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carcinogen_crush The sun is out and bright while,
We are all eating popsicles.
Because maybe the world will end and,
That's the best way to it.

SCREAM through dreams that cut your voice off;
wide awake, will nothing soothe?
With a word I'd take this pain from you,
but I fall mute.

Title: Movies.
Posted: August 24, 2007 (10:27 AM)
Picked up this interesting looking movie last night called Renaissance and watched about five minutes of it pretty close to midnight.

I was dead tired, so I decided to just wait until today to watch it. But still, it looks pretty neat. I'm way into the whole film noir detective thing (hopefully made clear with my MP2 review) and so this looked like a pretty reasonable buy for $20.

I'm wondering if anyone's seen that Clive Owen/Jenni A. film, Derailed. I was looking over the cover before I bought Renaissance and almost considered taking it home instead.

Is it any good?

I liked Clive's performance in Sin City and Children of Men (admittedly, Children of Men wasn't the great that many people made it out to be, but I still liked his part) and wanted to know of some other movies with him in it.

Good ones, hopefully.

pupUser: pup
Posted: August 24, 2007 (04:41 PM)
Derailed was actually quite good. Worth owning? Probably not. You'll see why after you watch it.

SuskieUser: Suskie
Posted: August 24, 2007 (08:12 PM)
I was intrigued by Renaissance despite some rather mediocre reviews. Apparently, it was rotoscoped in stark black and white -- meaning, no shades of gray. I'd think a movie like that would be an eyesore after a while, but the stills I saw of the film looked interesting enough. The movie is on my Netflix queue right now, albeit not particularly high. I hope I like it.

I agree with you about Clive Owen, by the way. I'd seen him in movies like The Bourne Identity, Sin City, Inside Man and Derailed, and but he never really caught my eye until I saw Children of Men. I thought that was a fantastic movie, though I've known people who weren't particularly blown away by it, so I understand where you're coming from. He's now on my list of actors to watch, i.e., anything he's in, I'll look into.

Derailed was stupid, by the way.

espnking2002User: espnking2002
Posted: August 29, 2007 (02:20 AM)
I love the detective genre. Mystery has always been my favorite even since I was younger. I picked up my first Sherlock Holmes short story in third grade and ever since I've been hooked. Hell, I even watched the anime Case Closed for a while and I absolutely hate anime.

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