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Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 23, 2014
First round of Dark Souls II DLC is pretty lame. Bland, cheap and lazy. I'm going back to Divinity: Original Sin (which is incredible).
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 18, 2014
@zippdementia @overdrive It's such an overwhelming game. Just how I like it :D
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 18, 2014
@Ben My (very positive) review for that is about halfway done.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 16, 2014
@zippdementia @overdrive You guys should check out Divinity: Original Sin. I've only played a bit of it but it's basically a CRPG fan's dream game.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 13, 2014
Played through The Wolf Among Us this weekend. I could tell you what I thought of it, but that would spoil my review which I might write maybe!
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 08, 2014
@Never3ndr Honestly, everybody else seems to like it, so maybe you will, too.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 08, 2014
Making, like, my third attempt to get into The Witcher 2 and yeah, it ain't happening. The combat is just such absolute junk.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 08, 2014
I wrote a long-overdue spoiler piece on Spec Ops: The Line, mainly for people who have already played the game and still aren't sold on it being brilliant.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 06, 2014
Finished both Shovel Knight and Transistor today. Both would likely rank in my top five games of 2014 so far. Hasn't been a particularly great year, but nevertheless.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 05, 2014
@Ben Be interested to see what you think of Cloudbuilt. Maybe the only platformer I've ever played that I'd describe as more difficult than 1001 Spikes. Though apparentlt they've made some adjustments since I last played it.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 05, 2014
Close to the end of Shovel Knight, assuming the game doesn't pull a 1001 Spikes on me and pretend to be half as long as it really is. I like it! Nice throwback and not as gruelingly difficult as I'd been led to believe.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 03, 2014
@espiga @honestgamer I'll write it this weekend. Deal?
Mike Suskie @SuskieJul 02, 2014
@honestgamer Well, priorities, man. We're still waiting on that Project DIVA f 2nd localization.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 30, 2014
Transistor: I was never big on Bastion from an actual gameplay standpoint, and Transistor takes that game's strength (the art, music and witty dialog) and shapes it into deeper, more involving systems. I really like this so far.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 30, 2014
Valiant Hearts: The lesser of the two cartoon-themed ruminations on warfare that I played this weekend. Goofy visuals and serial plot clash with heavy-handed themes, and it's full of that "adventure game logic" that typically turns me off of this genre.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 30, 2014
The Banner Saga: Extremely mature lesson on the cruel realities of war framed in solid turn-based strategy and some of the most absorbing lore in quite some time. Probably my favorite game of the year so far.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 30, 2014
Kinect Sports Rivals: The novelty has worn off and, honestly, only one of the six sports here (rock climbing) is worthwhile. The others are either broken or would function way better with an actual controller. Would've made a decent pack-in, I guess.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 30, 2014
Mario Kart 8: These games always have weak solo offerings, and multiplayer on Nintendo consoles used to be quite situational. Having a very accessible online experience makes this the best MK in a long time. Not GREAT or anything, but solid fun.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 29, 2014
And that's The Banner Saga complete. That game will be sticking with me for some time. (Shame about that pain-in-the-ass final boss, though.)
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 28, 2014
Finally getting around to playing The Banner Saga. My goodness this is wonderful.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 25, 2014
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 25, 2014
@honestgamer Well aren't you the passive-aggressive one.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 25, 2014
Finished 1001 Spikes tonight, thanks in part to Ben's moral support. That is just an outrageously difficult game right there.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 24, 2014
@Ben *pulls out duct tape*
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 22, 2014
@Ben @honestgamer I know I'm just echoing Yahtzee here but I really don't think I'd be able to put up with the poetry gimmick.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 22, 2014
@honestgamer @Ben Everything I hear about it actually makes it sound awful.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 21, 2014
@overdrive I'm doing well. I've ONLY bought five games so far.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 19, 2014
@jerec @Germ I'd give it a 5, which no one else has. We should both review it now.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 19, 2014
@Germ And yet I stil don't think I agree with a single one of them.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 17, 2014
Mario Kart 8: GameFly sent me this the day it released a couple of weeks ago. Haven't even taken it out of the envelope yet.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 17, 2014
Kinect Sports Rivals: First Kinect game I've played that didn't treat it as a disposable gimmick, so kinda neat for the novelty. It's fine, I guess, but I'm stunned that they charged $60 for this. You know Wii Sports was a free pack-in, right?
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 17, 2014
Monster Monpiece: I'll be reviewing this shortly. It's a rather excellent card game that happens to have this AWFUL mechanic wherein you have to grope female characters to upgrade cards. Pointless, juvenile and incongruous with the rest of the game.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 17, 2014
1001 Spikes: I'm pushing through this to the best of my ability. I'm at 5-2 now. As difficult as you've heard, and I personally think it crosses the line a few too many times. There's challenge and then there's just trolling.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 17, 2014
Watch Dogs: Liked this a lot. More than most people, it seems. Fresh take on sandbox with a show-stealing multiplayer component. Writing is pretty crap, though, yeah.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 17, 2014
So, game progress, then.
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 02, 2014
@EmP First one did well enough that Deep Silver bought the franchise after THQ went bust. Sequel's being developed by Crytek. So... maybe it'll be better?
Mike Suskie @SuskieJun 02, 2014
Oh, great. I've been yearning for a video game set in Philadelphia for years and now I finally get one and it's a damn Homefront sequel.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 27, 2014
Oh god, Jason, what have you done now?
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 23, 2014
@espiga Soon, Kyle. Soon.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 18, 2014
@Ben I'll give Fusion one thing: It's maybe the only handheld game I've ever played that pulls off horror adequately.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 18, 2014
@Ben Why?
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 13, 2014
@EmP @overdrive Alternatively, Vagrant Story is superb.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 13, 2014
@overdrive The puzzle-oriented nature of Link's Awakening is why I've always strongly preferred it over A Link to the Past.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 07, 2014
I'm presently addicted to Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f. I get the feeling Espiga would be proud.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 06, 2014
Finished Silent Hill 2. Definitely doesn't hold up on every level (labyrinthine level design, awful puzzles), but the story/atmosphere gave me a LOT to chew on even when I already had a general sense of what I was getting into. Quality stuff.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 05, 2014
@EmP Yeah, this is a one-stop voyage. I've played almost none of the Silent Hill games but I hear about them constantly.
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 04, 2014
I'm playing Silent Hill 2 for the first time ever and enjoying the hell out of it!
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 04, 2014
@jerec Has your opinion changed at all, then?
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 04, 2014
@zippdementia Why is Link wearing Majora's Mask? He should kinda not do that
Mike Suskie @SuskieMay 03, 2014
The more I hear about Bravely Default's second half, the more I have NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to complete that game. Shame, since the 15 or so hours I spent on it were a good time.

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