR. At around 10000 VR, online players make the CPU on 150cc look like weenies.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMay 19, 2014
@Ben @Suskie I love Fusion and Zero Mission. The controls in those games were simply perfect, and ZM was speed runner heaven. Man, I want a new portable Metroid so badly...
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaApr 23, 2014
@Ben I'm thinking of writing a review, but probably not until the original Yoshi's Island hits the Wii U VC.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaApr 22, 2014
@Ben I don't get the negativity towards Yoshi's New Island. I think it's about as good as the original, though not as fresh.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMar 25, 2014
Yoshi's New Island is delightful.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMar 07, 2014
Hell yes.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaMar 04, 2014
@honestgamer @JoeTheDestroyer Dracula biting a woman's neck is now considered "misogyny"? Jesus.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 24, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer All I know is that I'll be... the last of us... to play... The Last of Us!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 24, 2014
I think I'm finally beginning to warm up to the "3D" feature on the 3DS.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 21, 2014
I love how Level Crown-Crown ends in Super Mario 3D World. It really softens the blow of an otherwise brutal level.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 20, 2014
DQ6: Slime Arena was a breeze! Done with all sidequests. All that's left is filling out the Big Book of Beasts.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 19, 2014
DQ6 update: Beat Nokturnus in less than 20 turns. Only took three tries! All that's left is the Slime Arena and finishing the Best-Dressed Contest.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 14, 2014
@zippdementia NES Remix? Hard to describe. It's basically a mini-game compilation for the Wii U that's based on NES games. For example, one game might involve playing a level of Super Mario Bros from Right-to-Left instead of Left-to-Right.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 14, 2014
The game selection in NES Remix 2 is right up my alley.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 11, 2014
@zippdementia IIRC, David Wise didn't write any music for DKCR. He is doing Tropical Freeze, though.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 08, 2014
@zippdementia It seems Ground Zeroes is to MGS5 what the Tanker section was to MGS2.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 08, 2014
@zippdementia Since IV? I think there's only been Peace Walker, which is part two of the Big Boss story. Oh, and Revengeance, which takes place after MGS4 and focuses on Raiden.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 07, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I use pSX.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 07, 2014
Link vs. a Cat
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 06, 2014
Oh God... the new Sonic game... the new character designs... it's like New Coke.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 02, 2014
Twenty years ago...
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaFeb 02, 2014
It's the 20th anniversary of "Sonic the Hedgehog 3"! Time to listen to "Hard Times".
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 30, 2014
Fellow 3DS owners, Nintendo's giving away "Four Swords" for free on the eShop 'til February 2nd. No idea if it's good, but a free game's a free game!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 22, 2014
Two big gaming achievements this week: finished World-Bowser in Mario 3D World, and reset the score counter in Game B of Game & Watch: Manhole. Particularly proud of that last one. :-)
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 18, 2014
@overdrive I finished DL2, but found DL3 to be boring. I'm glad the series went back to the "Adventure"/"Super Star" style.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 18, 2014
@overdrive I don't like the "Dark Matter" Kirby games much. (i.e. Dream Land 2, Dream Land 3, Kirby 64)
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 16, 2014
@jerec @JoeTheDestroyer Damn, that image macro is spot on.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 15, 2014
The iOS port of FF6 looks so bad. Those sprites... and that ugly, generic font... Wowsers!
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 12, 2014
The Asian level in "Super Mario 3D World" is brilliant.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 11, 2014
I chose the DQ4 version of Reaper's Peak. Love those accents! Gonna have Amos master the Dragon vocation before taking on Nokturnus.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 03, 2014
Everyone's doing it! My favorite games of 2013, in alphabetical order: Animal Crossing - New Leaf, Gunman Clive, Mario & Luigi - Dream Team, The Legend of Zelda - Link Between Worlds, and Super Mario 3D World. It was a Nintendo kind of year.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 02, 2014
@honestgamer Those gloves are very dusty, but I guess I could give it a shot.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 02, 2014
Super Mario 3D World is simply great. I'm on World 3 already, and I'm gonna clear the game with every character once I'm done with Mario.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 02, 2014
Got all star coins in NSMBU, just in time for 3D World to arrive. Missing one save file star that requires catching all seven Nabbits. Will do later.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 02, 2014
So... who turned on HG's "ease of access" settings?
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaJan 02, 2014
@honestgamer 255 would be better.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 29, 2013
Haven't touched this DQ6 save file in two years, so I'm having a "Hangover" moment. Seems I started the Fungeon, but don't have the Metal Slime class.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 29, 2013
Beat "Link Between Worlds" for the second time. It's even better in Hero Mode. Now it's time to pop DQ6 into my 3DS for post-game stuff.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 28, 2013
I especially like that the world map is seamless like the one in Super Mario World. It makes the game feel more "alive" than the other NSMB titles.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 28, 2013
Even though it's basically an appetizer until my copy of 3D World arrives, I'm really enjoying New Super Mario Bros. U. Best 2D Mario since World.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 27, 2013
@honestgamer Out of curiosity, I checked the 3DS and found that it has this feature too, though the browser is very primitive.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 27, 2013
So, today I found out you can use the Wii U's web browser w/o shutting down your current game. That is incredibly nifty.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 26, 2013
I've joined the Wii U master race, in this the year of Luigi.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 18, 2013
@honestgamer People seem to be really pissed off about this. It looks kind of fun, though.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 14, 2013
@pickhut Wow, really? People are just stupid.
Joseph Valencia @joseph_valenciaDec 07, 2013
You know what's a bigger joke than the VGAs? The angry gamers who keep watching it every year. Spike TV is laughing all the way to the bank.

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