Ultima II
August 20, 2007

This was not a good game, but fortunately in the 5 years since I wrote a guide for it, emulation tools got better. I got better at using them. And most importantly in general, but least relevant to this post, Origin got a lot better at writing them, as you should go find out for yourself with Ultima III and especially IV and V.

And I sent in a revised version of the FAQ. I kept the dungeon maps but the town maps went. -14k. I listed out all the other game guides that needed editing. They are, potentially,

Ultima III
Demon's Winter(FAQ needs beefing up)
Phantasie 1/2/3
Questron/Questron II
Wizard's Crown
Eternal Dagger
Rings of Zilfin
Legacy of Ancients
Legend of Blacksilver
Magic Candle I/II/III, Bloodstone

Really not too bad--1 to 2 hours maximum for each, and I can do this when I'm too tired for anything else. I corrected a lot of small errors too and suspect I'll correct more as it goes on. My work back then wasn't perfect but it was something to build on & I am glad of that.

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