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Sydney sky turns red
September 22, 2009

I woke at 6:30 am today to a faint but weird smell in my bedroom. A sort of earthy smell. I needed to go to the bathroom, which was presumably what woke me up, so I clambered out of bed and went into the back room. There, where the venetian blind was raised on the widest window on the house, I was presented with a vista of a blood orange-coloured outside world. All detail in the sky was gone, there was no depth or texture, and all the trees, houses and fences were glowing in warm colours. The air smelled weird, even in the house.


This is not my own photo, but one I found taken by someone else which most accurately reflects what I saw at 6:30.

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July 29, 2009

My game was cracking along but my hand+arm RSI came back, so I've stopped everything for now. i will only type about 2 paras a day tops for awhile if that. Otherwise i'd be commenting on many interesting reviews and things I'm seeing here.

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Wanna help judge music an online music comp like I did? Read on (promptly)
July 25, 2009

Earlier in my blog somewhere is my entry about helping judge the JPF (Just Plain Folks) music awards. You can sign on to do this as a music fan - IE not in the industry, or even in JPF. The awards are in very late stage now and they are looking for more judges. If the idea appeals (or you don't know what I'm talking about) please re-read my earlier blog entry on my experience so you get an idea of what's involved. You will probably be able to choose some or all of the genres you want to vote on. I don't know when the cut off is, so if you're interested, you should check it out soon.

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Adventure game development progress (contains detail that may be too much for the passerby)
July 21, 2009

In the way that cars immediately fill any new road you build, any resources you add to a computer tend to be immediately drained by any new game. Still, the resources were drained a lot faster in the old days, and sometimes there was no roadwork for years. The Commodore 64 came with 64kb of RAM, and that's what it shipped with for about a decade. The Apple IIe had 64kb as well, later 128kb, and had a production run of eleven years, which I think is the world record for any PC.

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Wackier photos of oneself
July 18, 2009

Looks like I'm performing surgery on electronic devices in hell, or something. But this is actually me playing my most recent show. A red tinted Apple II memory dump is being projected on the screen behind/over me.



July 12, 2009

I spent a lot of time writing and entering data for my game over the past few weeks. I finished the bulk of that phase tonight and will be able to progress to the programming once my brain uncramps.

A lot of it was fun, inspiring and challenging to write. The text has to work logically and emotionally, and pay important game points, while fitting into an interface that has far less room in it and is far less forgiving than that of a word processor. When you do assemble the right combination of words that you think will do a particular job under these punitive conditions, it's rewarding.

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Terminal Values
July 08, 2009

I came to the moment in preparing my game tonight where I had to start specifying the details of the uniform worn by the students in the fictitious school. I already have plenty of imagination and experience to draw on, but I still typed 'designing a school uniform' into google. In the fifth result slot was someone's thesis from Virginia Polytechnic, entitled


To me, coming across stuff like this infrequently is the real weird joy of the internet.

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