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Rhody Tobin
Nobody in this century should have a handlebar moustache. Nobody. Not even hipsters.

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Rhody Tobin @Roto13Jul 07, 2013
@pickhut @JoeTheDestroyer Eight point SEVEN! Almost a 9 (from Jeff Gertsman) and people freaked out about it.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13May 12, 2013
@zippdementia The voice doesn't lie, you know. It doesn't conflict with what's happening on screen.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13May 11, 2013
@overdrive It's memorable because it's just really weird and repetitive. Not because it's super hard. It's tough but not crazy hard or anything.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13May 10, 2013
@zippdementia JUMP! JUMP! SLIDE! SLIDE!
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 22, 2013
@Suskie X-2 if you can deal with the Spice World stuff. XII if you take your time and enjoy it rather than powering through it.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 22, 2013
@zippdementia I kind of want to do a project where I review every Zelda in order but it'd be a sea of 8's and 9's out of 10.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 18, 2013
@honestgamer So those games are gone forever? Because I don't see much point in listing my collection here if 80% of my PC games are getting removed.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 18, 2013
@honestgamer Well there are 155 games there before, but there aren't any more. :P A bunch of games just aren't in the database any more.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 18, 2013
I haven't counted, but I'm pretty sure there's less than 155 titles on this list.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 18, 2013
@Suskie You should have noticed some stuff already.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 18, 2013
@Suskie Have you played MGS1?
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 17, 2013
@zippdementia @Suskie If there wasn't a 150 character limit, I'd explain to you why Metal Gear Solid 2's story is amazing.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 14, 2013
Apparently Ninja-kun is my 50th review here. It's also my lowest scoring review here.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Apr 01, 2013
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 24, 2013
@Genj "Hey, remember the worst part of BioShock 1? Let's make it a major mechanic in BioShock 2!"
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 23, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer I liked BioShock 2, but that's probably ok.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 18, 2013
This is what I had in ME1 and 2: And this is what they gave me for 3: Gross.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 18, 2013
Well, now there's a version of ME1 on PS3, and faces imported from it are messed up in ME3. So lame.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 18, 2013
Faces imported from ME1 didn't work right in ME3 at launch. That was fixed with a patch. Except there was no ME1 on PS3 at that point.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 18, 2013
I'm burning through this Mass Effect trilogy. Finished ME2 last night with no casualties. Will probably start ME3 today.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 17, 2013
@pickhut Konami code.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 16, 2013
@pickhut If you had been doing it the lame way the whole time, you would have had a lot more trouble with the final boss.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 14, 2013
@pickhut It kind of hints that you're going to need to learn Blade Mode at the Sundowner fight, but there's a less cool, easier way to win that fight.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 14, 2013
@pickhut Yeah, if you don't know how to use Blade Mode right for the last boss, you're going to have a bad time. And George is Jar Jar Binks.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 13, 2013
@zippdementia I feel like Batman when solving puzzles and doing stealth takedowns, so the game's pretty awesome overall.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 12, 2013
@zippdementia Though really I think the combat in those games is pretty poor in general. Like moves only exist to respond to specific prompts.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 12, 2013
@zippdementia Scarecrow would have been a fine boss without all of the skeletons. And Ivy would have been ok without the plant zombie guards.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 11, 2013
@joseph_valencia @zippdementia All the bosses in Asylum were pretty bad. Throw batarangs at them while waves of boring grunts attack you. Yawn.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 08, 2013
I can't highlight or click on anything above the snippet for the EOIV review, besides the Chatter/Forum/etc links. So that's weird.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 04, 2013
Well, I just bought the whole Mass Effect Trilogy. You guys had better have been right about this.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 04, 2013
Working on another NES review, wondering if I could fill the entire recent Staff review list with my own NES reviews if I tried.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 04, 2013
@Suskie I've been meaning to pick that up. I'm glad I get to play it for "free." This month's Plus is pretty good in general.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 01, 2013
@honestgamer Ha ha ha, this whole conversation has been about the old ones, hasn't it? Ignore me, then.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 01, 2013
@honestgamer You're referring to the Wii U version with all of the improvements, right?
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Mar 01, 2013
Whenever I try to play Ninja Gaiden, I end up going "Ugh, blocking" and putting it down. A great action game is always in motion.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 26, 2013
@Superguy My... terrible... ?
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 21, 2013
That's too bad, because I can actually add games to this database. :P There's no need for anything to be missing.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 21, 2013
There are tons of games I own that aren't/weren't in the database on 1up, and those games aren't handy right now so I can't check them.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 21, 2013
I spent all evening adding games to my "collection" on this site. Unfortunately I used an incomplete list I already made (on 1up) as reference.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 21, 2013
@zippdementia I don't understand. What were you expecting to work? The only thing I'm surprised about (possibly) not working is PS1 games.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 21, 2013
@zippdementia Why would PS3 PSN games work on PS4 when other PS3 games don't? Retail and download games are the same thing.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 17, 2013
I'm hoping Kid Icarus leads to some first person 3DS games with non-crap controls. Flicking the camera around works well.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 09, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer @zippdementia @joseph_valencia @Suskie This rumour resurfaces every time a new console is about to be announced.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 04, 2013
@joseph_valencia The last couple of Sonic games have not sucked so that's a good sign.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Feb 02, 2013
Chrom married the girl I was grooming to marry my avatar in Fire Emblem: Awakening. So I'm going to give this game a 1/10. Because Chrom's a jerk.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Jan 31, 2013
@zippdementia Whenever I play an Arkham game I think "I'm not enjoying this that much" and then I play it for four hours anyway.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Jan 30, 2013
@joseph_valencia It's really only Mother 2/Earthbound that has potential legal issues. The other two just don't have (complete official) localizations
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Jan 23, 2013
@honestgamer Ha ha ha, $500,000 for Homefront and only one offer
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Jan 23, 2013
I really need to stop playing stuff for the hell of it and get to work on my next NES review.
Rhody Tobin @Roto13Jan 22, 2013
@zippdementia @holdthephone Arcade Edition, even

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