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Ben Lee
I'm not ready to tell you about myself yet, but please do check back soon because that could change anytime.

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Ben Lee @BenNov 25, 2014
@Suskie Nice job. I've only listened to half of it, but you sounded great on the podcast.
Ben Lee @BenNov 22, 2014
@EmP @Suskie Divinity is going to be my Christmas game, I think.
Ben Lee @BenNov 19, 2014
@pickhut Same goes for any remaster. I very, very rarely enjoy replaying a game.
Ben Lee @BenNov 19, 2014
@joseph_valencia @pickhut Waiting until they release a PS4/Xbox One equivalent of a 'slim' isn't a bad choice at all, if you can wait.
Ben Lee @BenNov 18, 2014
I guess this purchase means I won't have enough time to give Divinity: Original Sin another crack during my time off next week. Sorry, Suskie.
Ben Lee @BenNov 18, 2014
Now trying to justify my decision by thinking of upcoming games that appeal to me, but beyond Mortal Kombat X and Persona 5, I have very little.
Ben Lee @BenNov 18, 2014
I wasn't about to, but I've ordered a PS4 because I spotted an offer that bundled in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Not sure if it's worth it, but at least I don't have to use Origin now.
Ben Lee @BenNov 17, 2014
Danganronpa 2 completed. That final chapter: whaaat. So conflicted. I know the original concept is very out there, but the big reveal in the endgame surrounding the island itself is probably *too* crazy for my liking. I was hooked, though.
Ben Lee @BenNov 15, 2014
To clarify, I adored Far Cry 3. But it sounds like 4 - although enjoyable - follows the same blueprint as its predecessor, and that doesn't appeal to me.
Ben Lee @BenNov 15, 2014
Spent way too long today trying to decide whether to get a PS4 or not. I was eyeing the Far Cry 4 bundle, but reviews have put me off the game.
Ben Lee @BenNov 11, 2014
@Suskie I have a week off this month. Thinking about it! Largely depends on if I buy a PS4 next week.
Ben Lee @BenNov 11, 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition sounds great except for how long the whole experience is. I simply don't have the time or desire to spend 100 hours on one single game (unless it's special).
Ben Lee @BenNov 08, 2014
@EmP Wow, the Saints are still going strong. Would love to see them stay near the top.
Ben Lee @BenNov 05, 2014
I'll give Majora's Mask another shot when it comes out on 3DS. It was really interesting, but I wonder if I unfairly judged it back then because I disliked Ocarina of Time.
Ben Lee @BenNov 04, 2014
Danganronpa 2, chapter 4. Finished investigating, but for the first time in the game, I can barely piece anything together by myself. Doesn't make sense! I'm deliberately stopping myself from playing the trial until I've had more time to think about it.
Ben Lee @BenNov 01, 2014
I think the cases in Danganronpa 2 are stronger, but I'm finding the characters more grating. Also, the island setting doesn't have the same intense, wonderfully 'trapped' feeling the school evoked in the first game.
Ben Lee @BenNov 01, 2014
Nailed the third case, including the motive this time. Feels really good working things out before the trial.
Ben Lee @BenOct 31, 2014
Danganronpa 2, chapter 3: Finished investigating, and I have a suspect in mind. Again, a left-field theory. Again, a few really subtle 'coincidences'. The crime scene is misleading, and I'm sure I know how and why that's the case.
Ben Lee @BenOct 30, 2014
@Suskie Not sure if it's just me, but seems lengthier than the first game as well. Finished chapter 2, and my current playtime is 11 hours.
Ben Lee @BenOct 30, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I don't think that's ever happened to me. If I keep coming back to a flawed game, I usually conclude that even though it has problems, they are issues I can overlook easily enough to still enjoy the core experience.
Ben Lee @BenOct 30, 2014
Danganronpa 2 update: My theory was spot-on. Figured everything out before the class trial, except for a few minor details and the actual motive. But was still enjoyable to play through.
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
@Suskie Shame. For some reason I get bored with character action games really easily. Happens every time. I really tried with the first Bayonetta but I guess the sub-genre's just not my thing.
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
As an aside, the fan service moments in the first two chapters made me feel really uncomfortable. Just unnecessary.
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
Danganronpa 2 update: Second victim is the person I've spent the most time bonding in Free Time. Gutted. I think I know who the killer is. It's quite a left-field theory, but the three things I noticed can't be coincidental... right?
Ben Lee @BenOct 29, 2014
@Suskie Is it worth playing if I didn't like the first Bayonetta?
Ben Lee @BenOct 28, 2014
Finished the first chapter of Danganronpa 2. Correctly called the red herring, but failed to figure out the real killer. On the whole, very conflicted about the game so far.
Ben Lee @BenOct 28, 2014
@EmP Action shot!
Ben Lee @BenOct 28, 2014
Screengrabbing good Velocibox images for a review: not easy at all.
Ben Lee @BenOct 25, 2014
Then again, I still revisit the GBA once in a while. I have a real fondness for the platform. Many of my top games of all time are on there.
Ben Lee @BenOct 25, 2014
Interesting that no one liked the Micro (for legitimate reasons). My favourite GBA iteration is the newer SP model which launched around the same time. It replaced the frontlit screen with a backlit one, similar to the one used by the Micro.
Ben Lee @BenOct 24, 2014
I was reminded of the Game Boy Micro today. What are people's thoughts on it? I liked the concept but found the screen too small to fully enjoy it.
Ben Lee @BenOct 20, 2014
@joseph_valencia @Suskie Also, I don't understand why games journalism is being singled out. If people have issue with it, they should be protesting against film, music, and other forms of entertainment journalism as well.
Ben Lee @BenOct 20, 2014
@joseph_valencia @Suskie The harassment and the abuse is downright unacceptable. It's horrible, and not how people should be making their point.
Ben Lee @BenOct 18, 2014
Games I want to play before 2014 ends: Danganronpa 2, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Far Cry 4, This War of Mine, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona Q, Velocity 2X, Hotline Miami 2.
Ben Lee @BenOct 17, 2014
@honestgamer Woooooo!
Ben Lee @BenOct 15, 2014
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f is glorious. As someone who considers himself skilled at rhythm games, just a shame I have to play the songs in Normal first before they let me try Hard.
Ben Lee @BenOct 13, 2014
Unlocked "Super Velocibox" mode. Tried a minute of it. Uh, yeah. Fuck that.
Ben Lee @BenOct 13, 2014
Ben Lee @BenOct 12, 2014
3,000 deaths in Velocibox.
Ben Lee @BenOct 07, 2014
Velocibox update: Reached level seven for the tenth time. It took 774 tries from the first to tenth - an average of 77. Still not bettered two cubes on seven.
Ben Lee @BenOct 06, 2014
Danganronpa finishes strong. Entertaining all around, and helps scratch that Zero Escape itch. 6180 the Moon is neat. Short, but I liked it.
Ben Lee @BenOct 04, 2014
@joseph_valencia @honestgamer I like the concept of time trials more than Grand Prix. I'm deliberately avoiding it this time around, though, because I don't want to master the tracks and have a heavy advantage when I play local multiplayer.
Ben Lee @BenOct 04, 2014
Wii U arrived. Not unexpected, but Mario Kart 8 solo is boring. Interested in trying it with people, though.
Ben Lee @BenOct 04, 2014
Things I liked: Profiling people.
Ben Lee @BenOct 04, 2014
Extremely dull open world; main character is a dick and very hard to care about; missions are generic and uninspired; hacking doesn't provide a fresh enough twist to your bog-standard open-world game; frustrating cover mechanics; cars handle badly.
Ben Lee @BenOct 04, 2014
I've been meaning to post why I didn't like Watch Dogs after five hours of play, but I'm too lazy to blog. So here are the biggest issues I had with it (should be noted that I'm generally not a fan of open-world games)...
Ben Lee @BenOct 01, 2014
New best run in Velocibox - level seven and TWO CUBES.
Ben Lee @BenSep 29, 2014
@EmP Also weirdly (or not weirdly), I find level two much easier than level one now.
Ben Lee @BenSep 29, 2014
@EmP I'm still playing it on most days, but have now accepted that I will never beat Velocibox.
Ben Lee @BenSep 28, 2014
@honestgamer @Genj Yeah, I've considered the 32GB. Given its purpose for me, I'm not going to buy many games at all during the Wii U's lifespan and don't plan to dip into Virtual Console, so I have no concerns about storage.

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