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blood-omen A crazy immature gaming freak and freelance writer for Honestgamers....my friends tell me to grow up i tell them :P......life is short, forgive and forget quickly.....

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Warning: this blog does not have all the facts right and im too lazy to check them.....

Title: Battlefield Bad Company 2 sells 5 million
Posted: May 12, 2010 (11:50 PM)
so if u havent yet played this game....DO SO!!!!!!!!!!! the single player campaign isnt that impressive mainly becoz of a weak storyline....i didnt like the story much.....Bad Company (the original one) had a better, fleshed out story.....the story of this game seems like a rushed after-thought ....so play this game mainly for the multiplayer and the amazing graphics and sound.......but dont expect TOO much from the single player.....its good which could have been so much better
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Title: Dead Space 2 reconfirmed for PC....wohoooooooooooo
Posted: May 12, 2010 (11:48 PM)
yayyyyyyy.......Dead Space 2 has been reconfirmed for the PC after being cancelled earlier.....although i played the 1st one on the Xbox 360, this news is gr8 coz i intend to play the next one on my PC........i left console gaming far behind......
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Title: A Guide to the Identification and Classification of North American Farts
Posted: May 11, 2010 (11:48 PM)
pardon the spelling mistakes.......

Learning- or better still, thinking up- names for fart types is a
traditional early-adolescent ritual. Similarly, methods of identifying
the source of a fart are a subject of peer-group, or tribal,
speculation, the usual rule of thumb being "Who smelled it, dealt it,"
or "The smeller's the feller."

Occasionally, this oral tradition has acheived the level of Xerox
publication, but never before has a systematic analysis, along the lines
of Jane's Fighting ships or A Field Guide to the Birds, been attempted
in print. Tentatively, then, we present the following.

Blind Farts: Traditional noiseless reekers. (Expression since circa
1880 - see also "SBD's").

Boomers: Full-throated, rousing explosions; the parent orginism
frequently betrays his or her authorship with a smile of ill-conceled

Carpet Creepers: Heavier- than- air creations, these linger and
permeate the atmosphere at or near ground level; source invariably
anonymous, having left the room.

Fizzles: Efforts at first promising, but eventually unsatisfactory, at
least to the donor; often effective upon bystanders. Often the last of a
series; originator betrays disappointment.

Fudgies: See Wet Ones.

One-Cheek Sneaks: Attempted surreptitous contributions, usually
signified BY the the artist's "tilting". Ricocheting off metal "bridge
chairs" or church pews, they posses satisfactory resonance, produce
blushes, giggles, glares.

Poohs: Open-spincter donations, gusty and full-bodied, but lacking
sonority; popular on buses; customarily unaknowledged.

SBD's: (Silent But Deadly type). Consistant with the Law of
Conservation of Energy, what SBD lacks in audible qualities is
compensated for in a semi-lethal olfactory intensity. The mechanism
responsible is usually the innocent-looking person glancing about

Screamers: High-pitched, tight-spincter offerings, often of astonishing
duration and tonal variations; most pleasuribly exchanged among roomates
or frat brothers, or inspired by presence of officious bureaucrat.

Sliders: See One-Cheek Sneaks.

Squeegies: Small, immature, and moist products. Humiliating for all

Wet Ones: (aka Brewer's Farts, Fudgies, Playing Misty). Samples are
accompnied by gutteral, rasping, or lisping sound, indicating vaporous
content. Originator registers astonishment, dred, then departs, walking

Whiffers: see Poohs.

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Title: games to buy this weekend
Posted: May 11, 2010 (11:08 PM)
since the past 2 weeks have been quite slow for the PC release wise i just might pick up Splinter Cell:Conviction and Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter......although Splinter Cell: Conviction didnt receive that good ratings on the PC i still wanna see what the game is all about and i also played Serious Sam: The Second Encounter when it came out wayyyyyyyyy back in 2002 so it will be nice trip down memory lane with improved visuals and some new enemies.......but need to get through Just Cause 2 first.....
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Title: Halo's theme (electric guitar version) rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: May 11, 2010 (01:01 AM)
my intern made me listen to this theme and i am hooked on it.......i just cant get enough of Halo's theme, the electric guitar version which i think is from Halo 2......ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Title: Another slow week of PC releases :(
Posted: May 11, 2010 (12:50 AM)
looks like its going to be another slow week of releases on the PC.......all i saw were Rocket Knight (a 2D Platformer), Heroes of Newerth (an RTS that has gotten mixed reviews, Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer (expansion pack, useless if u dont have the original)and finally most probably Batman: Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year edition (in 3D)......nothing much to get excited about.......
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Title: Another one bites the dust
Posted: May 10, 2010 (01:40 AM)
i dont know why companies bother....making games based on movies and i dont know when companies will learn......they suck at making games based on movies......the latest sucky movie based game to join the ranks of the sucking games is Iron Man 2.....Gamespot gave this game a 4.0/10 while IGN gave it a 5.1/10.......game companies really need to take a lesson from Batman: Arkham Asylum that u dont need to tie in a game with a movie to make it a hit...in fact 'untie' the game and the chances of having a hit are more......
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Title: GTA: Episodes from Liberty City review done and submitted
Posted: May 09, 2010 (12:55 PM)
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......the review is finally done and submitted to HG for putting the final touches and making it posting ready :D

so expect to see the review for the PC version of GTA: Episodes from Liberty City soon on our website. I would have posted the review on my blog but i want my reviews to be part of the site.....so i guess you will have to wait a bit more :)

my weekend is almost up :( .......had a nice one though....saw the movie The Losers and liked it....check it out if u are in the mood for an action movie.......
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Title: mini-weekend in 6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: May 08, 2010 (12:49 AM)
yeah i gotta work alternate saturdays which SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!not much planned for the weekend anyway....hopefully will be done with the review of Episodes from Liberty City (PC).....other than that gaming (as usual...still got Just Cause 2 to blast through), a movie maybe, saw Valentine's Day yesterday and enjoyed it, maybe eating out.....
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Title: flying a helicopter is hard....in The Ballad of Gay Tony that is....
Posted: May 06, 2010 (11:35 PM)
so i was playing The Ballad of Gay Tony last night on my PC and i came across a mission where u have to steal a military helicopter and then after destroying some baddies deliver the helicopter to its new owner.......easier said than done......flying a chopper in The Ballad of Gay Tony is frustrating thanks to the awkward controls.....it took me more than an hour to complete 1 (ONE) mission coz i destroyed the chopper a gazillion times....and ive read that missions in Gay Tony are chopper intensive....AAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Title: one of the most stupid comment i have read
Posted: May 06, 2010 (03:13 AM)
"Normally, video games are a closed genre," Yamauchi told the finalists. "If you are good at a golf or soccer game, it does not mean you can be a pro golfer or soccer player, but Gran Turismo is different. If you are really good at Gran Turismo, you can be a really good race car driver."

If u are wondering who Yamauchi is, he is the CEO of Polyphony Digital and the above is by far one of the most stupid comments i have read by anyone....if u play Gran Turismo u can be a good driver......pffffffffffff whats next....Rockstar telling ppl that if u are really good at GTA, u can then be a really good car jacker, killer, drug dealer in real life....GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!
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Title: games i cant wait for!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: May 05, 2010 (11:47 PM)
Civilization V is THE most anticipated game for me this year......with hexagon tiles instead of square ones, archers actually being able to fire from a distance and other new additions this is going to be 1 awesome game (as always...Sid Meier is a GENIUS & A LEGEND!!!!).....i wish they would add random weather effects like snowfall, rainfall and other natural events such volcanoes erupting, rivers overflowing etc

Fallout:New Vegas......i simply fell in LOVE with Fallout 3 and was amazed with the amount of EVERYTHING that the game had....items, enemies, weapons, objectives, perks, the list can go on really.....cant wait to see what New Vegas will have in store....just hope there is no Level Cap from the beginning and also no cap on skills, basically no cap on anything.....

finally, read that Namco Bandai will be unveiling the 'next generation or evolution' of Pac-Man at E3.....its been 30 years since Pac-Man first appeared in Arcades, so im excited to see wat's in store for my favorite pallet-eating yellow hero......

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Title: Nudity shouldnt be there in games
Posted: May 05, 2010 (05:07 AM)
call me old-fashioned but i think nudity should not be a part of gaming no matter even if they are rated M for Mature.....

i just dont think having nudity makes sense in a game.....
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Title: Fatal Fury needs to make a come back!!!!
Posted: May 05, 2010 (01:05 AM)
SNKPlaymore needs to learn from Street Fighter IV and bring their once awesome fighter Fatal Fury back with an overdose of next-generation graphics, gameplay and everything else that makes Street Fighter IV so great......

I miss Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan(spelling), Joe Higashi, Mai Shirnoi (spelling again) and the rest of the amazing character line-up plus their sweet and awesome super powers.....

so SNKPlaymore...time go back to school.....
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Title: games to get excited about this week.....
Posted: May 04, 2010 (05:45 AM)
none really....yeah u read it right....NONE .....at least on the PC......and May is supposed to be a release heavy month.....Call of Duty: Stupidus Package (for some reason i hate this game so much $15 for a map pack!!!!), Black Mirror 2, Total War: Battle Pack and Shattered Horizon: Firepower are the releases lined up for this week.....pretty 'meh' line-up.....
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