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Kyle Stepp @espigaApr 15, 2014
So SEGA released a game for smartphones called Phantasy Star Online 2es. As a standalone game, it's pretty meh, but viewed as a companion to the "real" game on pc/vita, it's pretty cool.
Kyle Stepp @espigaApr 01, 2014
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd Second Impressions: Unsurprisingly, I'm a lot better at the songs which are rehashed from past games.
Kyle Stepp @espigaMar 31, 2014
Hatsune Miku Project Diva F2nd first impressions: changing modules is still cumbersome. =[ But modules from the original game are automatically imported, a very cool touch.
Kyle Stepp @espigaMar 25, 2014 FUCK YES SON
Kyle Stepp @espigaMar 17, 2014
FFXIV has officially failed to hold my interest, so I guess it's Phantasy Star Online 2 as my rpg crack of choice. No surprises there!
Kyle Stepp @espigaMar 08, 2014
@honestgamer @wolfqueen001 @pickhut
Kyle Stepp @espigaFeb 20, 2014
@Ben @honestgamer @jerec It's loading fine for me on Android.
Kyle Stepp @espigaFeb 12, 2014
Bravely Default progress: All it took for the Final Fantasy series to become awesome again was to lose the brand.
Kyle Stepp @espigaFeb 08, 2014
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @holdthephone I don't think old Dante was unlikable; he was extremely cheesy yet endearing in that b-movie sort of way. Campy and over the top, but fun. New Dante just says fuck a lot.
Kyle Stepp @espigaFeb 07, 2014
@zippdementia @holdthephone @JoeTheDestroyer I have no opinion of DmC since I've not played it, but new Dante is an unlikable ass.
Kyle Stepp @espigaFeb 06, 2014
Final Fantasy XIV progress:
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 31, 2014
Happy new year, everyone! <3
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 16, 2014
@honestgamer Mine was like this:
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 16, 2014
@joseph_valencia @jerec @JoeTheDestroyer I've made silly little games in RPG Maker that look nicer than the mobile port of FFVI.
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 12, 2014
@overdrive The music was done by Ryuji Sasai, who also scored the soundtracks to FF Mystic Quest and SaGa 3. (Called FF Legend 3 here in 'Murica)
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 11, 2014
@honestgamer The dialogue implied that it was going to be the final battle, but now I'm in a whole new area and the events after the battle introduced a whole new villain.
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 10, 2014
Tales of Xillia: stayed up late to finish up the final boss fight...only for it to not be the final boss fight.
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 06, 2014
The best part of January is that nothing ever comes out this month, so it's a wonderful month for catching up the backlog.
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 06, 2014
Too cold outside to go to work; I guess I'll just stay home and play Tales of Xillia here where it's warm.
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 03, 2014
@jerec Did the Aussie special edition come with that ass-ugly figurine, too?
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 03, 2014
The Bravely Default demo is fierce and meaty, not unlike the tacos I ate.
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 02, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer That could almost be a game in and of itself! Will you be able to get all 50 by the next Steam sale? THE PLOT THICKENS!
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 01, 2014
@zigfried In all fairness I excluded Miku F from that because of the annoying module change process.
Kyle Stepp @espigaJan 01, 2014
@EmP You make a lot of typos, but you seriously misspelled Sen no Kiseki, Fairy Fencer F, and Ys: Memories of Celceta.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 31, 2013
Just played Typing of the Dead Overkill with the filth dictionary. Some of the most immature (and hilarious) gameplay I've seen all year. It's great!
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 29, 2013
@Suskie I really wanted to love Skyward Sword... But I struggled to maintain interest for the first 3 dungeons and never managed past that.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 26, 2013
@pickhut This would bother me more if 1: My time on FFXI didn't mean I already have a SE account and 2: I had any interest in replaying that game.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 25, 2013
Sonic + All Stars Racing Transformed is free this month on PS Vita with PS+. If you have a Vita, you should really pick up this great kart racer!
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 21, 2013
It may be a little early, but merry Christmas, everyone.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 16, 2013
@EmP It smashes both of the previous versions of Ys IV over its mighty knee.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 16, 2013
Finished Ys Celceta last night; need to write up a review for Rainbow Moon, and then start on Sei Madou Monogatari when it arrives later today.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 11, 2013
My old PC monitor crapped out on me, but my new one just arrived! Yay for being able to see again!
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 09, 2013
Between Rainbow Moon and the new Ys, my Vita's been getting quite the action lately.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 06, 2013
@espiga Though if my racing in that stream is any indication, you'd easily crush me. =[
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 06, 2013
@zigfried It's $5 on Steam right now, and I'm able to stream it like here:
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 06, 2013
It only took me 4 stages in this free Sonic + Allstars Racing transformed weekend on Steam to convince me I need this game. Well played, SEGA.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 05, 2013
My PC monitor just died on me. =[
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 05, 2013 "journalism" as a whole being subject to way too much hype, so every "AAA" game is suddenly The Best Game Ever Made. It's a little sad.
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 05, 2013
@zippdementia I think we all have our own instances of "Is this guy REALLY bitching about the score?" A lot of it has to do with the nature of...
Kyle Stepp @espigaDec 02, 2013
@honestgamer To me the game has showcased a lot of imagination that has felt a little lacking in the Zeldas for a while now. It's one of my favorites!
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 30, 2013
@honestgamer @Suskie @overdrive In all fairness, the DS had one of the finest lineups of last gen, too.
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 29, 2013
@Suskie @overdrive The 3DS lineup shits all over every other "next gen" platform.
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 28, 2013
Considering a stupid idea where I'll list + discuss my FF games in order from least to most favorite in the lead-up to Christmas. Thoughts?
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 28, 2013
@joseph_valencia Prepare yourself for disappointment. Compared to the fast-paced action of Ys, Kefin is a plodding slog through molasses.
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 24, 2013
Now that I'm done with A Link Between Worlds, I started on Knack. It's beautifully unremarkable.
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 24, 2013
Just finished A Link Between Worlds. I haven't played a Zelda this good since Majora's Mask.
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 24, 2013
@honestgamer I'm particularly looking forward to Persona: Project DIVA.
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 20, 2013
@espiga @zippdementia ...Twitchy, overly-sensitive motion controls that made Link unable to perform even simple tasks like holding the blade up.
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 20, 2013
@zippdementia What deterred me was the walled-off areas that removed any illusion of exploration, the fetch quests padding the length, and the...
Kyle Stepp @espigaNov 20, 2013
I was hearing reports that once it's set up, Kinect 2 no longer needs to be plugged in. No idea if they're true; maybe you can confirm. For science.

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