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Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneMar 13, 2014
@holdthephone I'm level 35 already and don't see myself playing past my first prestige.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneMar 13, 2014
Titanfall is fun but doesn't feel worth the $60. Plays like a well produced CoD mod or something.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 27, 2014
Thief is alright. On par with Dishonored so far, I think.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 20, 2014
@Suskie @honestgamer I thought the world/bonfire structure was a terrible pain. I enjoyed Demon's Souls a lot more.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 20, 2014
@zippdementia And without a strategy guide I'd call the game insufferable.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 20, 2014
@zippdementia The environments and objectives (saving as many souls as you can before the world ends)are cool, but it's an abysmal plot that's butchered the original cast and themes, leaving all the usual cheese on top. 'Painful to witness' is accurate.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 20, 2014
@zippdementia Game is on a doomsday clock. If you don't complete the objectives in the allotted time, you lose. I believe your stats/items would then roll over to a new game. It's pretty damn stressful.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 19, 2014
Lightning Returns is very difficult. I might lose my first playthrough.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 12, 2014
@honestgamer PS3
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 12, 2014
Lightning Returns is pretty cool so far, the battle system and daily time limit are pretty unique. Has the same framerate issues that XIII-2 had, though.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 07, 2014
@zippdementia @zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer Well, I didn't make an argument. You know, with the character limit and all.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 07, 2014
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer I'd like to take the unique stance of hating the game for being bad, not because it's different. The first mission felt very promising, though.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneFeb 07, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer i've only used espxe but i've never had issues setting it up
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 30, 2013
@zippdementia Hope you enjoy it. I think it's the best indie game this year.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 30, 2013
Gone Home was really cool, even if the entire pull of the game was a red herring.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 24, 2013
@pickhut It's just bad all around =[
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 23, 2013
@holdthephone Kojima has such a wonderful imagination but his games are flatly pretty bad.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 23, 2013
After replaying through the first 3 MGS games, I can say the cutscenes and codec conversations were the only aspects I truly enjoyed.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 18, 2013
@holdthephone @overdrive That said I have more gripes with the game than I remembered.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 18, 2013
@overdrive I'm in the middle of XII and just did my chop collecting tonight! Really didn't mind it, it's a pretty cool city.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 08, 2013
@pickhut I beat it a couple nights ago, pretty cool visually but it has the most obnoxious narrator I've ever heard. Didn't enjoy it much.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneDec 04, 2013
Uncharted 3 feels very mediocre, can't put my finger on why. I wonder if Tomb Raider just has me spoiled.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneNov 16, 2013
The original FF on NES is nigh unplayable. How will I ever finish this...
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneNov 16, 2013
@mrmiyamoto @JoeTheDestroyer The new DmC is.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneNov 10, 2013
Whoo boy, I'm back. Sorry for being an ass and just ditching the RotW Joe. I'll make it up to ya somehow.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 15, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer So Aug 04-10th? I'll get on it.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 15, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer I can swap with you if need a break.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 07, 2013
@joseph_valencia @zippdementia The best strategy in IV was just to spam high powered Attacks because the system gave you no time for anything else.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 06, 2013
Just beat TLoU. Beyond the long Summer chapter I had a pretty good time.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 04, 2013
@EmP @zigfried Been playing the entire FF series this year and I think FFXIII is top shelf.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 03, 2013
@EmP @zippdementia Outside the first few, all of those fetch quests are optional, yeah?
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 03, 2013
@zippdementia If you're in the mood for a good ARPG, try NIER if you haven't. I just think XIII-3 is inevitable disappointment for you.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 03, 2013
@zippdementia You didn't even complete her character development in the first game, lol. How can you say who she's supposed to be?
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 03, 2013
@zippdementia're interested in a XIII game? After missing/hating the first two installments to the story?
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 01, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer @honestgamer @zigfried @joseph @overdrive They've been very good to Street Fighter IV players, at least.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 01, 2013
@joseph_valencia @overdrive Pah, iOS is where BoF belongs!
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneAug 01, 2013
My FF14 character, just a couple weeks till pre-release!
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 29, 2013
@EmP Goteki 45 all day.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 28, 2013
@overdrive How are you liking the game?
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 28, 2013
@zippdementia Woah, are you going?
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 27, 2013
F.E.A.R is not good =[. Do scary games even exist in this industry yet?
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 18, 2013
Almost finished with FFX, lol. This game is really hard to put down.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 16, 2013
@zippdementia I totally just grinded around that area instead of the actually forest. Those dinosaurs were too much.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 16, 2013
@zippdementia Oh, definitely. I loved V and VI. I've just been playing so much retro lately it's weird to be on the PS2 again.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 16, 2013
@pickhut @espiga The games are selling very well, that's really the only reason they need. I'd place it in the top 3 games of the series, personally.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 15, 2013
FFX is such a breath of fresh air after all that SNES/PSX gaming. Like, I'm once again bewildered to hear voice work in an FF game.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 11, 2013
Adding images to FFVI review. Onto X.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 10, 2013
@zippdementia Very similar structure and story board. But VII is more of a refinement to me.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 10, 2013
That Kefka fight was super awesome; Preparing for it really sucked, though.
Zachary Brictson @holdthephoneJul 09, 2013
@zippdementia Yeah, who knows. Looks like I still have a lot to do in this half of the game.

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