nonsense leet limerick
May 05, 2009

@ LOLZORZ 3xo+1c dance cottage
Roxored hard teh joo-better-nottage
Lyke "plz not to frottage
Teh über leet hottage
Or sai hi 2 Sir Pwnz a lottage."

Rats, couldn't fit "k" or the -ness suffix in there.

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sashanan sashanan - May 06, 2009 (01:27 AM)
A recent favorite of mine, introduced to me through the limericks database of xkcd's creator (though not written by him I don't think):

A programmer started to cuss
because getting to sleep was a fuss
as he lay there in bed
looping 'round in his head
was: while (!asleep()) sheep++;
bloomer bloomer - May 06, 2009 (07:37 AM)
I was worried I wouldn't get the first one, but it scored a big laugh. And the sheep one is cute. I get it even though my programming skills are BASIC and assembly.

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