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The Last Guardian's director rumored to have left Sony

No wonder it's taken The Last Guardian so long to show its face again: Fumito Ueda, the game's director, is rumored to have left Team Ico, the Sony-owned development studio responsible for the game's development, as well as PlayStation 2 classics like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Ueda remains working on the title on a freelance basis, according to a Eurogamer report.

Initially revealed during E3 2009 and slated for a holiday 2011 release, The Last Guardian has since been delayed to an undisclosed 2012 date. The game was also a no-show at E3 2011. Ueda's departure from the company is one of the reasons for its delay, according to Eurogamer.

Following in its predecessors' footsteps, The Last Guardian was looking like another masterpiece from Ueda and Team Ico with Its mysterious yet charming visual style and heart string-pulling relationship between its two main characters: a little boy and what looks like a giant mix between a ferret and an eagle.

In September, Shuhei Yoshida, SCE Studios' president, gave a minor update on The Last Guardian's production to VG247.

"It's been very difficult in terms of seeing the progress: not as fast as we'd been hoping for, and the team has been under big pressure," he said.

The immense pressure is definitely understandable if the rumors of the game's creative visionary leaving are true. Sony, of course, told Eurogamer, as well as other publications, that it does not comment on rumor or speculation. We'll be on the lookout for confirmation and/or more details on this story.

Reported by Jonathan Davila



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