The cads! I say!
August 27, 2007

So I thought I'd get through a lot more of Uukrul on DosBox, but I in fact got bogged down in the first 2 areas. The maps wind around quite a bit and there are all sorts of quasi-teleports that really just make the 25x16 map branch out to a more irregular shape.

You see, when I said 1 map a day, I thought cheating was going to be easy. Just mess with the save file, find where the gold/stats are stored and pow!

Well it took me a while to get exasperated enough to cheat, the game being pretty good, but I still got a Not so fast my friend.

Not only does Uukrul save IN THE MIDDLE OF COMBAT, but it also has a checksum which helps to determine if you edited the save file. That's just not fair. I have ways I could look for this but I simply don't have the knowledge of debugging/assembly to figure it out programmatically.

But then I switched to the Apple version and though the graphics were almost too crappy for even me, I still managed to make up lost ground with the newly-minted level 9 characters with 10000 gold.

Of course I googled a few things to see if you could break the copy protection and all I found was someone claiming they'd gotten through only backing their save file up once. Gee.

So I've completed 2 map areas(sent as 1 to GameFAQs) out of 20 and will probably mow down a few more over the next week. It's an absorbing game. Enough that I didn't even bother to install the Forgotten Realms Silver Edition CD yet.

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