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November 05, 2006

Just a bit of an update on the Pro Evo 6 debacle I wrote about mode for Pro Evo 6 on the 360 is sparse to say the least. Me (XBL Gamertag: Beanhed) and a mate have had a few games and discovered that the online play is plagued currently by engine slowdown making free kicks virtually impossible. Also, online play is restricted to a ranked match...or a non-ranked match. No competitions, no leagues, no cups, no nothing. Sad. Very sad.


As an experiment my mate and I rented out FIFA07 on the 360 to test the online gameplay and boy was I wrong about this year's EA flagship. In my PES6 write up I said that at least FIFA has a full complement of teams. "Quack Quack Oops!" What us lucky 360 owners get from EA Sports is about 6 leagues, but only the top flight. Now, for us Peterborough United supporters in the depths of the Coca-Cola League 2 (Division 4 in old money), that means we get diddly squat. No team, no nothing. Once again, every other format gets all the leagues and subsequent lower divisions. Also, the game is slow, sluggish and a total nightmare for tasks such as player selection and passing. For some reason, it's totally different - and I mean TOTALLY - from all other formats available. Oh, and by "different", I mean "inferior".

Now come on guys, this is really taking the preverbial now. Both Konami and EA Sports have provided half products; incomplete games with large parts of the features missing. So, if anyone from either company is reading this, I have a message:


Beyond that, I find it hard to convey my anger and disappointment at finding two games that are both twice the price of their last gen counterparts, but only half as good.

Please sort it out for next year. Please. If the punters are paying £50/$95 for a game, at least give them a game to feel like they're getting their money's worth.

Or even half of it.

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EmP EmP - November 06, 2006 (08:03 AM)
You really should put all this down in review format -- if for no other reaon, so I don;t have to.

I was actually looking at PES only the other day but decided to save my cash instead and maybe try Fifa '07 instead. Now I don;t know what to do and am so confused I might try playing the XBOX Sensible Soccer again.

Or just play the ROM on my dreamcast some more....

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