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Aeriae announcements - 2nd album 'Victris', and a videogame, 'Leadlight'
July 06, 2009

The second Aeriae album is significantly along in development. It will be called Victris I and hope to release it before the end of 2009 through my own label Call-151 Records. The label will have a more solid identity this time around, though the logo was visible back on the Hold R1 CD. The logo has also featured in Aeriae print ads and material over time. Coming onboard for Victris's graphic design is Alex Lee of What is the Apple IIGS? fame.

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Next Aeriae gig flyer
June 15, 2009

Bandwidth flyer

I've climbed halfway up the flyer! OKay, maybe 40%.

(This gig is in Sydney, so don't go to a place called Marrickville in your non-Australian country expecting to find this gig there.)


The HGWars Saga: 'I was a teenage cleric'
June 01, 2009

Thrill to this reasonably complete tale of my stagger to the top in the two month saga of the first HGWars.

Why did I choose to be a cleric? It's a class I've always liked for any solo outing. The original character called 'bloomer', who has semi caused me to be known by the handle to this day, was a cleric on a MUD called Meat-MUD. He was also me.

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The Satanism of my youth
May 26, 2009

Between years 7-9 in high school I ran several D+D and AD+D campaigns for friends. Occasionally we would play other RPGs - TMNT, Heroes Unlimited, MERP (Middle Earth), even Judge Dredd and Toon for about five seconds each but AD+D was the stayer, and I was the mainstaying DM.

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Anyone wanna gift me US $129.99 so I can buy this game I'm FAQing?
May 20, 2009

I'm writing a FAQ for 'Fortress of the Witch King' for the Apple II. This will be my first FAQ in about six years.
don't have a real copy of the game, and I checked on ebay to see what was around, mostly in case I could get the manual for cheap. The other day I think I saw the Commodore 64 version being sold in its box, but back then I hadn't developed the stronger yearning for the game I now have.

When I checked ebay last night, the Commodore edition was gone, but someone in Finland was selling the original Apple II one in mint condition for US $129.99:

Fortress on ebay

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Assessing 318 tracks and 39 albums in 10 days
May 07, 2009

As a member of independent musician network 'Just Plain Folks', this year I volunteered to help judge the JPF Awards. In terms of entry volume, JPF is probably the largest music competition in the world. Something like 500,000 songs and maybe 40,000 albums compete within their own genres. The competition is so large it is only run every two years. Judging is conducted by JPF members, mostly online.

You can't judge in an area you've entered (which for me is Electronic), and after expressing my areas of interest, I was assigned Death Metal, Experimental, Rock and Metal. The judging software is like an itunes jukebox that can sort and queue entries in many orders, and which lets you 'star' your choices - Fave 10 tracks and 5 albums in a genre, then your second-fave 10 tracks and 5 albums.

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Aztec for Apple II - a whole enchilada supplied by me!
April 28, 2009

I don't always plug my new reviews in my blog, but since troublemaker Sashanan is spamming me off the 'new review' list at high velocity with his barrage of gamefaqs material, I thought I better advertise!

I reviewed Apple II game 'Aztec.' And in a first for me, I also supplied screenshots and a video.



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