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Xbox owners visit the Lost Adventures of Orcs Must Die this December

Orcs Must Die! was a unique blend of third-person action and tower defense and a delightful experience for those who played it. Though the PC version of the game has had DLC for some time now, it won't be until later this December that Xbox 360 owners will finally get a taste of Orcs Must Die's "Lost Adventures" DLC.

The DLC features five new maps to slaughter the invading orc horde in. Of these, four are completely new, whereas the last reverses an already present level and gives the War Mage's green-skinned opponents the high ground.

New levels aren't all that this DLC brings to Orcs Must Die! Two new monstrous foes, the Frost Bat and Cyclops Mage, will join the enemy swarms, and the War Mage will learn new ways to stop them in their tracks.

Vampiric Gauntlets let players drain the health of their attackers, restoring their own health in the process, and Mana Wells offer players strategic new ways to keep their mana magic from running dry.

The Alchemists Satchel even lets the War Mage lob bombs into the approaching hordes. Even new traps find their way in, taking the form of the Floor Scorcher, the name of which is rather self-explanatory, and the Shock Zapper, which mounts on the ceiling and can fry enemies in the air and those marching along the ground as well.

At only 400 points, roughly $5, this DLC is a cheap and easy way to get a little more playtime out of Orcs Must Die! Those who already love Orcs Must Die! are sure to be glad they need not be done with the game quite yet.

Reported by Skyler Bunderson


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