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Resident Evil Revelations price falls to $40

Some may have been taken aback by Resident Evil Revelations initial price point. Capcom originally announced the Nintendo 3DS survival horror title would launch at a $49.99 price point due to the company having to ship the game on a 4 GB SD card (rather than a 2 GB card).

But after spending "weeks looking for a way to bring your cost down to standard 3DS pricing," Capcom announced last Friday that Revelations' price would fall by $10, bringing it down to the "standard" $39.99 3DS software price point. The developer and publisher is hoping the decrease entices more 3DS owners to give Revelations a shot; playing the recently released demo might help sway them too.

Currently, the title enjoys an 82 rating on Metacritic, and Capcom is billing Revelations as a "console-sized" entry the in the Resident Evil canon.

It hits shelves in the U.S. on Feb. 7.

Reported by Jonathan Davila



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