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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Bandwagon Joinup: (2005-)2009: The Year(s) in Review
February 03, 2010

2005-2006: Wrote no reviews.

2007: Staggered back with 3 reviews.

2008: 10 reviews!

2009: Hands and arms wrecked, back to 3 reviews

April: Aztec - Apple II

I was extremely pleased with this and suggested in the RoT(day? week?) topic it was RoT worthy. In retrospect this seems charmless and gauche of me, but also true to my bloodyminded willpower and ego when I think I've done good work. I think I'm in a healthier place re: this stuff than I was back at gamefaqs (well, not surprising, I've aged 9 years, I'd hope my resolution of my self-insight has only improved, since I work on it), where I probably displayed blobs of weird passive aggression and false modesty.

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A poll on buying digital music - please reply
December 20, 2009

I need to renew my album's commercial digital distribution arrangements for the first time in a couple of years. Originally I just went with a bunch of itunes stores.

My anecdotal sense has always been - that amongst people who will buy digital files, they're all on itunes, even if they are on other services as well. I'm just looking for any strongly contrary evidence.

To help me out with a handful more samples, could you please reply to this topic what your online music buying situation is? This could be 'I never buy any music online' to saying which services you use and like, or dislike, if you do. This includes things where you pay for any kind of streaming, or where listening to streaming music results in renumeration to the artists at some point. Thanks.


Photo of aforementioned POSSUM and magpies
December 16, 2009

Night photo facing up into trees - (EDIT) possum discernible by glowing eyes. When I took this, I thought I was photographing the fruitbat (I was shooting in darkness blindly pointing camera up after turning off torch), but when I looked at the photo and zoomed in, I saw the tail and realised it was a possum.


A zoom of the possum:


Day photo of magpies socialising in back yard:

magpie full


"Some of my best friends are American." - An Australian
November 26, 2009

I subtley but consistently complain a lot about America - the country, society, influence and variety of stupidity. Americans I know always seem to put up with this kindly. So today I feel like karmically repaying these kind people by talking about how I eat kangaroos.

We're blessed with lots of splendid and unique flora and fauna here in Australia, due to our continent-ness and position on the globe. And this wildlife is very accessible, even in the city. For instance, I have two possums, a tawny frogmouth and a fruitbat all just living in my backyard tree. I can go see all of them of a night with my torch (WHAT AMERICANS CALL A FLASHLIGHT), except for the frogmouths, who are blinded by light and immediately leave if they see it coming.

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Gonna be in Bucharest on the 23rd??
October 18, 2009

Me neither! But I was informed yesterday my film was accepted to compete in Kinofest in Romania, which is another thing I submitted to back near the start of this year. So it's showing at Lightcinema in Bucharest this Friday. Lightcinema is in Liberty Centre, described by wikipedia as 'the fifth shopping mall in Bucharest, Romania. It features a 3D Cinema and an indoor ice rink.' Liberty Centre's website is currently promoting the Liberty Of Ice Cream Festival and 6D Cinema

Vintage ToTD site chop
October 06, 2009

Myself, Zigfried and NickEvil used to run Taglines of the Day topics at gamefaqs back in the early noughties (2001-2002?). When this saga was well and truly over, I put a downloadable archive up on geocities containing all the topics:

Geocities closes on Oct 28. I have the site backed up and will re-up it somewhere at some point, but it's low priority for me now with my health. So if you wanna have a look at it or download files, go for it now. I hope I didn't write anything too embarrassing in there, it was maybe 8 years ago.


Gonna be in Newcastle tomorrow??
October 01, 2009

Probably not! But if you are - and I mean in NSW Australia, you can meet me. I'll be at the screenings at the Electrofringe Festival where they're playing my video for AMay on Friday evening, between 6 and 7 pm. This is pretty exciting as it's an international program:

I will also have on me one of Moldover's 'light theremins' -

as I'm showing it to the guy doing the art for my next album, whom I'm meeting at the festival. Apparently there's also some kind of famous local milkshake or custard that I'm going to drink/eat in the afternoon.

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