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blood-omen A crazy immature gaming freak and freelance writer for Honestgamers....my friends tell me to grow up i tell them :P......life is short, forgive and forget quickly.....

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Warning: this blog does not have all the facts right and im too lazy to check them.....

Title: leave ur comments
Posted: December 21, 2007 (02:14 AM)
if u have read my reviews posted on honestgamers and have any comments or suggestions on them or for me please post them here

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: December 21, 2007 (09:15 AM)
Hey there, blood-omen. If you're looking for advice on your reviews, the best way to get some would be through the feedback forum. By clicking on one of your reviews, you can begin a topic asking for thoughts/comments. When I get a free moment, I'll comment on one of yours.

EDIT: Here is some feedback!

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