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blood-omen A crazy immature gaming freak and freelance writer for Honestgamers....my friends tell me to grow up i tell them :P......life is short, forgive and forget quickly.....

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Warning: this blog does not have all the facts right and im too lazy to check them.....

Title: I'm not liking Black Ops that much :(
Posted: November 14, 2010 (10:19 AM)
sad to say but the single player campaign isnt that exciting...the presentation style is awesome and so is the story but i am not liking what im playing.....i wonder why.......

Title: i havent done this in a while so here goes......
Posted: November 11, 2010 (08:44 AM)
12600+ hits on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wohooooooooooooooooooooooo......... :P :P :P :P
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Title: CoD: Black Ops another FPS with a short single player campaign :( :( :(
Posted: November 10, 2010 (09:25 AM)
although the game has gotten a 9.0/10.0 on Gamespot and the review says the single player campaign is quite intense and thrilling among other things its only 6 hours long......

i just hope Crysis 2 doesnt follow these FPSes and have a good long campaign.......

Title: Fallout:New Vegas is quite bug free
Posted: November 08, 2010 (08:50 AM)
ok so after my last bug report now i feel i must defend New Vegas coz it has crashed only once after that which is quite less.....i have had no incidence of a quest not starting.....but yes enemies do have trouble path finding and sometimes they do get stuck in objects which just makes them easy pickings :D

in fact.....a place where one of my companion got stuck because of my mistake, the game corrected that mistake and the companion joined me again after playing the game some more.....otherwise i would lost quite a few items from my inventory.....

the game does become quite easy with companions on your side.....reached level 20, i think the level cap is at level 30......
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Title: Black Ops arrives tomorrow.....i cant believe an year has passed
Posted: November 08, 2010 (08:44 AM)
and another Call of Duty is almost upon us....it will be interesting to see how Treyarch has handled the modern war setting....i think this is the 1st time they have developed a Call of Duty outside of World War II.......and it made me realize how quickly another year of great games has passed us......

and then next week....NFS:Hot Pursuit will be coming out......i think Criterion should have worked on a Burnout title rather than an NFS game.....
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Title: Medal of Honor sells 2 million.....way to go underdog!!!!!!
Posted: November 03, 2010 (09:31 AM)
Medal of Honor was released quite close to CoD: Black Ops but that doesnt seem to have hurt sales as the game has reportedly sold 2 million units up to date......way to go MoH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Title: Medal of Honor is great and Lara Croft: Guardian of Light is awesome
Posted: October 26, 2010 (12:50 PM)
i think the scores dont do justice to MoH....sure the AI isnt the smartest u will ever come across in an FPS but u gotta love this game for the realism.....the real world weapons, the real lingo that the US Forces use: awesome code words and most importantly the reality of the conflict shown in the game......the single player campaign although extremely short (5-6 hours even on the hard setting) is a very intense experience and the game switching ur character/setting seamlessly.....one minute u are the pilot of an apache and as soon as the apache section ends, without any loading or anything the game switches to troops on the ground and your character.....i liked this game.....

and all u tomb raider/lara croft haters/non-believers out there give Guardian of Light a try and u will love it.....its got more weapons than any previous lara croft games, tons of intelligent puzzles and loads of fun challenges.....i wish the next tomb raider game being made (supposedly, its going to be an open world adventure of something) takes lots of lessons from this game and builds upon what this game has laid down......
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Title: Fallout:New Vegas bug report
Posted: October 24, 2010 (12:44 PM)
so ive played this game for like 4.5 hours.....recorded time on save files that is and the game has so far crashed on me 2 times and enemies got stuck at their places once....which i think isnt that bad.....right???????

Title: Fallout:New Vegas arrives tomorrow
Posted: October 18, 2010 (12:41 PM)
yes yes yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!played Fallout 3 and its expansion for 50+ hours and loved every minute of it.......cant wait to get my hands on this one....plllllllllzzzz dont disappoint Fallout:New Vegas.....

Title: Gran Turismo 5 delayed........again
Posted: October 16, 2010 (06:34 AM)
i guess Polyphony is waiting for another PS3 price drop when the PS3 will finally be available for $199....that way more people will be able to buy the PS3 which lead to more sales of this game thus finally covering the budget of this game.....
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Title: IGN terms Medal of Honor one of the bigger disappointments of 2010
Posted: October 15, 2010 (12:50 PM)
kudos to EA DICE (hope im not wrong about the company) for trying something different.....im still getting this game.....though the campaign i read is only 5-6 hours long......why are FPS campaigns getting shorter?????

Fallout: New Vegas please dont disappoint......
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Title: my computer is 100% virus/spyware/malware see so says AVG....is that even possible
Posted: October 15, 2010 (10:09 AM)
just ran a complete scan with AVG (free edition) of my PC on Windows 7 and this is the result:

Total Objects Scanned: 1221575

No infection was found during the scan.....

im a bit surprised and a bit skeptical of the results.......

Title: my mini Starcraft II review
Posted: October 11, 2010 (12:10 PM)

Title: Final Fantasy XIV gets a 4.0 on Gamespot....HOW CAN SQUARE ENIX GO SO WRONG?????????
Posted: October 09, 2010 (02:19 PM)
this is the lowest ranking final fantasy game i have seen in recent memory......whats up with that?????HOW CAN SQUARE ENIX GO SO WRONG?????????

Title: 10000+ Likes on the fan page i created......
Posted: October 07, 2010 (12:27 PM)
on January 17th 2010 i was the only one here: http://www.facebook.com/vj.sehrish and now in less than 10 months more than TEN THOUSAND PROFILES HAVE LIKED THE PAGE......10000+!!!!!!!!!!!must be some kinda achievement.......i was there and im still there.........
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