Uukrul done, what next
September 02, 2007

Well--that was exhausting. I don't know if it was a bug in the game or what, but there was one square where you were SUPPOSED to be able to search for a door but you couldn't. Which was very, very uncool.

I decided two uncools made a cool, though, and I found a way to hack into the game to turn the wall into a door or empty space. You can't fiddle with the save files on the PC but you can futz with the maps.

Of course my work was not over then either but I did manage to write maps and even find a silly cheat for an easy and replenishable fight at the start of a game.

Now I have a choice of what to write up next.

* Bard's Tale 3: mappable(I know how to map icon- but not wall-based maps, and it's a bit different from BT2) and wildly fun, but it's been sort of done before. Last sector needs map. Apple version may be corrupt for world 4 of 7. PC version(cracked) is floating around on the 'net.

* Secret of the Silver Blades: has walkthrough but no maps. Would need to write my map maker to start. Fun project to try something new but Uukrul may've wiped me out a while.

Ah-ha! A compromise! I'll procrastinate both, playing a dippy puzzle game and maybe finishing Choplifter too.

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