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June 01, 2009

So I took a break from writing my FPRPG mapmaker. Basically, what it does so far is to draw walls, doors and one way doors on a griddy maze. You can even turn graph paper on and off, and you can place dots on squares you visited and wipe them with one button. And I went and played the lame Mega Sudoku here which makes me feel smart when faced with a bug I know shouldn't be that tough. But it was a Monday MegaSudoku so it did not take long(with hints. Without hints it's mind-grinding bean counting) and didn't let me feel smart long enough.

So I decided to click on the article here. I'm not sure what it's doing in RedEye, which is generally devoid of anything resembling creativity and heavy on the critical pop issues of the day. But I'm glad I did. I wish they'd do more of it.

This evening/morning I added 3 features.

*First, I should've had a long time ago. Add an accelerator key that presses a dot, instead of having to click on the dot and go back and forth. Now I use WAZS for regular walls and IJKM for doors/locked doors/one-way doors etc. But I forgot I used PL:;. for quicky one-way doors, so I couldn't think of a good substitute for the period. O or Q turned out okay. I know I need to document this thing if I can't remember what I assigned my OWN keys too.
* second, I added background color capabilities. Because you can move/cut/paste a map, I bet I have places where I did not move the background colors. Oh well. They'll be easy enough to find and fix. This came about due to the latest RPG I wrote a guide for. I'll be sending it in for the tag-team obscure tourney.
* third, I added the ability to roll a maze down or to the right. If a maze wraps and you calculated the center wrong, it's a pain in the butt to redo everything even with cut and paste, as I found. So I figured I'd just take an hour or so to program it all. No up or to the left, because eventually down or right enough times becomes up or left.

Overall I was quite happy with this. I'd put it off but sometimes things percolate when you put stuff like this off, and everything is taken care of.

The end result of all this is that HonestGamers may have its first ever Apple IIgs FAQ(that I know of) within a month. And if I can bug SBAllen at GameFAQs, maybe I can put it up *there* with maps, too. There's no Apple IIgs platform there...yet.

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