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beanhed Hi. Welcome to Beanhed's blog. This is a place that won't get updated as much as it should. I love games from all eras, on all formats and am totally impartial to any manufacturer so you won't get any biased stuff from me! I might even throw up the odd review from time to time...

Any moaning included on this site is entirely my opinion and as such does not need an explanation if it doesn't suit you. However, I probably will because I tend to get a bit touchy about that kind of thing...

Anyway, sit back, relax and read on gamer...

Title: 'New Challenger Awaits!'
Posted: February 03, 2009 (05:25 AM)
I'm back to rave and not rant about Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars II on the X360!

However, I seem to be getting ahead of myself here; I'm back again. For the Xth time, this time really (really) intending to write regularly (blah blah, yaddy yaddy...), and stop (over) using parentheses (brackets). ()

My life has changed. A lot. In fact, beyond all recognition really. I now have a ten month old son called Alexander who rocks, and now very limited access to gaming, but particularly on the PC. The majority of my button mashing now comes in the flavour of the X360 and the PS3, but mainly the former. In fact, so much has my gaming habit been scuppered it feels like I have had a limb removed but then regrown, albeit in the shape of our new little tinker! Mind you, that's a pretty disturbing thought...oh you know what I mean...

And while this is a slightly shabby excuse for not having written for so long, those of you who are parents will probably understand why I have had other things on my mind. Nevertheless I am heading back into gaming in bite size late night chunks and while playing a smattering of new releases on the 360 (one of which is only a few words away from a completed review), I keep finding myself hammering away for a few hours at Geometry Wars II.

And what a game. I don't think I've had so much good old fashioned 'fun' with a game since I played Crackdown a couple of years ago. Its simple to play yet tough to master; exciting and terrifying in equal measure; frustrating but short enough to be let off with a caution. Its everything a good arcade shooter should be. Its also incredibly varied; six different modes of shooting, or not, and all well defined. Yet skills from one are generally transferable into most of the others meaning any mode played leads to potential improvement in another area.

However, I think its fair to say that Bizarre's genius touch has come from the main menu with the displaying of all your friends' scores so you immediately know how well or badly you rank. I was finding myself challenging in the top two or three places on all six modes' leader boards before heading to the top of most. Then it struck me challenge complete! Not so; I've been adding new friends to my list; friends of friends to find out if I'm still better or not than them, and this alone is nearly as addictive as the game itself! I have other friends calling me a cheat because my score on Pacifism mode is so good that's 162 million folks so not too shabby :)

And then, I added someone to my friends from a forum I visit called Sikamikanico. And damn, his scores are good try 420 million on Pacifism *sob*. In fact, good doesn't really cut it. He's top of every leader board and by some distance too. I find myself in awe and equally annoyed how dare he be so good?! He must be cheating!!

Am I going to let him get the better of me? Am I to sit back and let him take the glory? I think not...
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Game: Pang! (Miscellaneous)
Posted: July 31, 2005 (09:36 AM)
It may be fair to argue that Mitchell is not a coin-op company with a lavish history, and we, the gaming public, have not been inundated with titles spanning a 25 year stretch which other more illustrious names can claim. In fact, if you look at a list of their published titles, one name stands out for the frequency of its appearance - and for good reason too.
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