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June 20, 2006

Good news! My X360 is back in my sweaty mits! To celebrate, I have purchased a copy of Rockstar's Table Tennis, and what a tremendous game it is!

Being a fan of table tennis anyway helps I suppose, but the way the sport is captured is quite unique and totally exquisite. First Sensi 2006 and now this?! I didn't think it was still possible, but two games that have brought a genuine "That's really really cool" smile to my face in the space of a couple of days? Now hang on!

I tell you now, it's been a long while since a game has made me smile or laugh, so maybe there is hope for the industry yet.

Speaking of hope, I watched a trailer for the Wii and how the controller will be used in their launch titles last night. Talk about stunning innovation; I want one! Now!! Wario Ware is going to be an absolute scream!

And finally... here in the UK has announced pre-orders for the PS3 + 3 games...£525!!!!!!!!


I'll save my cash thanks and buy a Wii and every launch title, keeping the change to buy a couple of new X360 games and then get the bus home. :)


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goldenvortex goldenvortex - December 05, 2006 (06:43 AM)
Word! £525 is a joke, man. You'd have to fucking nuts to buy that over a 360.

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