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carcinogen_crush The sun is out and bright while,
We are all eating popsicles.
Because maybe the world will end and,
That's the best way to it.

SCREAM through dreams that cut your voice off;
wide awake, will nothing soothe?
With a word I'd take this pain from you,
but I fall mute.

Title: House
Posted: May 09, 2007 (09:47 AM)
Here we go:

~ Foreman doesn't actually want to quit! (Hooray!)

~ The top of a girl's head exploded after a previous attempt to take her life using drain chemicals in a capsule.

~ Suicide is bad. Because if it doesn't work out, your head could explode.

~ Wilson is getting cooler and cooler, just about replacing Foreman as my favorite. The guy's just so charismatic; it's borderline man-love.

~ He also got drugged by House, and then House got drugged by him. Both of them were just trying to prove points.

~ In the end, House's revelation that knowledge of a person's death made him happy, drew him to the conclusion that his patient suffered from depression. Leading him to a cure for what everyone thought incurable.


GenjUser: Genj
Posted: May 09, 2007 (09:53 AM)
You forgot to mention that Cameron is moving back into the "I'd hit that territory." I dunno what happened (her weird season 3 bangs??) but she kinda looked ugly all season. But last night when she was talking to Forman it was like "woah, hotness."

Yeah, so I guess Cameron is kinda hot again . . . . FOR A WHITE GIRL.

carcinogen_crushUser: carcinogen_crush
Posted: May 09, 2007 (10:01 AM)
Oh yeah! I thought last night, her hair looked darker or something. Make-up maybe? But yeah, you're right.

Still got a thing for Cuddy, though.

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