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April 30, 2009

I've watched this video on rebounding a few times. Kind of scary how much younger this guy is than me.

But the part where Dwight Howard talks about tapping the man boxing you out reminded me of some dumb game I always fell for back in junior high.

Some guy would tap you on one shoulder and he'd be on the other side and he'd say geez what a rube, and he'd keep playing the game, and I was pretty sure I'd guessed wrong more than half the time.

Then one day I got him with that trick and he said "Geez, that's so old."

Of course there are games within games here, but the main thing is--this happens in conversations a lot("Oh I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't true") and getting spun around by logic like that. And I'd really found no way around it for a while. This video brought that back, and it brings into question how you have to know stuff without knowing, be prepared for a sneak attack, and make sure you're not too easy to send 1 way or another. How do you deal with knowing you could be fooled, and not getting fooled 1/2 the time or more?

In this case you have Dwight Howard using his wingspan to see where the opponent is and acting accordingly--in the case of conversational games, I think you need enough facts to feel things out, or a way to push the opponent off to the side long enough to establish a regular pace (~wait for the rebound to come down and get what's rightfully yours) and not get mopped up in an argument when you don't deserve to.

Interesting too how he talks about learning from Dennis Rodman, whose psychological games are a whole other deal. In fact, interesting to see Rodman with normal hair.

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Halon Halon - April 30, 2009 (10:54 PM)
I still have my Dennis Rodman poster in the back of my closet. Every few months or so I'm tempted to put it up again.

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