HG 27, GameFAQs 2
April 06, 2009

Well...once again it looks like my reviews do better on HG, at least short term. Perhaps I should write more. The whole HGWars things with HGPoints doesn't hurt, either--ok, it was a big motivation.

So, without any new games(stalled on Champions of Krynn--how much IS there to say that I didn't say in Silver Blades?) I decided I'd rewrite old reviews. I was worried going back through a few reviews that I'd either

1) cringe at part of them, or
2) not be able to improve them but know I should.

I just re-jigged Taxman and am surprised at the amount of juvenile stuff I wrote. Part of that was being glad about having something to write. I spent a lot of time saying "Yeah, good ideas but..."

...but that's not why we write, to have people say that. That's not why I read, to say that to other people.

Gamma Goblins coming up. And maybe some fan fiction too. I have some notes from 2004(!) Talk about putting stuff off. But I'm confident it's sarcastic, snide, and insightful--and an appropriate sendup for a bad NES game that I appreciated for its badness. And I hope you will too, soon.

Because that means I decided to put aside my dumb reasons for putting things aside and take the couple days max I really should need for the short little story I have planned.

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