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'New Challenger Awaits!'
February 03, 2009

I'm back to rave and not rant about Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars II on the X360!

However, I seem to be getting ahead of myself here; I'm back again. For the Xth time, this time really (really) intending to write regularly (blah blah, yaddy yaddy...), and stop (over) using parentheses (brackets). ()

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Re-record, not fade away; re-record, not fade away; re-record...
November 07, 2007


Yes!! I is back, once again. Finally.

“You’ve been away a while…”

“Yes. I’ve been in hiding. From my own morals. But more on that at a later date…lets get moaning.”

This week, I’d like to pay homage to a superstar of sarcasm; a master of moaning; a devil of derisory. The mighty Yahtzee and his Zero Punctuation column is a joy to behold, telling the ins and outs of the Gaming Industry as you think Edge would really like to write it. Indeed, his recent shot at Nintendo and Zelda (The Phantom Hourglass) has spurred me into action and take his point onwards. This point being that the big “N” can get away with “flogging the dead horse” of every (dirty word inbound) “franchise” it has created over the years.

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More rats...
November 05, 2006

Just a bit of an update on the Pro Evo 6 debacle I wrote about mode for Pro Evo 6 on the 360 is sparse to say the least. Me (XBL Gamertag: Beanhed) and a mate have had a few games and discovered that the online play is plagued currently by engine slowdown making free kicks virtually impossible. Also, online play is restricted to a ranked match...or a non-ranked match. No competitions, no leagues, no cups, no nothing. Sad. Very sad.


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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on Xbox360? I smell a rat...
November 02, 2006

Come on Konami… whose side are you on? Twelve months in development for a spanking new format and you’ve gone and done an EA Sports on us - half a product at twice the price! Yes ladies and gents, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on the Xbox360 is one of the games I, and thousands of other true football enthusiasts have been waiting for since the console’s release eleven months ago. EA Sports have already had two stabs at FIFA in that time and they have both pretty much disappointed on a massive scale, so it has been up to Pro Evo 6 to do the business. However, next gen owners have been thwarted once again by an incomplete product.

Let’s step back and take a look at the fine art of “Robbing Next Gen Console Owners”

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The circle is complete.
June 20, 2006

Good news! My X360 is back in my sweaty mits! To celebrate, I have purchased a copy of Rockstar's Table Tennis, and what a tremendous game it is!

Being a fan of table tennis anyway helps I suppose, but the way the sport is captured is quite unique and totally exquisite. First Sensi 2006 and now this?! I didn't think it was still possible, but two games that have brought a genuine "That's really really cool" smile to my face in the space of a couple of days? Now hang on!

I tell you now, it's been a long while since a game has made me smile or laugh, so maybe there is hope for the industry yet.

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A Sensible life for me
June 19, 2006

The weekend just gone has seen a return to the good old days of drunken debauchery from yesteryear. Me and a load of mates had a good old fashioned LAN Party where we ate nothing with a lower calorie value than 400, and we drunk. And got drunk.

In the middle of this weekend of “No, really, I love you man” type burbles, we got ourselves playing a 4 player co-op game of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (or Winning Eleven 10 in the US/Japan), and how it rocked. Totally and utterly awesome. After winning the World Cup with England (who else), our desire and passion for success satisfied, we drank some more safe in the knowledge that we were (and Konami are) “The Champions”.

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May 30, 2006

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I knew the day would come. I hoped it wouldn't, really I did. But it has.

My beloved X360 is dead.

I have a “3/4 Ring of Red”, and a support job booked with the big M for an immediate repair.

'sniff, sob'

As you may have also noticed, I haven't quite managed to upload my review for FIFA World Cup 2006 yet either, but I will be doing that in due course as the writing of it draws to a close.

I am returning to World of WarCraft yet again on the PC, as I am now determined to hit a decent level with my Paladin, Strantor (currently 27, soon to be 28). And yet my PS2 is never far from my thoughts; the ever enjoyable Guitar Hero remains close to the DVD tray, whilst an old favourite getting close again is GradiusV. What a damn fine game that is.

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