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April 16, 2009

Well I finally did it! My first works of fiction got published here. They're very derivative and very obnoxious, but hey, I'd wanted to write them a while and then I finally went through with them. I mean, what was I waiting for, some celestial sign? (And I don't believe in astrology.)

The front page doesn't link to fiction, so I thought I'd pump it in my blog. My reviews have tended to be less than enthusiastic for a while, but I'd like to think I was saving the good stuff for what I really want to do--write fiction. And I hope it all shows a different side of me.

My first piece of fiction is about Wally Bear and the No Gang. I couldn't help but make Wally himself succumb to drugs in what is hopefully a heinous way. I may have been too harsh on him. It is not his fault he was stuck in a terminally lousy game. If you look on the internet, you can probably find reviews that demolish the game in different ways. Seanbaby is probably at his best taking this game down, and Something Awful does not disappoint either.

My second is about Solid Snake in Metal Gear, and it also contains drug humor, but a different sort. It stems from me being shocked about a certain inventory item when I was just an impressionable team.

I sometimes have these bursts of activity and hopefully this will continue. 10 days to write out my Pretentious Bastards story but I'm more confident I can get it done now. It's going to be more restrained, but I saw some pitfalls in these two stories that I want to avoid there.

Now to keep collecting and organizing notes.

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overdrive overdrive - April 16, 2009 (12:41 PM)
You have offended me with your talk about other reviews of Wally Bear WITHOUT MENTIONING MINE!!!!!! It was my 200th review on this site for the love of random deities!!!!!

I actually have a fiction idea if I ever get motivated to write it. Called "Snake-n-Peek", it'll be like the Atari 2600 game Sneak-n-Peek if Solid Snake was involved and was sneaking around a house (with all his camo gear) killing the family who lived there.

EDIT: Speaking of Something Awful......I might have to start a blood feud with Raptor Red. I just noticed that mere days after I reviewed The Great Waldo Search for the NES, she hit up Where's Waldo for the same system. I no longer feel so special. This saddens me. And having a blood feud is a great way to chase sad thoughts away.
aschultz aschultz - April 16, 2009 (02:05 PM)
I really do need to read somethingawful more often. Some of their screeds go over the line for me, but that shouldn't rule out the stuff I'm pretty sure will work.

And I very much enjoyed your review. I flat out missed it because I didn't realize how staff reviews were featured! Thanks for pointing it out to me. There really are so many ways to attack the game. Maybe if I read enough of them, I can update my story. I already have a few ideas.

And yeah I'd love to read your fiction. I don't know what made me stop worrying if mine was any good for a few moments, but once I did, I plowed through it and was glad I did.
overdrive overdrive - April 16, 2009 (02:41 PM)
I know what you mean about SA. At the beginning of this year, I vowed to freshen up my writing a bit and reading their Rom Pit reviews has helped me. A good part of their stuff can get over-the-top as far as what I want to do with my writing, but I've at least felt I've recently had some degree of success with a toned-down version of that over-the-top sarcastic humor.
aschultz aschultz - April 16, 2009 (03:16 PM)
Yeah, it's weird how people seem to need, as Tucker Max puts it, assholes, or others who are willing to step out and be assholes for a bit.

For instance, his writing and ideas--well it's pretty obvious we couldn't put up with each other if we were alone in a room for 15+ minutes. But there's always that jolt saying, gee, I feel dumb saying to myself I always had to do things THIS way, or I shouldn't get around to doing X yet.

What they write might not be High Art, but it works. It can be seen as an odd sort of self sacrifice of virtue, or perceived virtue.

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