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Prison Break Assets (View)

These Prison Break images are provided by site staff and volunteers, for use on the HonestGamers site. If you would like to insert them in your reviews, scroll down below the images for instructions on how to easily do so.


You can easily embed the above images in a review without knowing any HTML, simply by using the respective insertion tags. Just copy the provided tag that appears immediately below the image you want to use, then paste it into your review between the paragraphs where you would like the image to appear. The image will display within the body of your review when it goes live, centered and with all of the appropriate HTML in place to make sure it looks good. This is the best way to make sure your images appeal to the eye, even if the site's design changes in the future.

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Remember that you can also add images to this page, if nothing that's currently available works for you. Not every user account is authorized to contribute image assets, but you can contact site staff to request permission for your account. We love hosting great screenshots, and maybe someone else can use them in a review even if you can't.

Archived Screenshots

Prior to June of 2011, it was possible to submit screenshots to the site database. That feature has been removed and replaced by the refined asset submission process, but screenshots submitted through the old method remain on the FTP and are viewable below. For display purposes, images are resized to 320x240 pixels. This may cause some images to appear stretched when viewed on this page. Click on the images to view the screenshots at their original resolution.


Caption: Exhausted from the seran wrapping marathon, David fell to the ground and required medical assistance to finish out the shift.
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/1.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: Jim's parkour experience went quickly south when he realized that the building was too far away for him to reach.
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/2.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: Hank's attempts to find an alternate route to the cafeteria sometimes inspired startling moments of amateur photography among the prison guards.
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/3.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: Jorge became suspicious when he noticed that some prisoners spent a lot of their time kneeled in prayer with chisels at the ready.
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/4.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: Morgan's methods for removing bad teeth were unconventional, to say the least.
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/5.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: "And then she was all 'you never listen' and I was like, no, you didn't just say that!"
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/6.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: Every screenshot released makes this game look more exciting than the last, don't you think?
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/7.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: Fortunately, the prison did not frown on weapons-free assaults, something Clive kept in mind for future reference.
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/8.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: Find a penny, pick it up. All that day you'll have good luck!
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/9.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

Caption: "Boy, I'm glad we're on this side of the bars where we're not expected to get involved. Looks like a nasty fight a-brewin' if you ask me!"
HTML: <img src="images/games/58/P/36429/10.jpg" class="border" alt="Prison Break screenshot">

If you find an asset on this page that should not be featured here, please contact site staff regarding its removal. All image assets on this page should be related to Prison Break. Thank you!

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