May 30, 2006

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I knew the day would come. I hoped it wouldn't, really I did. But it has.

My beloved X360 is dead.

I have a “3/4 Ring of Red”, and a support job booked with the big M for an immediate repair.

'sniff, sob'

As you may have also noticed, I haven't quite managed to upload my review for FIFA World Cup 2006 yet either, but I will be doing that in due course as the writing of it draws to a close.

I am returning to World of WarCraft yet again on the PC, as I am now determined to hit a decent level with my Paladin, Strantor (currently 27, soon to be 28). And yet my PS2 is never far from my thoughts; the ever enjoyable Guitar Hero remains close to the DVD tray, whilst an old favourite getting close again is GradiusV. What a damn fine game that is.

As a final note, (and this is entirely my opinion) despite my all conquering love for consoles new and old, (and no, I've managed to hold off the temptations of buying a SNES but I'm wavering now my 360 is kaput) I go on record here and now by saying:

I will not be buying a PlayStation 3.

“Why is this console-lover?”, you may ask. Well, I just don't feel Sony's new behemoth will bring anything new to the table. Yes, yes, the games will look spanky, and of course there's the whole stigma of owning a PlayStation for it's exclusive titles, but where is the killer blow? The one thing that actually makes buying a PS3 feel like you have something unique?

In perspective, I believe the 360 has such a solid foundation with Xbox Live that Sony's currently poor online service is at least one if not two generations behind, something which I feel mirrors Sony's entire philosophy to the next generation of consoles. Nintendo's Wii (snigger) on the other hand, looks like something that the games industry as a whole desperately craves; a shot of much needed innovation. I, like the head honchos at Microsoft and Sony, believe that while Nintendo's effort does not pose an immediate threat to their desire to become all powerful and all conquering, most people will buy a Wii and either a PS3 or a 360. And yet the figures don't stack kindly in Sony's favour where cost is concerned: for us Brits, you're looking at a considerably fat £600-700 for a PS3 and a Wii (snigger), while almost £150 less for a 360 and Wii (snigger).

But hey, I'm rambling and this blog entry has almost evolved into something novella length – and I haven't even mentioned Blu-Ray yet...


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janus janus - May 30, 2006 (03:43 AM)
That sucks about the 360. Did you get it on Day 1, because the systems they produce first always seem to break.
Halon Halon - May 30, 2006 (08:52 AM)
That's my I'm not buying a 360 until this fall or winter. Both my XBox and PS2 (both were purchased at launch) had problems, and the latter wasn't able to be fixed. I will never buy a console at launch again.
beanhed beanhed - May 31, 2006 (01:19 AM)
Yeah, I did get it on day one - I thought things were going to be ok as it had been on practically every minute of every day for 6 months...

The irony of it all is that I was playing an old Xbox game on it when it crashed - you know, really pushing the system to it's limits :P

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