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bloomer Visiting my blog, eh? Wise move. I think we should all try to understand other people, no matter how stupid their beliefs.

Title: "Some of my best friends are American." - An Australian
Posted: November 26, 2009 (09:39 PM)
I subtley but consistently complain a lot about America - the country, society, influence and variety of stupidity. Americans I know always seem to put up with this kindly. So today I feel like karmically repaying these kind people by talking about how I eat kangaroos.

We're blessed with lots of splendid and unique flora and fauna here in Australia, due to our continent-ness and position on the globe. And this wildlife is very accessible, even in the city. For instance, I have two possums, a tawny frogmouth and a fruitbat all just living in my backyard tree. I can go see all of them of a night with my torch (WHAT AMERICANS CALL A FLASHLIGHT), except for the frogmouths, who are blinded by light and immediately leave if they see it coming.

I also have a pet magpie called 'hoppy' (due to her damaged foot, she hops around), who will sit on the back steps or windowsill when she's hungry, and even hop into the house if the door's open, as her way of telling me she wants some bread or meat. I have some other magpie visitors, but they're less charming and I don't have names for them. Magpies are big black and white birds famous for divebombing humans and pecking them on the head during mating season (it's never happened to me, I've only been pecked by Australian Myna birds), but who are also blessed with good intelligence, evinced by their ability to recognise particular human faces, or to store / hide food or other objects.

Some of our more famous wildlife is a lot less cool than any of these characters I mentioned. Koalas are fantastically boring, grey narcoleptic furballs who sleep nearly all the time and are close to extinction because of it. A big adult kangaroo might punch and kick you if you absolutely went out of your way to piss it off in the wild, but there are a ton of roos in the outback, and we cull them variously for population control and meat acquiring purposes.

Two thirds of our kangaroo meat goes to Russia. I guess they like it. Most of the rest probably goes to our own supermarkets, where you can buy kangaroo steaks or kebabs. I don't mind the kebabs. They're inexpensive and the meat's alright.

radicaldreamerUser: radicaldreamer
Posted: November 27, 2009 (12:31 AM)
I have never eaten kangaroo. I wonder how it tastes.

darketernalUser: darketernal
Posted: November 29, 2009 (08:10 AM)

The only place where you can get a splinter and die a horrible agonising death because the splinter in question came from one of the billion other venomous things that grow there.

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: November 29, 2009 (05:18 PM)
The intelligent Americans can put up with the constant bashing we get from other countries because we know it to be largely true. However, in general, we don't really like it that much even though we don't really complain too loudly because even though we largely agree, we also already know the truth of some of these statements and therefore don't need to be reminded of it. In fact, it makes us very sad that we still continue to give a negative impression to the rest of the world and wish very much that the rest of this country would wake up and stop affirming these foreigners' complaints.

But overall, we generally find such bashing to be rather amusing, regardless of whether we agree with it, and will take the opportunity to bash the other in a joking fashion if it's at all possible to do so. =D

That being said, I would said that eating kangaroos is really weird, but then I remembered that in Louisiana and probably Texas, they eat armadillos for similar reasons. Hahaha.

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