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Ben Lee @BenApr 23, 2014
@joseph_valencia Are you going to be reviewing it? I'd be interested to read your thoughts.
Ben Lee @BenApr 21, 2014
@Suskie Yep! Can confirm that SNES Yoshi's Island remains superb.
Ben Lee @BenApr 20, 2014
@honestgamer Yeah, I wasn't fond of the DS game as well. New Island is even more disappointing. I would absolutely love to see Nintendo have another crack at the series, but I guess Yoshi's Island isn't high up on their priority list.
Ben Lee @BenApr 20, 2014
Really, really dislike Yoshi's New Island. Poor and incredibly lazy sequel. Had to boot up the SNES one to reassure myself that the original is still great.
Ben Lee @BenApr 19, 2014
@honestgamer I suppose it is reassuring that I feel like my writing is improving rather than staying at the same level.
Ben Lee @BenApr 18, 2014
Looking back at some of my older reviews from five years ago, and think many are terrible! Tempted to touch up some of them.
Ben Lee @BenApr 11, 2014
@Germ It must be quite a daunting task, doing a game you hold so highly justice in writing. I'm fascinated to see how people have approached it.
Ben Lee @BenApr 11, 2014
Thanks for the responses! I'm going to check them out.
Ben Lee @BenApr 10, 2014
Has anyone on HG reviewed their all-time favourite game or maybe a top three? Curious. I'd love to read it.
Ben Lee @BenApr 09, 2014
@Suskie I hope you review it - I'll be very interested to read your take.
Ben Lee @BenApr 09, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @honestgamer Pitman/Catrap and Motocross Maniacs are two of my favourite games, and they're both on Game Boy. Probably haven't aged well, but at the time they were superb.
Ben Lee @BenApr 05, 2014
Final Fantasy VIII update: I have not played any more Final Fantasy VIII since last time. Every time I think about playing it, I get distracted by something else. I do genuinely want to see the whole game, though.
Ben Lee @BenMar 22, 2014
@honestgamer @pickhut Thanks both!
Ben Lee @BenMar 21, 2014
Spelunky review complete - just waiting for the game to be added to the database. Not sure how the review reads to someone unfamiliar with Spelunky. It's probably too dense.
Ben Lee @BenMar 19, 2014
Oh geez, I finally beat Hell in Spelunky. Completely unexpected - I had given up and had already started writing a review for it.
Ben Lee @BenMar 15, 2014
@Suskie Yeah. The reviews make the game sound awful, and I expect it is. But I'm going to play it anyway.
Ben Lee @BenMar 13, 2014
Let's be clear: Yoshi's Island SNES is my favourite platformer of all time. Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Island DS are terrible. Don't group them together.
Ben Lee @BenMar 12, 2014
I watched someone play Titanfall for an hour. I dunno, it doesn't seem enough to get me back into that genre. In other news, I have very little interest in Dark Souls II.
Ben Lee @BenMar 07, 2014
@Suskie @overdrive Maybe the universe was trying to tell me something when I was forced to stop playing VIII for a couple of weeks.
Ben Lee @BenMar 07, 2014
@overdrive Yeah, hit-alls make Tartarus much easier. I loved having all four basic elementals covered on my main persona. Less useful on bosses, though, so I also taught it some good healing and buff spells for support.
Ben Lee @BenMar 07, 2014
@Suskie @overdrive I had to put it on hold temporarily due to a combination of weekend shifts and a week-long illness. But I'm looking to get back to it, maybe this weekend!
Ben Lee @BenMar 06, 2014
@overdrive That makes sense. When I played Persona 3, I boosted and maxed out my main persona's stats instead of going for the elite ones. Barely grinded (which caused some unnecessary difficulty) except for before the final boss fight.
Ben Lee @BenMar 06, 2014
@overdrive Kyoto is around November, right? You sound overleveled! I finished the game with my party at around level 75.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 24, 2014
@overdrive @JoeTheDestroyer You're sort of getting at how I felt about The Last of Us. The characters and the world are great, but I didn't like the part where you had to actually play the game.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 24, 2014
@EmP @wolfqueen001 @Suskie @zippdementia Liked Fahrenheit, but not Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls. Finished The Last of Us and hated it.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 22, 2014
@honestgamer @espiga @jerec Hm, makes me wonder if there's something bugged about my specific Home page.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 20, 2014
@honestgamer @jerec I'm not sure if this is a problem for anyone else, but my Chatter 'Home' page always fails to load (tried two Windows computers and my iPhone).
Ben Lee @BenFeb 15, 2014
@Suskie I have nothing bad to say about the battle mechanics or job system. But man, did I not care about the characters or the story.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 15, 2014
@EmP Yeah, you have it spot-on. Full marks for effort, I guess.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 14, 2014
@Suskie Glad you're liking it more than I did.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 14, 2014
@Suskie Oh wow, that's kind of amazing.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 14, 2014
I did finish Jazzpunk, though. Too bad I thought it was lame - such a heavy focus on humour, and nearly all of the jokes fell flat for me.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 14, 2014
Taking on weekend shifts at work means I'm struggling to make time for games recently. Not much Final Fantasy VIII progress as a result (a shame, I know).
Ben Lee @BenFeb 14, 2014
@honestgamer Yeah. They apparently sold okay outside of Japan, which is quite surprising. Too bad the creator's struggling to get backing from higher up.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 13, 2014
Disappointed Zero Escape 3 may not happen. I loved the other games, and it would be great to end the trilogy.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 05, 2014
Final Fantasy VIII's draw system is tedious. The Steam version comes with an optional 'magic booster', but I'm trying not to use that.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 02, 2014
@overdrive @Suskie Yeah, it strikes me as weird that you can abuse summons like that. I'm still really early in the game, though, so I won't judge yet.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 01, 2014
I've never been fond of summons in JRPGs. Getting a giant monster to do your dirty work is a bit underwhelming. Oh yeah, and the long, unskippable animations every single time.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 01, 2014
@zippdementia @Suskie Yeah, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the reboot given that I never really cared for the franchise. Superb game.
Ben Lee @BenFeb 01, 2014
Playing the divisive Final Fantasy VIII for the first time. This should be interesting.
Ben Lee @BenJan 31, 2014
I like the concept of The Castle Doctrine, but not the execution. I just can't get into it.
Ben Lee @BenJan 26, 2014
Nearing the end of Bravely Default. Like backtracking? Good, because this game has an obscene amount of it. Ugh.
Ben Lee @BenJan 17, 2014
@Suskie @jerec I actually don't have a Mii or friend code set up on my 3DS. I guess I've never seen the point for the most part.
Ben Lee @BenJan 16, 2014
I'm enjoying Bravely Default a fair bit, but I worry I'm going to get bored of the game soon. The characters and the story aren't really grabbing me.

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