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'Cull' - it's not as good as Dragon, but hey!
August 06, 2008

Here's a vid of perhaps my equal 2nd most all together Apple II game, Cull, which I co-wrote with a friend. This one's from 1992 and the core was all Applesoft BASIC, hence the more flickery graphics and occasionally hesitant pace. Still, I think the game lives up to its title in the taste department.

Dragon, the best videogame I ever made (playthrough video)
July 31, 2008

Between the ages of 6 and 21 I programmed more little games for the Apple II computer than I can count. 95% of them were done in Applesoft BASIC. In high school I started to make some arcadey type games, still just using BASIC. So for instance, Silverblade was an okay fighting game inspired by Golden Axe, but the characters were only as big as your thumb on the screen. To make them bigger under BASIC just slowed the game down too much. Silverblade II had more enemies and better AI, but everyone was still as big as your thumb. With Conjurer, I made a platform game mimicking Conan, but at this point my designs had become so ambitious relative to what BASIC could do on a 1mhz computer that playing speed slowed to a crawl.

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Can you get sentimental about the passing of old file formats?
July 26, 2008

Apparently if you're me, the answer is yes.

After holding out on buying new software to cover my graphic design needs for the past nine years, I purchased Photoshop Elements last week, rocketing me into 2008. What I had been using instead of Photoshop for nine years was Metacreations' excellent Painter 3D. I never even used the 3D part of it. I just used it to simulate things like paint, pencils and crayons on screen, and perhaps more importantly it offered an awesome system of floaters (what Photoshop calls 'layers'), making for very flexible design options.

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Roundup of late
June 12, 2008

I'm volunteering at the 55th Sydney Film Festival at the moment, which is lots of fun. I'm at the best of the handful of venues, the Dendy Quays, which is on the harbour and a couple of hundred metres from the Opera House.

I'm also reviewing in blog form any films I see there. I don't imagine these reviews are of great interest to HG folks, mostly just the blog name:

All your film are belong to us!

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Spoiler-free tiny comment and helpful advice for Iron Man
May 02, 2008

Just saw the film here and quite enjoyed it.

Being uber film guy I stay 'til the end of the credits of every single film I see. If you don't normally do this (99% of you?) I'd say do it for Iron Man, 'cos there's another scene after everything's finished. I'm talking an actual scene, not a cheap 'bad guy jumps out of swamp' shot or something. Having said that, I'd say it's a surprisingly poorly directed scene in a well-directed film, but it IS a whole scene :)

Second small note for gamers - during shots when Iron Man's targeting system's alighting on stuff, the sharp-eared of you should keep a cochlear out for some samples from the original Space Invaders coin-op. They've been used to make some of the 'target alights on stuff' sound effects.

Continuing saga of Uwe Boll
April 27, 2008

If this report is bona fide, Blizzard apparently said to him, 'No, you can't film our game.'

News item seems a bit 'cute' and skimpy on details, but here it is:

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Hideo Kojima (a poem)
March 19, 2008

Ah, 2003! It was a time of reviewing madness and fun at gamefaqs. Reading Sashanan's recent blog spiel about MGS has inspired me to dig up this poem I posted on gamefaqs in 2003. And it's called,

- Hideo Kojima -

I met a guy
at the arcade
I had to ask him
what he made
of Hideo Kojima

'Hideo Kojima?' he exclaimed
'I hate that ass. Didn't he make Metal Gear Solid?
That game bored the crap out of me.'

That wasn't okay
my pulse was raised
so I said to this dude:

'Listen closely my friend,
it's not okay
in any way
to hate Hideo Kojima

Then I grabbed his lapels
and I threw him on the street
and I said:

'I'm gonna toss your arse in a cardboard box
and you're gonna crawl around my laser grid

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