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Gary Hartley @EmPApr 20, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I picked that up a while ago, but sits unused on my harddrive. For now.
Gary Hartley @EmPApr 14, 2014
@honestgamer Ys III was the worst of the Ys'. While I wrote this Ys III slam, Dogi relaxed at a local spa.
Gary Hartley @EmPApr 10, 2014
@Germ @Ben I've reviewed X-Com roughly 107 times.
Gary Hartley @EmPApr 10, 2014
@pickhut I remember making that recommendation. It sure was a while back.
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 30, 2014
@Suskie Short answer: ease of database maintenance. It's a nightmare to keep it current.
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 27, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I very nearly picked that one up. Went for a zombie apoc sim instead
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 18, 2014
I see that half the Spec Ops: The Line guys have sodded off to form their own Indie company and are still really bitter about being forced to have that multiplayer tack-on in their game. That I loved. Did I ever mention that?
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 16, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I've owned Book of Memories since release, more or less, and have still yet to work up the desire to take it out of the shrink wrap.
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 13, 2014
@pickhut @overdrive Maybe when the night turn chilly again, Hobo Venter will come out from under his bridge, put down his bottle of paint thinners and let us know how good Nintendo's latest offering is.
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 12, 2014
@overdrive Hobo-Venter has been led gently into a local soup kitchen where he has found a Kirby plushie to use as a makeshift pillow. I think he's going to be okay.
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 12, 2014
Fighting Venter photo based injustice wherever he might find it. Hobo-Venter activate!
Gary Hartley @EmPMar 01, 2014
I have a bunch of Steam 25% off coupons for Broken Age if anyone wants any.
Gary Hartley @EmPFeb 24, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @Suskie @zippdementia It's not my fault I'm so good at judging games, I don't even need to play them anymore to know they're awful.
Gary Hartley @EmPFeb 22, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @zippdementia Though I have never played Heavy Rain, I still reserve the right to think it awful. And tell everyone it's awful. And, let's face it, I'm usually right, so best accept that fact that it's awful.
Gary Hartley @EmPFeb 19, 2014
@jerec @honestgamer BOOM! Someone just hit six. And is eager to point out two reviews under the same letter.
Gary Hartley @EmPFeb 16, 2014
@Ben On the other hand, Wedding Qake might just be the greatest thing ever.
Gary Hartley @EmPFeb 14, 2014
@Ben Playing that now. It has a lot more misses than hits, but that it fires jokes at you on full auto means some have to work out of pure number.
Gary Hartley @EmPFeb 01, 2014
@EmP @Suskie .... to me
Gary Hartley @EmPFeb 01, 2014
@Suskie I also enjoyed this game. I rec'd it so someone else who did not care for it, and she's dead.
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 28, 2014
@honestgamer What a lovely offer, but I think I'll stick to being a pretentious Indie gamer for now. Unless you find Indie darts, then I'm right back to being an AAA release guy.
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 27, 2014
@honestgamer Oh, god, no more! They never stopped coming! I think I had darts games on the PS2, 360, PSP and wii. That's too much darts.
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 18, 2014
@jerec @honestgamer I'm happy to keep covering weeks, but I'm not about to do it alone and ideally don't want to judge any week I've written in. The bigger question perhaps is whether or not there's enough interest to keep it going at all.
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 18, 2014
@jerec @honestgamer RotM really is not viable; it's still the exact same workload, but we get to pretend everything's okay when they're not up each week. Worth noting that if a RotW topic takes an hour, a RotM will take four. Who wants that?
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 07, 2014
@honestgamer But even as is, RotW has become a watered-down arse-patting exercise that no one wants to do, so I don't have much of a plan B. It needs reinventing from the ground up, and I don't see anyone left who cares enough about it to do so.
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 07, 2014
@honestgamer Not a fan of the idea -- too much work would be lost in the shuffle and it would bone over the idea of having featured reviews.
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 02, 2014
@jerec I'm more annoyed that everything's a jumbled mess. And that the review width is different so all previous asset placement is out. And...
Gary Hartley @EmPJan 01, 2014
Best three games of 2013: XCOM, Tomb Raider, Cat Lady
Gary Hartley @EmPDec 30, 2013
Two old RotWs bang up to date. Thanks to me! All praise me
Gary Hartley @EmPDec 29, 2013
One old RotW bang up to date. Thanks to me! All praise me.
Gary Hartley @EmPDec 28, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer I'm not sure it's meant to be fun. Though I've yet to be able to progress far in, as it's hard to maintain interest.
Gary Hartley @EmPDec 24, 2013
You literally cannot play it as a steam download without doing one of the two.
Gary Hartley @EmPDec 24, 2013
Feel like playing FFVII on the PC? Not unless you either sign up for the SE website or allow SE complete access to your facebook page you don't!
Gary Hartley @EmPDec 16, 2013
@espiga How was Ys?
Gary Hartley @EmPNov 16, 2013
Think it's become time to close out the Silent Hill review project -- to work!
Gary Hartley @EmPNov 09, 2013
@honestgamer Looks like it was just that one. It had blanked out some of the URL for reasons I can't grasp, but it was an easy fix.
Gary Hartley @EmPNov 09, 2013
@honestgamer I notice that the asset links for my Deadly Premonition reviews are now dead. Going to click through more PC stuff in case it's a trend.
Gary Hartley @EmPNov 02, 2013
My Halloween run might not have been as Epic as Joe's, but I've one more left in me. Due tomorrow.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 27, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer Thought that was the game's lowest point, myself.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 27, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer I had kind of forgotten about that. I'll look through it sometime later today and update what's there.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 26, 2013
Now playing: Nihilumbra. Because it's not Silent Hill Downpour, mainly.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 26, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer Good old Bulletstorm. Has no real right to be as fun as it is.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 20, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer To be fair, I did not much like Dead Pixels, either. And I played it in co-op.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 20, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer You are wrong. Case in point: Zombie Estate.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 13, 2013
@zippdementia You're welcome. You know how I like to help.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 08, 2013
@zippdementia Cage lost me at Indigo Prophesy/Fahrenheit. He lost me hard, and he'll never get another chance. I hope he knows that, and it hurts.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 05, 2013
@honestgamer Ironically, the part of the post that caused this knee jerk was only added as an afterthought to exactly avoid this reaction.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 05, 2013
@honestgamer All you missed was an offhanded comment I made in a feedback thread where I used the word 'won't' when I meant will.
Gary Hartley @EmPOct 03, 2013
@JoeTheDestroyer I bought it. As a gift for someone else. It was hilarious
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 26, 2013
@zigfried Utawarerumono is a game I like! I shall look into this!
Gary Hartley @EmPAug 19, 2013
Happy 10th Anniversary, Silent Hill 3!

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