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Ben Lee
I'm not ready to tell you about myself yet, but please do check back soon because that could change anytime.

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Ben Lee @Ben02:36 AM
@Suskie Aha, pretty much! You would hate it.
Ben Lee @Ben12:50 PM
LEVEL SIX on my 1,357th attempt.
Ben Lee @BenSep 17, 2014
Velocibox level five (on my 1,103rd go).
Ben Lee @BenSep 17, 2014
Still intending to go back to Divinity, but I think I need to start from scratch - which is putting me off slightly after I've spent a few hours on the game already.
Ben Lee @BenSep 16, 2014
@EmP @honestgamer I'm 101st now! I don't think I'll top my score any time soon. It would involve clearing four, and there's one stupid obstacle that gets me 100% of the time. I can't get the timing of the flip right.
Ben Lee @BenSep 15, 2014
@honestgamer You know, you're right but in a weird way I find these games sort of relaxing. Levels are really short, and restarting is instantaneous. Brutal, yes, but also easy to dip in and out if I have a spare ten minutes.
Ben Lee @BenSep 15, 2014
Reached level four for the first time in Velocibox. I lasted about two seconds.
Ben Lee @BenSep 14, 2014
@Ben @jerec Hm, doesn't look like I can redeem Australian codes with a UK account. Cheers anyway.
Ben Lee @BenSep 13, 2014
@jerec Thanks!
Ben Lee @BenSep 13, 2014
@jerec I wouldn't mind taking it, if you're still offering?
Ben Lee @BenSep 06, 2014
First Danganronpa on sale, finally. I love 999/VLR and Phoenix Wright, so I should dig this game in theory.
Ben Lee @BenAug 26, 2014
Walking Dead season two is complete, and I think I can conclude that EVERYONE is an asshole (except Clem).
Ben Lee @BenAug 24, 2014
Now caught up with Walking Dead season two and ready for Tuesday's finale. I've enjoyed playing one episode a day.
Ben Lee @BenAug 22, 2014
@EmP Indeed. I usually try not to pause the game during decisions, but did so here and then took a 15-minute break before I went with ****. I've just read your episode review - it's spot-on.
Ben Lee @BenAug 22, 2014
It's funny that choosing which table to sit at for dinner in 2.02 is the hardest Walking Dead decision I've had to make thus far in the entire series.
Ben Lee @BenAug 20, 2014
I'm not going to play another 15 or so hours of Watch Dogs, just so I can review it for a contest. Most definitely scrapping that plan in favour of something else.
Ben Lee @BenAug 05, 2014
@Suskie Thanks, I might take up on your offer. I'll give it another shot this weekend, and we'll see!
Ben Lee @BenAug 04, 2014
@Suskie Aha, you did, and I expected this would be the case! I don't regret buying it, though - at the very least, I've tried something new and out of my comfort zone.
Ben Lee @BenAug 04, 2014
The problem I have with Divinity: Original Sin is, as someone who has barely played a CRPG, I have no idea what I'm doing. Even after four hours.
Ben Lee @BenAug 02, 2014
@Suskie Definitely interested in reading your review.
Ben Lee @BenAug 01, 2014
@jerec @zippdementia I really liked To the Moon as well. Unsure about how effective the ending was, but otherwise definitely worth experiencing.
Ben Lee @BenJul 28, 2014
One year later, I'm going to finally put my unpopular thoughts on The Last of Us into writing.
Ben Lee @BenJul 26, 2014
@Germ @JoeTheDestroyer I actually tried to play Metal Gear Solid for the first time last year. I wasn't enjoying it at all, and gave up after an hour. For me, I don't think there are many PSX titles that hold up well in 2014 without nostalgia.
Ben Lee @BenJul 21, 2014
@EmP I can probably imagine a lot of the design not ageing particularly well and it's hard judging objectively through nostalgia-tinted glasses, but I still love Another World.
Ben Lee @BenJul 20, 2014
Finally did it. I guess I'm at the end now.
Ben Lee @BenJul 20, 2014
Spec Ops: The Line chapter 14 is pissing me off. Sigh.
Ben Lee @BenJul 17, 2014
The Wolf Among Us complete. Loved it.
Ben Lee @BenJul 16, 2014
Now I'm going to play something that I'm pretty certain Suskie hasn't touched and raved about yet. The Fall.
Ben Lee @BenJul 16, 2014
Finished The Banner Saga (great game) and completed episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us (really liking it). Finding it tougher to warm to Transistor, but the soundtrack is stunning.
Ben Lee @BenJul 09, 2014
The final set of levels in Shovel Knight is pretty underwhelming. But I enjoyed the seven hours or so I spent with the game.
Ben Lee @BenJul 08, 2014
Ken Levine's tweeted that BioShock on Vita would have been a turn-based Final Fantasy Tactics-like game set in a pre-fall Rapture. That sounds kind of neat. Too bad it probably won't happen now.
Ben Lee @BenJul 06, 2014
I found The Banner Saga a little obtuse in the first hour, but now that I understand its mechanics, I'm liking it quite a bit.
Ben Lee @BenJul 06, 2014
I still like Shovel Knight, but the risk/reward element of the checkpoint system is a missed opportunity. Money is never an issue in the game, so destroying checkpoints for more jewels is pointless. Disappointing.
Ben Lee @BenJul 05, 2014
@Suskie I'll definitely let you know my thoughts on Cloudbuilt when I get around to playing it. Don't actually know too much about it, except for it's supposedly difficult!
Ben Lee @BenJul 05, 2014
The past week: ActRaiser hasn't aged too well. SWOS holds up great. Shovel Knight is neat. I bought Cloudbuilt. My July review will hopefully be The Walking Dead: 400 Days.
Ben Lee @BenJul 01, 2014
@pickhut @honestgamer Thanks! That's precisely it. I feel silly now.
Ben Lee @BenJun 30, 2014
@honestgamer It's quite an innovative checkpoint system that I've never seen before. The risk/reward aspect to it sounds exciting, and I like the idea of being able to manage my own difficulty as I play. I don't plan on destroying every checkpoint!
Ben Lee @BenJun 30, 2014
@EmP @honestgamer Okay, I figured it out now. Checkpoints can't be destroyed in the first level only. Grr, I replayed it four times over, thinking I was doing something wrong, and all I had to do was move on to the next stage...
Ben Lee @BenJun 30, 2014
@honestgamer Hm, just tried that and didn't work, argh. This feature was a big draw for me, and I'm a bit disappointed I can't figure out how it works!
Ben Lee @BenJun 30, 2014
Have also been thinking a lot today about what would make my top 25 games list. I would actually put BioShock Infinite in there, which... I find surprisingly not that shocking. Sue me.
Ben Lee @BenJun 30, 2014
How do you destroy checkpoints in Shovel Knight? Refusing to go further until I know how.
Ben Lee @BenJun 28, 2014
Also finished The Walking Dead: 400 Days in preparation for season 2. Hard to tell what impact it will have at this stage, but an interesting diversion nonetheless.
Ben Lee @BenJun 28, 2014
Played through Another World again in one sitting, this time the 20th anniversary edition. Not sure how much is nostalgia, but it's still an excellent game.
Ben Lee @BenJun 26, 2014
1001 Spikes review submitted. Good timing, because I'm looking at Shovel Knight right now.
Ben Lee @BenJun 25, 2014
I think I'm finally happy with my 1001 Spikes review. Much longer than I was expecting, but I got down everything I wanted to say. I'll post it tomorrow after I have one more read.
Ben Lee @BenJun 25, 2014
@Suskie @honestgamer Aha, I think this was directed at me. Sure thing, I'll upload a couple more 1001 Spikes images shortly.
Ben Lee @BenJun 24, 2014
GUYS. Final Fantasy VIII on PC has been updated with a game booster that speeds up cutscenes and battles by up to five times the regular speed. I might actually go back to it. Someone stop me.
Ben Lee @BenJun 22, 2014
@Suskie @honestgamer That's fine. The game's definitely not for you, in that case. I enjoyed the rhyming for the most part, but it did feel forced at times.
Ben Lee @BenJun 22, 2014
@Suskie @honestgamer I liked it quite a bit. It's ridiculously easy on the default difficulty (even the boss fights), but damn, it's also ridiculous how utterly gorgeous it looks. Charming from start to finish, if you don't mind a bit of twee.
Ben Lee @BenJun 22, 2014
I also have a half-finished Child of Light review that I should probably complete at some point.

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