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50 Cent: Bulletproof Assets (View)

Assets listed below are provided by staff and by site users to offer an overview of the game and to enhance reviews posted on the HonestGamers site. HTML is provided below each image to enable easy insertion within reviews. Only users with approved accounts are allowed to submit images, and images will most likely be rejected if a large number of quality images (more than 10 or 12) are already available for the title in question.

Archived Screenshots

Prior to June of 2011, it was possible to submit screenshots to the site database. That feature has been removed and replaced by the refined asset submission process, but screenshots submitted through the old method remain on the FTP and are viewable below. For display purposes, images are resized to 320x240 pixels. This may cause some images to appear stretched when viewed on this page. Click on the images to view the screenshots at their original resolution.


Caption: Half-buck lectures children on road saftey here, hence the serious look on his face. Remember to look both ways, kids!
HTML: <img src="images/games/4/0/20045/1.jpg" class="border" alt="50 Cent: Bulletproof screenshot">

Caption: After plugging the granny, as rappers are wont to do, 50 rummages through the suitcase he pinched from the corpse.
HTML: <img src="images/games/4/0/20045/2.jpg" class="border" alt="50 Cent: Bulletproof screenshot">

Caption: A romantic seeting in which to impress a fly honey? Nah, that'd be whack, yo. It's just another pretty backdrop in which to shoot even more people.
HTML: <img src="images/games/4/0/20045/3.jpg" class="border" alt="50 Cent: Bulletproof screenshot">

Caption: Guns don't kill people -- rappers do!
HTML: <img src="images/games/4/0/20045/4.jpg" class="border" alt="50 Cent: Bulletproof screenshot">

Caption: Fitty tries to infiltrate HG's headquaters in order to avenge the whack 4/10 rating it gave his game.
HTML: <img src="images/games/4/0/20045/5.jpg" class="border" alt="50 Cent: Bulletproof screenshot">

Caption: Fo' shizzle mah nizzle, non-street man in suit!
HTML: <img src="images/games/4/0/20045/6.jpg" class="border" alt="50 Cent: Bulletproof screenshot">

If you find an asset on this page that should not be featured here, please contact site staff regarding its removal. All image assets on this page should be related to 50 Cent: Bulletproof. Thank you!

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