The penultimate TT ratings, for amusement only
August 24, 2009

Provided with little comment and the usual disclaimer that anyone is capable of a whopping good review. Not much movement, which is not surprising with fewer matches this week AND with more overall matches stabilizing ratings. left = draft pick, right = rank. Nonplayers may lose or win a few points based on how their opponents or opponents' opponents did.

Only comment here is how well zigfried did despite everyone throwing their best at him. These formulas don't take into account who focused on which opponent or who saved their best review for when.

suskie 2332 c
1 bbobb 2207 7
boo 2168 c
janus 2137 c
emp 2116 c
2 zig 2092 3
3 true 2078 8
4 venter 2078 6
5 zipp 2070 1
6 woodhouse 2063 4
od 2062 c
7 doi 2019 12
felix 1995 c
8 aschultz 1977 9
9 wolfqueen 1972 2
10 espiga 1964 13
11 sashanan 1931 15
12 de 1913 5
13 belisarios 1904 11
14 randxian 1879 16
dagoss 1869 c
15 turducken 1862 17
16 disco 1820 10
will 1796 c
17 vortex 1697 14

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bluberry bluberry - August 24, 2009 (09:35 PM)
yeah, Zig's record really belies the fact that we all busted our nuts trying to beat him. I count it as a fine achievement, whereas my upcoming victory over you likely won't even be a footnote.
overdrive overdrive - August 25, 2009 (07:15 AM)
I'm impressed that I'm in the top half despite having a 3-5 record. Shows that I at least didn't lose to slouches......and probably shows that I need to take on more of them...... :(
aschultz aschultz - August 25, 2009 (11:33 AM)
Bluberry--your higher rating than mine will be a footnote to my FOOT IN YOUR ASS once the judges' results come in.

Overdrive--yeah, oddly a 1-2 loss to Suskie increased your rating. You seem to have had a really tough schedule anyone would be happy with 3 wins against, and not getting swept worked in your favor. You definitely never sacrificed team results for individual stuff.

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