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Gary Hartley
Using up all the good oxygen. Now, begrudgingly, with extra twitter - EmPIam

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Gary Hartley @EmPOct 22, 2014
Dreamfall: Chapters is the least annoyed I've ever been with a sequel ever. Why aren't more people (read: YOU) playing this right now?
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 21, 2014
@Suskie @joseph_valencia I've seen some reviews gleefully slaughtering An Evil Within just as much as I've seen others christen it a genre rebirth. Still resisting.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 21, 2014
//new line of thought. For a lot of reasons, caring about games right now is a sucky place to be. So the new Dreamfall dropping and me filling with squealing fanboyish glee is a point blank godsend.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 21, 2014
Thing is, GamerGate's been in the works for a long time. It was always going to happen as consumers got further and further shat upon by a sneering media throwing their audience under the bus for the sake of an audience that doesn't exist.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 21, 2014
@overdrive @joseph @Ben Just going to put out there that by far my favourite thing about gamergate is seeing what seemingly random slur they're going to be hit with next. Misogynists, status-quo lovers, 85% bots, ISIS/Nazi supporters, AAA apologists, etc
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 16, 2014
Thursday Night Rewrite: UFO: Aftermath. ( Because, yeah, why not that one?
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 15, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie @honestgamer Struggle though I do to rid myself of the foul taste of A:CM, A:I calls to me and I'm less and less confident I can stay away.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 15, 2014
@overdrive @honestgamer But I want to be like the "big" sites! I want to put zero effort or thought into anything I write, and expect to not be held accountable when the audience that decides my relevance reacts to being insulted!
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 14, 2014
@Ben Yeah. The hell with that.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 12, 2014
Finally took the plunge into Quake Live. Man, am I rusty on PC shooters. Scraped an early win but probably didn't deserve it.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 11, 2014
@zippdementia Sorry dude, you're on the list now so it's a thing. Get to work. Also, post me some cinnamon buns.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 09, 2014
@zippdementia I believe Janus(2!) was planning to do so for the horror tourney. That I just signed you up for.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 05, 2014
@honestgamer Hope he sticks around; some of the stuff he did around the place was pretty noticeable. If not, and he happens to read this, thanks!
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 04, 2014
@honestgamer have you lost the keys to the site's social media accounts again?
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 04, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Yeah, the party mechanics were very skewed. The Demios side not only had the game's only dedicated healer but had Bebedora, who was an outright game breaker.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 04, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Both parties struck me as incredibly uninspired. It's a game that tries to test tropes to destruction.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 02, 2014
Thursday Night Rewrite: Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirit( Well worth me revisiting to find out that there's actually an enemy called the 'Suskle Squirrel '.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 29, 2014
@Ben I'm the same. My deaths are all level 1,3 or 4. Still I don't see the game as unbeatable. There was a time I had fully accepted that I would never beat level 1.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 29, 2014
Velcoibox update: Just topped 1,000 deaths, and finally feel like I have a grip on level 3.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 28, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Memory is fuzzy, but after he fails a few times, you have the option to give him (I think) some gold which he uses as a smithing agent along with the lizard weapons to make an awesome sword.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 28, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer God damn lizard men. The huge upshot? You're not far away from being able to craft an awesome sword AND maybe open up static teleport jumps so you don't have to walk everywhere.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 21, 2014
So, Quake Live is on Steam now. I guess that's the last you'll be seeing of me in a fair while.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 20, 2014
@Ben I still can't get my head around 3. I can get past it, but it's rare and feels way more luck than judgment.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 19, 2014
@Ben @JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie I would like to create and sign a petition that legal binds Suskie into playing this game.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 16, 2014
@Ben @honestgamer You've certainly eclipsed me -- congrats on making the top 100.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 10, 2014
@jerec's frivolous copyright infringement lawsuit against the game might have picked up steam by then and the game would be no more.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 10, 2014
The Banner Saga is currently half price on Steam. Go and buy it. A little bit of misery is good for you.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 07, 2014
@jerec @Germ Yay -- I've finally gone full circle and become a parody of myself!
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 06, 2014
@Germ No! I've become that which I deride!
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 05, 2014
@joseph_valencia Some randoms: 'Is Mario Kart fat-shaming by making heavier characters drive slower?' 'Electronic Arts is Oppressive: I'm colorblind and I could only get ONE ending in Mass Effect 3'
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 05, 2014
@joseph_valencia It's actually pretty innocent, comparatively, but has made me laugh all day. It's a twitter hashtag trend where people make up ridiculous news stories in the style of an overly-liberal Kotaku 'news story'.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 05, 2014
Could finish off this review... or could spend more time picking through #writeakotakuarticle.
Gary Hartley @EmPSep 02, 2014
@honestgamer I approve of the box.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 31, 2014
@honestgamer I'll hold you to that should you ever try to change the site's name to You're right though; but the entire thing's a train-wreck, and I can't look away.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 31, 2014
@overdrive ..and it would be genuinely terrifying if it wasn't being carried out so shoddily by what is clearly a laughable clique who'd rather watch their audience burn that accept the slightest shred of criticism.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 31, 2014
@overdrive That's all any of us want to be, Rob -- but we're being actively re-branded by apologists and blame deflectors as misogynist rapists-in-training by an industry we've long been a (however small) part of.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@pickhut Faraci's off again. This time, he's only comparing gamers to the KKK and Holocaust deniers. It's almost as if people know that if they lightly prod him, he'll bury himself in hilarious quotes about atrocities he clearly doesn't understand.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@overdrive And, directly because of that, I'LL NEVER FINSHING MAKING FEZ 2!
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@overdrive You've only really scratched the smokescreen thrown up to try and deter interest from the bigger story of nepotism and some major journalistic outlets complete misunderstanding of the phrase 'conflict of interest'.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@pickhut But the wider gaming audience will always rally against strong, confident <s>women</s> Englishmen because of the inherent <s>sexist</s> anti-Anglophile culture running rife through the community.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 30, 2014
@pickhut Thatís absolutely unfounded, regardless of how much hard proof dictates otherwise!
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 29, 2014
For the record: I've never entered sexual relations with Julian Gollop in exchange for good reviews: I just really, really like X-Com.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 27, 2014
@Suskie Not really. You'll miss out on the odd throwback line and in-references (Clem not finding any mirth in a joke about losing an arm if Lee loped his off; little comments about some of the stuff Lee taught you) but nothing big changes.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 26, 2014
@Ben Yeah. So. That happened.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 22, 2014
@Ben I said the same thing somewhere -- perhaps in the episode review. Because it's 100% factual.
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 13, 2014
Great; just what psychological horror needs. Unskipable cut scenes married with self-congratulatory, overly-pretentious dribble and repressed sexual aggression spread egregiously over scant actual gameplay. Coloured me excited.
Gary Hartley @EmPJul 27, 2014
Currently playing : Only If. Currently whimsical: constantly.
Gary Hartley @EmPJul 26, 2014
@zippdementia Gotta speed up that small slice of gameplay so you can get the the next pretentious, overbearing cut scene to lull you to sleep.
Gary Hartley @EmPJul 26, 2014
People are, of course, quite correct in pointing out how awful MGS is. I tip my hat to them so I need not write something myself.
Gary Hartley @EmPJul 24, 2014
Put impromptu Another World review on hold when Steam updates informed me that the new chapter of TWD was now awaiting a play. Played through it yesterday. Befuddled thoughts to follow, possibly in vexed rant mode.

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