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Schafer has pitched Psychonauts 2, Minecraft dev says 'let's make it happen'

Tim Schafer, while regarded by many as a brilliant game designer, hasn't always had the best of luck. His 2005 critical hit, Psychonauts, was a commercial failure, and his more recent core outing, Brutal Legend didn't sell very well either.

So it's understandable that publishers have been a bit reluctant to take Schafer up on his pitches for a sequel to Psychonauts.

"I've actually pitched that to publishers several times," he said to Digital Spy. "But no-one has taken the bait so far."

But someone else has: Notch, the developer behind the insanely successful PC hit Minecraft.

"Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen," the dev said to Schafer via Twitter.

How's that for an example of the power of social media? The big boys are afraid to play ball with a Psychonauts sequel, but indie developer Notch can easily reach out to Mr. Schafer via Twitter to let him know he's ready to step up to the plate.

Or, you know, he can just have some of those millions of Minecraft make the whole darn sequel in Minecraft themselves... which actually sounds kind of intriguing. Get on it, Internet!

Reported by Jonathan Davila



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