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More than 10 million played Skyrim, PC players average 75 hours of play time

Speaking at today's DICE summit in Las Vegas, Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Studio's game director and executive producer, revealed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a bigger monster than the dragons terrorizing the fantasy world his team created. He said the open world RPG has been played by more than 10 million players. Yikes.

Howard also offered another incredible statistic: Through the Steam stats Bethesda has gathered from those playing Skyrim on PC, he claims the average playtime is around 75 hours. Yikes again.

What's even more amazing is that in all likelihood, 75 hours isn't nearly enough time to put a dent into all the content Skyrim has to offer. I've played about 65 hours myself, and I've gotten so distracted with exploration and side quests that I'm about three quests into the game's main questline.

And with the Creation Kit launching earlier this week for PC users, it's safe to say the Skyrim community won't be taking a vacation from the title any time soon. Howard also said he'd like to see the Creation Kit come to consoles one day, according to Joystiq's post about his speech.

Oh, do tell more, Mr. Howard...

Reported by Jonathan Davila



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