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Jimmy crack corn
April 26, 2010

Jim is cracking some corn and I am indifferent to this fact.

Jim is crackiing some corn and I remain indifferent to this fact.

Jim is cracking some corn and I continue to remain indifferent to this fact, because the master has departed from our present location.


(Untitled Post)
April 23, 2010

Autechre playing in Sydney next month!!!! AUGGGGGH!!!!!!!!! EXCITE OVERLOAD!!!!


Clash o'the Titans
April 01, 2010

Tonight a couple of my friends and I followed up a meal of Chinese BBQ with a trip to the late session of 3-D "Clash of the Titans" on the film's opening eve here in Sydney. For readers who don't know, this is a remake of the 1981 fantasy adventure film of the same name. The original was a starry eyed movie which left generally positive impressions on most kids who saw it at the time (including myself, and one of my two accompanying friends), and which in film history terms is important as the last film to feature the creature work of stop motion pioneer Ray Harryhausen.

I was in a very receptive mood tonight and basically enjoyed the experience, making ongoing comparisons to the original film in my head as it bounced along in spite of all the criticisms I am about to dole out.

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My 1st instructional gaming video
March 26, 2010

After some comments on my Karateka review, I thought it was time to show the world my patented 'superpunch' technique for this classic Apple II game.

The result is this thrilling video:


Sibling gaming rambling
March 21, 2010

My nine years younger-than-me sister dropped by today. I had to help her with some work, but then we got onto some minor gaming. She brought SimAnimals and MySims Kingdom for Wii over with her. She told me that she thought SimAnimals was pretty crap, thus I could check it out or even have it if I wanted. I said I thought it would be poor use of my hand-arm resources to go trying out a game that both she and the Internet had largely pooh-poohed.

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Moby Dick
March 10, 2010

I finished reading Herman Melville's Moby Dick today, after about a month of reading, or one and one third library loan periods, and I feel like trying to write something about it with the speech to text software I recently purchased, Mac Speech Dictate. As much for practice as for expression.

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The Twin Evil Guardian Servant Birds Who Guard My Trampoline At Dusk
February 21, 2010

Lo! Two of my backyard nature photos:

I call this photo 'The Twin Evil Guardian Servant Birds Who Guard My Trampoline At Dusk'

but this second photo I just call

a closeup of a Tawny Frogmouth

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