A Sensible life for me
June 19, 2006

The weekend just gone has seen a return to the good old days of drunken debauchery from yesteryear. Me and a load of mates had a good old fashioned LAN Party where we ate nothing with a lower calorie value than 400, and we drunk. And got drunk.

In the middle of this weekend of “No, really, I love you man” type burbles, we got ourselves playing a 4 player co-op game of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (or Winning Eleven 10 in the US/Japan), and how it rocked. Totally and utterly awesome. After winning the World Cup with England (who else), our desire and passion for success satisfied, we drank some more safe in the knowledge that we were (and Konami are) “The Champions”.

As with all good things though, an end is inevitable, and Sunday evening this proved to be true. Back to normality and the mundaneness of working life.

No hang on, that's not how this ends at all.

In the midst of all this, I acquired a demo for an update to a long lost friend. Something I haven't seen for years. The king of football; Sensible Soccer is back!


The demo for the PC is of one match, England vs. Argentina. The players are all wrong (Riinay and Owan for England – I ask you), and there are glitches. The keeper pulling the ball in from 6 yards away as though its a yoyo is about as major as it gets. But I tell you something, it holds one quality over the games it has never tried to emulate or better – it put a smile on my face because it's so damn enjoyable. It's also simple, but that's not a bad thing. It is certainly less of a simulation and more of an arcade game, and with it's pace, Sensi '06 benefits greatly.

Looks like I'll be buying that very soon as well, and at fifteen earth pounds that's a bargain in anyone's book.

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